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Updated by Mariam Thomas on Jun 17, 2019
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Why is Resin Bound Surfacing Ideal for Commercial Landscaping?

If you are looking for a surface that is a combination of high strength of concrete and the aesthetic values of natural stones, the answer to this is resin bound surfacing.

It is the most commonly used for creating domestic driveways, the features of resin bound paving are also extremely beneficial for commercial uses, such as the creation of cycle routes, car parks, and footpaths, amongst others.


Resin Bound Stones Are Good For?

Resin Bound Stones Are Good For?

Since its warm and Stoney look has made it popular amongst homeowners, resin bound stones are also widely used in commercial landscaping. Some of the applications for which this type of surfacing is ideal include:

• High pedestrian areas such as footbridges and footpaths

• Cycle routes and Car parking

• Theme parks, airports, hospitals, and other public areas

• As a part of broader landscaping schemes

Resin bound stone utilizes the best aspects of concrete and gravel, without any disadvantages. In this article, we will be exploring why Commercial Resin Bound Paving is beneficial.


Benefits of Resin Bound Paving for Commercial Use

Benefits of Resin Bound Paving for Commercial Use


The load-bearing strength of the underlying layer of resin bound surfacing that is usually comprised of tarmac or concrete. This makes the resin bound paving ideal for heavy traffic areas such as car parking.

Attractive Look

The rustic appearance of the natural stones is far more eye-catching and beautiful than the same old greyness of concrete or tarmac. And with the availability of a variety of stone, it is easy to find the right shades that suit a surface and its use.


Few More Points

Few More Points

Quick Setting Time

Resin bound surfacing has an incredibly fast laying and setting times. With this, the traffic can be allowed on the surface after about 6 hours of installation. This makes it a clean and hassle-free option.


In high traffic areas, of both pedestrians and motorists, it is important that there is a decent grip, especially in the icy weather. The Stoney texture of resin bound paving provides fantastic friction that keeps the public safe while they are traveling across it.


Last but not Least

Last but not Least


Resin bound surfacing is porous that allows water to easily filter through the stone matrix of the resin bound surface; this helps in preventing the flood. Also, it is beneficial for plant roots as it allows easy passage of water to plant roots, enabling them to thrive and grow even when they are surrounded by the stone surfacing.


In The End

In The End

These were just a few of the advantages of having a commercial resin bound paving, which shows that it is an ideal option for home as well as commercial space. So, to make the place wonderful and smooth for workers, commercial resin bound is the best option.