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Updated by Dignity Senior Care Services on Jun 12, 2020
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Top 10 Diet Tips for Seniors

Managing meal preparations is one of our quality Home Care Services in Georgia as you age at home. At Dignity Senior Care Services, we’re here to back you up in sustaining the health and wellbeing of your aging loved one. If they need some Companionship at home, contact us.

Post-Hospitalization Safety Reminders at Home

If you have a loved one who is about to leave the hospital, their recovery can be continued at home. Yet, it is also important to ensure that your home is safe and conducive for their fragile condition. If you have a loved one who is about to leave the hospital, their recovery can be continued at home. Yet, it is also important to ensure that your home is safe and conducive for their fragile condition.

Post-Hospital Tips: What to Do to Speed up Recovery

Do you have a family member who is already recovering at home after leaving the hospital? If so, you play a crucial role in ensuring that the patient’s recovery goes quickly. How do you find these tips? At Dignity Senior Care Services, we help you take care of your loved one as they continue to recover completely.

Where to Start When You’re New to Caregiving

We don’t often have a choice about becoming a caregiver, especially after a loved one has acquired a sudden illness. They may obviously need proper assistance. Dignity Senior Care Services is here to provide quality home care services in Georgia, as well as assistance to family caregivers who don’t have that much knowledge about how caregiving works.

Life After Stroke: Self-Care Measures

Have you or your loved ones experienced a stroke? For most stroke survivors, the disability which the condition brings has changed their lives. If you are one of the survivors, you might be familiar with the physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges and other range of limitations after a stroke. While it affects people in different ways, there are various ways to manage its effects. One way is by enlisting the help of Private Duty Nursing in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Respite Care for Caregiver Relief

Everyone will come to the point of burning out when overwhelmed. Informal caregivers or those that automatically shouldered the responsibilities of caring for a sick loved one are most especially prone to caring burnout. There is that stigma of being weak when you ask for help, especially from a Home Health Aide in Stockbridge, Georgia. However, asking help for your ill loved ones only means that you want them to receive the best care as much as possible.

Ways a Home Health Aide Helps You after Rehabilitation

Are your rehabilitation days over? Do pending tasks at home keep you worried? After rehabilitation comes the convalescent process, and what’s a better idea than recuperating at the same corners of home? Still, managing chores and personal care is laborious for someone who just got out of rehabilitation. Moreover, what if your mobility is not fully functional?

Special Nutrient Needs of Older Adults

Regardless of age, you need to eat right and stay fit. However, as we grow older, certain types of nutrients become more important. Here is a list of some of the essential nutrients for seniors prepared by a Home Health Aide in Stockbridge, Georgia:

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises for Seniors

Regardless of your weight, age, or athletic ability, aerobic activities are good for your health and overall well-being. It’s important to secure your physician’s approval before following through an exercise regimen. Regular aerobic activities, include swimming, walking, or bicycling, all of which maximize the oxygen in your blood. With the help of Private Duty Nursing in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, you can reap the following benefits of aerobic exercises:

Steps to a Successful Recovery After Hospitalization

The first 72 hours after hospitalization is vital. Thus, providers of home care services in Georgia help seniors and their families make sure that post-hospitalization care is delivered well. Older adults especially need adequate support and assistance following their hospital discharge.

Addressing “Drowsy America”

We live in “drowsy America,” where factories, grocery stores, and restaurants are open through the night. Cultural and economic forces have turned the U.S. into a 24-hour society. As a result, the average American today gets 2 ½ hours less sleep per night than 100 years ago. In the long run, this sleep deficit is additionally linked to other health problems causing a higher demand in Nursing Services in the U.S.

Simple Tips to Managing Caregiver Stress

Providing home care services in Georgia is a rewarding endeavor. You get to make a difference in the lives of the people you are caring for, especially if they are your loved ones. However, caregiving can also be stressful at times.