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Salesforce–Jira Connector

Integrate standard and custom Salesforce objects
with Jira to strengthen cross-functional collaboration and deliver top-notch customer experience

Benefits of Integrating Salesforceand Jira with Sinergify

Use Sinergify to connect Salesforce and Jira users by setting up a bidirectional flow of information to power up your business processes and improve ROI.

Features | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

Explore the features and find out what makes Sinergify a secure, reliable, and powerful tool available. Start your free trial now!

Marketing: The Cross-functional Adhesive of Customer Experience

The market landscape for modern-day marketers is different from their predecessors. Connected customer experiences have become a touchstone in customers’ mind.

The Possible Ways to Integrate Salesforce® and Jira | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

Joel is the head of customer support at a leading cybersecurity software provider company and he manages a team of over 400 service reps. His team is one of the best performing teams within the company.

Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira the Right Way | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

Sean is the sales manager at a video Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider based out of Boston. The only thing he keeps contemplating is how to achieve the sales target. In the pursuit of achieving the sales goal, he is always engaged in sales prospecting, maintaining customer records and feedback in the CRM…

Maximize Teams' Efficiency Without Forfeiting Effectiveness | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

The defining factors that are primal for the growth and success of any organization are efficient and effective teams. Every team lead/manager/head constantly tracks their team’s performance and keeps looking for ways to enhance it. Thus, organizations across the globe often provide their teams...

The Do's for a Synergistic Workplace | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

In today’s competitive market, ‘Customer Experience’ is the king! If you are still trying to compete with pricing as your competitive differentiator, you are probably doing it wrong. 66% of customers are willing to pay more for...

The Changing Role & Dynamics of Customer Service in the Era of Connected Customer Experiences | Sinergify - Integrati...

An average customer now uses 10 different channels to communicate with companies. The usage of digital means (social media, online communities, etc.) for connecting with brands is booming. Sixty-six percent of service professionals say...

Selecting the Right Connector for Salesforce and Jira Integration | Sinergify

Presuming you already understand the importance of integrating Salesforce and Jira, let’s talk about selecting the right connector for Salesforce and Jira...

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting up Salesforce and Jira Integration

The integration of tools is not a new topic. It’s been practiced for years by companies worldwide. The aim of integrating tools is to reduce siloed interactions

Introducing Sinergify -- A Salesforce Jira Connector From Grazitti

Sinergify, the new enhanced version of Grazitti’s #Salesforce - #Jira Connector, is here! The product comes packed with new features and offers a wide range ...

Fostering the Art of Collaboration for A Connected Workplace | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

You might agree that ‘Business Success’ is all that any business aims to achieve. So, why don’t we make it the central objective of any business? Giving each team a different goal is okay until this causes division...

Importance of Enabling a 360-degree view of customers for Sales Team | Sinergify - Integrating Salesforce & Jira

Nonstop innovation and better information accessibility have made today’s business buyers more informed. Consumers, on average, use almost six touchpoints with nearly 50% regularly using more than four...

Sinergify's 'Advanced Search': A Productivity-Booster for Support Reps | Sinergify

If quiet often is your response, how do your support reps know if a similar issue is already with the product/engineering team?
If your support team uses Salesforce Service Cloud and product/engineering team uses Atlassian Jira, integrate them with Sinergify.
The ‘Advanced Search’ functionality comes into the picture when a support rep escalates a customer case. To avoid the creation of duplicate cases, a support rep can use this advanced search functionality.

Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira Integration: What to Expect from an Optimum Connector?

89% of business buyers say they expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. From personalized marketing journeys to providing top-notch service experience and to better understanding a customer’s unique needs, the expectations of business buyers...