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Digital marketing online course list

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Introduction of digital marketing - Digiaaj

Introduction of digital marketing. We live in a world where we connected in every way with each other and the advertising is not the same as

History of digital marketing - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

HISTORY OF DIGITAL MARKETING-Nowadays digital marketing is shining like a crystal with growing opportunities and no one want to miss these opportunities as.

Meaning of Graphic Design - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

Meaning of Graphic Design - Graphic design is a simple process of visual communication through the effective use of typography, color, size

Principles of graphic design - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

PRINCIPLES OF GRAPHIC DESIGN - Now its turn to understand thoroughly principles of graphic design, learn the actual meaning of the principles of graphic d

What is video marketing - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

What is video marketing means simple, it means using videos to promote your brand products or services.Video marketing gives a quick overview

How to make an animated video - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

How to make an animated video- In this article you can the steps to create an explainer video using powtoon. There are 5 steps to create a animated expla...

Meaning of blogging - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

Meaning of blogging- A blog is an up-to-date webpage displaying information in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

Introduction to Google analytics - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

Introduction of google analytics- Web analytics is the evaluation, collection, and analysis of data of a website. It can be used to evaluate web traffic or

Social media fundamentals - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

Social media fundamentals So we are going to start social media optimization from social media fundamentals. What is social media? It is an online interacti

What is search engine optimization - Digital Marketing - Digiaaj

What is search engine optimization and how does it work? is the process of affecting the visibility of a web-page/web-pages in the organic listings on searc