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HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC

Seeing our clients live to the fullest despite their medical conditions is our utmost achievement—and we make this possible by providing them with quality care services. We let them remain in their own homes as they deal with challenges brought by aging or any other health condition. They get to receive all-inclusive and flexible care around-the-clock.

Tips to Keeping Your Aging Parents Safe at Home

Safety is always a concern for many older adults who prefer to age at home. That is why many families tend to seek the assistance of a home care agency in Georgia to provide essential care to their aging members. What can you do to ensure your aging parents' safety? Here are some tips you can use.

Why You Need In-home Care Providers for a Senior

The struggles of aging can be real for our elderly loved ones. They may experience physical and mobility difficulties that keep them from having a quality life. Because of this, professional providers of home care services in Douglasville, Georgia may be necessary to aid them at home every day.

Should I Get a Home Care Provider for Mom and Dad?

As your parents grow older, it will become progressively difficult for them to take care of themselves. However, most parents find it hard to admit that they need help.

When this happens, the responsibility falls on family members. It becomes their responsibility to recognize the signs that an aging parent might require assistance with daily living tasks.

Dehydration in Seniors: Signs and Prevention

Water is a very important part of our daily living. Yet, many of our aging loved ones can still get dehydrated. Dehydration happens when there is not enough fluid supply in the body. A common reason why seniors get dehydrated is their declining sense of thirst.

Healthy Habits for Older Adults

The Go4Life campaign of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for aging adults to keep them moving and maintain function. These initiatives aim to help older adults be physically active and fit. However, besides exercise and other physical activities, NIA also encourages elderly people to eat healthy through smart food choices and a balanced diet.

Taking Your Grandparents out for a Date

Many elders stay at home all the time, isolated from society. This can lead to poor emotional health. We can promote a healthy environment for them where they can express themselves with their physical, mental, and social capabilities even at an old age. Set a date to take your grandparents or your senior loved ones out for some quality time. At HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC, we value the relationship between the families of our clients. We provide home care services in Douglasville, Georgia, with our passion to bring families together with ease and comfort.

Dealing with Appetite Loss Among Seniors

With aging, the inevitable changes in the body’s digestive system lead seniors to lose their appetite. With this, seniors lose interest in eating a diet that will help them maintain their health and well-being. This change that may affect their eating habits shouldn’t stop caregivers in making sure that seniors eat their meals every day. HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC breaks down tips and tricks to deal with the appetite loss common among seniors. As we provide home care services in Douglasville, Georgia, it is our goal to ensure seniors nurturing care with their meal preparations and feeding assistance.

Ways in Practicing Good Sleeping Habits for Seniors

Sleep remains just as essential for seniors as for everyone else. It plays a huge part in maintaining and improving their overall health. Good sleeping habits are important to also get sleeping benefits that will surely help seniors during the day when they are awake. Having a good night's sleep just reflects a person’s mood and wellbeing the next day. At HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC, we help our seniors get the best out of their sleep by promoting good sleeping habits

Helping Seniors Maintain Good Mental Health

Some are still unaware of the importance of maintaining good mental health, especially for seniors whose lifestyle involves more routines. Seniors may even end up feeling isolated from society because of their health conditions or limited actions. Along with care assistance, HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC seeks to provide good relationships to seniors where they will feel comfortable, confident, and safe, keeping anxiety at bay. Our ways of providing home care services in Douglasville, Georgia also focuses on preventing stress and depression among our clients.

Benefits of Using Gadgets for Seniors

In the world we live in today, we see everyone looking on screens as they go about their days. Everywhere we look, we see someone using a gadget for a variety of reasons. Some seniors may be a little behind on the digital age and miss to learn how to use gadgets to their favor. To keep up with the advancements in technology, HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC uses these devices to provide better and quality service. As we continue to see the benefits of using gadgets as we provide home care services in Douglasville, Georgia, we believe that seniors too can learn and benefit from using gadgets.

Preventing Falls and Accidents at Home

Seniors experience age-related changes in the body or physical conditions that may result in poor sensory skills and strength or balance loss making them more prone to falls and accidents when they move. Certain medications may also cause some side effects that may make seniors vulnerable to falling and injuring themselves. At HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC, we make sure to aid and supervise seniors when they move around at home. Mobility assistance help seniors perform activities of daily living more conveniently as we provide home care services in Douglasville, Georgia.

In-Home Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Older adults with limited mobility may struggle with moving around, but it doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy other activities to have fun and boost their mood. With a home care agency in Georgia, seniors can get mobility assistance, allowing them to continue doing things they love without the need to move around a lot.