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Updated by Stephanie Castillo on Jun 13, 2019
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21st Century Middle Schoolers

Stephanie Castillo's list of lesson plans middle school students

*Leadership lesson plan. *
In this lesson, students rank values that are important to them and identify values that are important for a good leader to have. Students use critical thinking skills to assess their own leadership qualities and the qualities of the leaders that they know. It is a student-centered lesson appropriate for 6th grade students.

Understanding and Evaluating Online Searches | Teaching Tolerance

This lesson requires students to learn about digital citizenship through discerning the quality of certain websites. Students look through web pages and utilize a checklist to decide whether the website is a reliable resource. Skills taught and practiced in this lesson will help students with their research skills for the rest of their academic careers.

Communication Skills Lesson & Activities -

This lesson plan about communication styles seems as though it would completely engage middle school students. The different, fun activities require students to assess different types of communication styles and understand different ways that communication can be hindered. The Kahoot game as well as the game with the white boards are fun for the students while showing examples of the concepts of communication.

This website has many activities for teens to explore the many aspects of emotional intelligence. These activities offer students fun ways to practice different scenarios in which emotional intelligence is necessary. Real-world situations help students think about what they can do to express their feelings and consider those of other students.

How To Think Outside the Box with Your Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

The activities and lessons in this website incorporate entrepreneurship in a way that students can understand. I have heard students talking about the show "Shark Tank" in class, so utilizing clips from the show will keep the students engaged and provide them with a real-world scenario in which entrepreneurship skills can help them succeed.

This website includes a variety of lesson plans for grades 3-5. By tweaking the activities to include more writing and more complex critical thinking assignments, it could easily be appropriate for middle school students. These activities help students understand the variety of aspects related to being a responsible global citizen- from environmental consciousness to rights to community service.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Lesson Plan: The Quandary Game

This problem solving lesson requires critical thinking skills. Students watch a video and develop their own solutions to real-world problems. One of the situations requires them to solve problems related to cyberbullying and online etiquette, which relates to the standards for 21st century learners.

The game in this teamwork lesson seems so fun and interactive for students to learn what type of teammate they are. Students need to delegate tasks, complete their jobs, and work together to reach a common goal in the game. These sort of games not only help students learn about teamwork, but also help them build relationships with their classmates.