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Updated by Mike Monroe on Nov 01, 2016
Headline for Creating Brand Awareness
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Creating Brand Awareness

A brand is the meaning behind your company's name, logo, symbols and slogans. Having a unique and memorable brand helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the marketplace.

Creating Brand Awareness with the Four Cs

If potential customers aren’t aware of your brand, you’re not going to make much money, even if you’re selling the most wonderful product in the world. You can fix this problem, however, by working on the four Cs of brand awareness.

22 Little Known Ways To Make A Name For Yourself

If you don’t make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you.  And it might not be the one you want. Consider these twenty-two little known ways to do so...

Event Sponsorship: How to Maximize Your Return

Don't just slap your brand on a banner and call it a day. Here's how to get the most from your event marketing dollars.

How Sponsors Choose Events

Hear from five marketers on how they control their companies' sponsorship spending and make their sponsorship decisions.

Why Companies Sponsor

This article talks about why companies choose to sponsor events. This is insider information, as you ARE the company they are talking about.

Did You Know?

Although this video is several years old, the progression of information and technology still remain. Use this as inspiration on how branding has become easier.

Why Branding Is a Luxury for Small Businesses | Small Business Trends

So many companies want to brand themselves as the best. And while this is certainly possible, it takes deep pockets and lots of time — something most small businesses don’t have...yet.