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21st Century 8th-Grade Learners

This leadership lesson plan has small group and whole group instruction. The objectives are direct and to the point. The graphic organizer also allows students to compile and organize information about leadership as well as define what exactly leadership is.

This lesson allow students to move at their own pace and covers various idea of digital literacy. By the end of the lesson, students can locate and verify reliable sources of information, understand how digital information comes to them, constructively engage in digital communities, understand how online communication affects privacy and security, understand that they are producers of information, understand their role as customers in an online marketplace, and evaluate the value of the internet as a mechanism of civic action.
The link below is additional digital literacy resources that are simple to use.

This lesson plan teaches students to properly communicate with their peers and those whom the come into contact with in person and online. It provides certain situations of common interactions they have with their peers.

These lessons cover what to do in a variety of common situations. It allows students to understand what causes different human behaviors and how they should be handled properly. This lesson is great for 8th students since they have a variety of emotional challenges occurring from many things. It helps students to not only understand and improve their emotional mind set but also how to use this mindset when communicating with others. The link below provides additional activities to boost Emotional Intelligence.

This lesson teaches student how to manage their money as well as real life expenditures that they will have when they get older. I have done this with my students before at different grade levels and the reactions are all the same, very little have realistic goals, most try to buy an expensive car and large house while working for a company making $10 and hour. This lesson also discusses what are the real components of entrepreneurship. By the end of this lesson students ideas will be more feasible, creative, and impactful than those they had prior to it.

This lesson plan unit breaks down Global Citizenship. It includes vocabulary and materials. These lesson plans are appropriate for all middle school aged students and ends with a peace pledge. I like the idea of a piece pledge since it is a written agreement in which students are holding themselves accountable for.

This simplistic lesson plan is very basic and easy to implement in all grades. It is an introduction into the problem solving process. This process is needed to be taught especially in subject such as math in order for students to think critically when solving perplexing problems. The lesson plan can also help students who are currently taking a history class. It not only allows them to discuss how to solve a problem, but it also help understanding of why events where important.
The link provided below identifies important qualities needed when implementing problem solving.

This lesson plan discusses how to introduce teamwork into the classroom setting. It promotes student engagement and allows them to be more involved in their idea of what team work is.
The website below includes resources to build team working abilities. It describes key elements that are needed in order to optimize teamwork within a classroom.