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Pinnacle Hospice Care

Pinnacle Hospice Care was founded by seasoned hospice professionals who are committed to providing care that exceeds all expectations. We are proud to be an established provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado and the Greater Denver Metro area.

Foods That Might React Negatively with Medicines

When we’re taking care of our aging loved ones in their terminal condition, it can be helpful to know that their medications will have potential reactions to certain foods, which may affect the potency and effectiveness of said drugs.

Top 4 Health Complications from Diabetes

Diabetes is very prevalent in the country that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 30 million Americans are diagnosed with the illness, while another 84 million people have prediabetes.

Are You Eligible for Hospice Care? Here’s How to Know!

The services related to Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado are not for everyone. These are only provided to individuals and their family members who are eligible to receive it. When is hospice necessary?

Comforting Words to Say to a Terminally-Ill Person

Being informed of a terminal condition can bring emotional trauma on the part of the patient. Because of this, the people around them may not know how to comfort their terminally ill loved one in words. As a trusted provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado

Quick Guide: How to Be a Hospice Volunteer

As a provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado, we are dedicated to giving service that promotes the quality life of a patient who has a terminal condition. We know that the patient and their families are going through emotional turbulence in the face of their loved one’s last days.

What to Tell the Doctor about Your Loved one in Hospice

As soon as your terminally ill loved one is recommended to receive Skilled Nursing Care in Colorado, it means that their health needs diligent monitoring. You need to be at the forefront of knowing the progress of your loved one’s condition in coordination with their nurses and their physicians.

How You Can Benefit from Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can be a hospice volunteer? Would you like to consider being one? As a provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado, we are always thankful and excited to work with volunteers.

Meaningful Activities with a Hospice Patient

As a provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado, we understand how receiving a terminal diagnosis can be devastating. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you and your loved one can no longer spend meaningful moments together.

Hospice Is About Living Fully

It is a common misconception that hospice is only for the last days of someone’s life. Hospice is more than just treatment for those facing a terminal illness. It’s a philosophy of care which can serve as a source of strength and fulfillment for those who are living the last days of their lives.

When Should Hospice Care Start?

A common question with regards to hospice care is, “When is the right time?” A growing number of caregivers are finding the correct answer to this question to be: as early as possible especially if they are experiencing the following symptoms

How Hospice Care Helps Patients and Families

Hospice care has a lot of negative connotations attached to it. It might make anyone think about death or dying, but it is a very beneficial service. There are several ways it helps patients and families. Some of them are listed below.

What To Expect From Hospice Care

Here at Pinnacle Hospice Care, we believe that life is meant to be cherished no matter the circumstances. One of our goals is to help people understand that death is nothing to be feared of. It’s an essential part of life and it should inspire us to make sure we make the best out of the time we have. Learn more about our services by giving us a call. It all starts with a conversation; we are here to listen and provide the service you need.

Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Start with acknowledging your pain. Whatever it is you’re feeling: anger, sadness, confusion, loneliness, frustration, resentment, shock, disbelief, guilt, regret, emptiness, confusion, or fear, know that these feelings are normal and common reactions to loss and that they’re valid. Accept that you’re hurting instead of repressing these negative emotions.

How Music Helps Terminally Ill Patients

There have been a lot of studies explaining how music impacts our emotions but did you know that listening to music can also be therapeutic for people diagnosed with a terminal illness? Evidence has shown that the therapeutic use of music, particularly among those who are terminally ill, has tremendous benefits.

Celebrating the New Year with a Family Member in Hospice

The new year is a time to be grateful. It’s also the time to regain focus and start anew. Even for patients in hospice, the new year signifies hope and beginnings, something a lot of people fail to realize.

Special Service for Families to Help Deal with Grief

Death is rarely a pleasant experience. When people go through tremendous loss, they are often crippled by grief. The pain hinders them from seeing things from another perspective.

Reasons to Consider Volunteering in a Hospice

Hospice care in Aurora, Colorado is a growing option for families with ailing loved ones. As such, families are ensured that their terminally ill members receive the right care. Most institutions require all the help that they need to provide better care for their patients.

The Challenge of Caring for a Terminally Ill Patient at Home

Learning that our loved one is terminally ill, is never easy. Most families will even try to keep caring for them at home. While this intention is pure and loving, many challenges come along.

Be Part of Our Advocacy, Sign up as a Volunteer

Most institutions that offer hospice care in Denver, Colorado have volunteer programs and it’s easy to sign up. Being a volunteer can be challenging, however, it is worth it. There’s nothing better than being able to extend help where it is needed.

Hospice Care for the Terminally Ill You Can Trust

Having a family member that’s terminally ill is never easy. It can be emotionally exhausting and physically demanding. Not to mention, it might require a particular knowledge, which is why you might need an agency that offers skilled nursing care in Colorado.