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Bamenda Coffee

Curious About Organic Coffee? 4 Reasons to Try It!

There has been a rise in different types of coffee lately. Still, we have to tell you — nothing is quite the same as organic coffee in Illinois. Apart from the rich flavor and smooth texture, choosing organic coffee comes with a lot of perks, too!

How Do You Select the Best Coffee for Your Restaurant?

It’s true that organic coffee in Illinois is readily available, but is it the ultimate addition to your menu? If you’re quite undecided yet, we have a couple of pointers that should help you come up with a decision.

Organic Coffee: Health, Environment, & Farmer Benefits

Organically grown coffee, like Bamenda Coffee, is rich in flavor and free from harmful chemicals. Studies show that organic coffee offers numerous benefits for your health, the environment, and the farmers who produce it.

Why Switch to Organic Coffee (And Where to Get It)

Over the past few years, people have become more and more health-conscious. An important part of this is a growing awareness of what we drink and eat, and one of the most popular choices is going organic.

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover like us over here at Bamenda Coffee, then you know the struggle of not getting enough of that caffeine kick to start the day. It’s our holy grail.

Why Brewed Coffee Is Better Than Instant Coffee

For as long as we can remember, humans have always been drinking coffee. It keeps us alert throughout the day and gives us the energy to finish the tasks at hand. As the demand for this energizing drink grew, so did the coffee industry. And with this instant, fast-paced world came instant coffee. Let’s establish one thing – instant coffee is still coffee and has the benefits of coffee.

Coffee Guide for Coffee Lovers

Bamenda Coffee is one of the top providers of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois. As experts in the industry, it is our responsibility to make sure that we’ve provided enough information to our customers about how to choose the right quality of the coffee.

Start Your Year Right - Make Your Coffee Taste Even Better

To avoid this from happening again, let us give you some useful tips that will make your best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois, taste even better. These are easy to follow in the morning, regardless of your experience with coffee. By adhering to these morning coffee rituals, you can put a halt to those failed attempts at making coffee, and experience a marvelous cup of joe every morning.

Reasons to Drink Coffee

It’s difficult to imagine a day without drinking coffee. There’s just something great about taking a sip of your favorite cup of joe. However, you may be wondering whether your love for the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois is doing you more harm than good.

The Best Foods to Pair with Your Coffee

Sure, you can pair anything you want with your coffee. But there’s just something to be said about coffee pairings that seem to be made straight out of heaven. If you’re looking to trade your usual pastry and coffee combo for something new, we at Bamenda Coffee, the premier source of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois, have rounded up some coffee pairing suggestions you must try at least once in your lifetime.

Which Coffee Variety Is Up for Your Taste?

As a provider of one of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois, and coffee drinkers ourselves, we’ve known just how much having that cup of joe can make mornings infinitely better.

Benefits of Coffee on Your Skin

Can’t imagine a day without having a cup of coffee? You’re not alone, according to a 2019 survey by the National Coffee Association, 64% of Americans aged 18 and older consume coffee every single day. Moreover, the consumption has increased by an entire kilogram in the last 5 years, with 79% of people preferring to drink home-brewed coffee more than getting their fix at a coffee shop.