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21st Century High School Learners

Lesson plans that teach needed 21st century skills.

*Leadership: * Students will explore the ways in which people become leaders, as well as the skills and methods of effective leadership and their impact on teams. Students will have a chance to determine their leadership style and practice their leadership in an activity.

Evaluating Online Sources | Teaching Tolerance

Digital Literacy: In this lesson, students will focus on evaluating online sources by locating and verifying reliable sources of information.

Lesson Plan: The Importance of Communication Skills - You Said What? | TX CTE Resource Center

Communication: Students will work on developing effective professional communication skills in this lesson. They will take part in different activities to practice applying these communication skills in the workplace.

Emotional intelligence: In this lesson, students will learn and understand how to evaluate and improve their own emotional intelligence. Students will also use emotional intelligence to assist peer mentoring.

*Entrepreneurship: * This lesson introduces the basis of what Entrepreneurship is. The video offers various videos, discussions, and activities for the students in order to learn the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Global Citizenship Workshop — ACT 4 Global Change

Global Citizenship: In this lesson, students will work in groups as they attend three different stations. At each station, students will take part in an activity where they will learn about and discuss issues that are taking place in the world. Each station is unique in topic and gives the students a chance to discuss topics they may not think about on a daily basis.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Lesson Plan: The Quandary Game

Problem Solving: In this lesson plan, students use a free online game called Quandary to practice ethics, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Student will play the game and have to make critical decisions that can have different outcomes.

Teamwork: Students will interact and work together through an activity in this lesson plan. They must be able to communicate and work as a team to accomplish the task. The lesson provides discussions at the end of the lesson for students and teacher to talk about teamwork and working with others.