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Home Extensions with Jakanda PTY LTD

Jakanda is a fully Australian owned and family operated company offering home extensions in Penrith and nearby areas.

Home Addition: The Road towards the House of Your Dreams

You can increase the value of your current home while saving time, effort and money in the whole process. Due to this reason, people living in Australia are opting for first floor home additions as it takes a few days before you get what you desired.

Home Improvement Basics- Preparing Your Home for Addition

If you have the time, call a few contractors to look at your house and quote you an estimate on your large ground floor extensions. This will help you determine whether the money you have been asked is fair or not.

A home renovation is quite helpful in revamping the beauty of your living place and also lets you add extra space to your house. Get some helpful tips and guidance for your house extension plans.

What is the Right Approach to Fulfill Your Home Addition Goals?

Making an enhancement in the accessible space of your home is a great deal as it comes with dual benefits. First, you can get a more spacious home to live comfortably if you are considering family expansion and secondly it will add more value to your residential property. Such improvement can generate profit for you by improving the resale value of your home and you can get rid of the restricted living space by considering second story extensions Penrith.

Modify Your Living Space with First Floor Home Additions

Are you feeling uncomfortable while living in a small house with a large family and need that extra space to stretch your legs, or even get some quiet time to yourself after a hard days work? If yes, then consider first floor home additions by a qualified home builder. A custom home builder will strive to meet every expectation you may have when it comes to transforming your home. If your lifestyle and budget allow multiple room additions, then your builder will be able to create the home of your dreams.

Tips To Find a Suitable Builder for First Floor Home Additions

It is best to hire a local builder because he is familiar with the building codes and state laws regarding the 1st floor additions. Although you own the property, you will still need to adhere to the rules set by the council. Your builder will let you know if permits are necessary.


Create Space with Jakanda PTY LTD

Create Space with Jakanda PTY LTD

Want more space in your existing property? Home extensions are a great way of adding an extra room to your house and making more space. You may be a newly wedded couple moving in together or simply looking for a way to add a more open feel to your house. Whatever your reason for considering an extension, can definitely be a great way of opening up your property and making space for belongings or visitors, you may decide to add another bedroom or extend your living area.
Adding extra rooms can certainly add value to your home. Adding an extra bedroom is an obvious way to increase the value of your home, as is adding the flexibility and functionality of an extra, or larger living space. If you have an older home, renovating the kitchen and bathrooms can make a big difference to the price of your home when it comes time to sell, and can make an immediate difference to your family’s quality of life. Even refurbishing bedrooms, hallways and living areas in period homes, and adding a few modern touches inside, can attract extra buyers when the time is right.
When you first start thinking about adding extra rooms, or even completely refurbishing major living spaces, the next thought is usually around whether or not to buy a new home instead. It can be tempting to not want to live with the inconvenience that can result from renovating, or stress about plans and council approvals. Adding an extra room to your home can cost a lot less than buying a new larger home, especially when you take into consideration stamp duty, moving costs, and the inconvenience and financial limbo of maybe not selling you current home as quickly as you want to. It might be obvious, but it’s important. As families grow – both up and in number – space can become a big issue. If you’re constantly getting under each other’s feet, or finding privacy hard to manage, then adding extra rooms or making existing ones bigger can make a big difference. It doesn’t need to be a big renovation to have a big impact, but just make sure you are aware of your local council regulations. And you can design your new space exactly the way you want it. You bought your current home for a reason, and you love it, for a reason. There is no guarantee a new home, even if it has the extra space you needed, will still suit your family’s other needs and desires. Get in touch with the team at Jakanda today. for all Western Sydney Extensions and Home Additions.

Home Improvement Basics- Preparing For Home Your Addition

Whatever the reason for the addition, these projects have one thing in common: they could be quite expensive. This is why it is important that you first determine what it is you want so you can develop a strategy for getting the most out of your home extensions Sydney while staying within budget.

How First Floor Home Additions Can Benefit You?

When you plan for your extended family (children or other relatives) to come and live with you, then it is essential for you to have a spacious house for providing comfort for all family members. It is not always possible to sell and buy new properties on short notice

How to Get the Best First Floor Additions in Western Sydney?

At the time of an extending family , more space is required in your home to welcome the new upcoming member in the family. If your home is not providing you with enough space to adjust to your new member in the family, then you can consider adding a large ground floor extensions. If you don’t have enough space to extend your ground floor, you can go for the option of having a new first floor on your ground floor.

Jakanda – First-Floor Addition & Ground Floor Experts

Jakanda is an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in first floor additions and ground floor extensions. Established in 1997. Get your quote today!

First Floor Home Additions Blue Mountains

Jakanda is a family owned building company building custom-designed new homes from Cranebrook to Penrith and Mulgoa. Our design consultant works with our clients to make sure that the design reflects their needs.

The Benefits of Building Up – Jakanda 1st Floor Additions

Experience the benefits of building up. Jakanda offers the option to see more of your view with first floor additions. Building Western Sydney homes since 1997.

Choosing the Best Ensuite for Your New Home Extension

Having a new home extension is something that’s fun and exciting. Jakanda can help you find the best ensuite for your brand new home extension in 2020.