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Glass tiles give more creative freedom to your desire between the vast array of colors and the myriad of shapes. The colors range from black and white to every color in between. Your glass tile can also come in different surface designs and patterns.

Why You Should Use a Glass Backsplash in Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Glass tiles give more creative freedom to your desire between the vast array of colors and the myriad of shapes. The colors range from black and white to every color in between. Your glass tile can also come in different surface designs and patterns.

Shower Stairs - Shower Enclosures Direct

There are Different Shower Stairs Designs we have, give a look at them. Shower Enclosures Direct provides you best in town services for Shower Stairs. Find ideas and inspiration for Shower Stair to add to your own home.

How Partnering with Remodeling Experts can Help You with Your Next Project

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, and asking for help from a kitchen or bathroom remodeling expert could prove to be very helpful with your next project. Whether you want to replace the backsplash in your shower or above your countertops, install new mirrors in your bathroom, or put in new glass shower paneling, there are experts who can help you save hours of time on labor and might help you save money in the long run.

Best Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Sign Board Design | Glass Table Numbers - Shower Enclosures Direct

Shower Enclosures Direct provides the best signboards design, glass table numbers, and innovative glass displays for your bar and bat mitzvahs occasions. Glass is the perfect solution for an effective and event design.

Framed and Frameless Bathroom Mirror | Large Shower Mirror - Shower Enclosures Direct

Framed and Frameless Bathroom Mirror | Large Shower Mirror - Shower Enclosures Direct

Mirrors are the key element which is used to lighten, brighten, and to transform the look of a bathroom, shower, or bedroom. We have mirrors for multiple places with a unique thought of transformation.
1. Bathroom Mirrors / Bathroom Glass Mirror
2. Round Bathroom Mirrors
3. Bathroom Mirror With Lights
4. LED Bathroom Mirror

Residential Shower Enclosures | Custom Shower Door Installation Service - Shower Enclosures Direct

Shower Enclosures Direct offers installation of custom shower doors for clients from all over Florida. Requires skill's to install a custom shower door our experts are specially trained for installing a range of custom products in any size or shape.
1. Single Shower Door
2. Sliding Shower Doors
3. Designer Glass Shower Doors
4. Custom Shower Glass Panels

Neo Angle Shower Enclosures & Doors | Angle Shower Door Experts - Shower Enclosures Direct

Neo-angle shower doors are a complex, space-saving solution for any household. Normally located in one corner of the bathroom, a neo angle shower enclosure has two solid adjacent walls and three connected glass partitions, forming an elegant diamond shape.

Decorative Wall Mirrors | Standard Mirror Replacement - Shower Enclosures Direct

Your house is a reflection of your different personality, designed to fit your lifestyle and you're artistic. That’s why Shower Enclosures Direct specializes in custom glass solutions that suit your unique style, suit your budget, and upgrade any room in your home, including:

  1. Custom Mirrors
  2. Custom Bathroom Mirrors
  3. Custom Bedroom Mirrors
Custom Painted Glass Backsplashes | Crackle Tile Backsplash - Shower Enclosures Direct

If you’re thinking a smooth, black painted glass or timeless crackle glass, Shower Enclosures Direct offers a wide range of bathroom and kitchen backsplash options and expert glass tile installation services:

  1. Custom Kitchen Backsplash
  2. Kitchen Backsplash Designs
  3. Custom Bathroom Backsplash
How To Choose The Best Custom Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Custom mirrors have become a fashionable trend for people looking to bring something incomparable to the bathroom. Quite a few retailers now provide this custom service to their customers. Creating custom mirrors designed in whatever colors the customer wants is something that is in high requirement in today’s market.

5 Secret Techniques To Improve Cost Effective Shower Replacements

This track should be strongly acknowledged because a homeowner can save a limited amount of time finding the right service provider and money which can be taken out of the renovation’s budget and be applied to another area of the area of remodeling. The following steps are ways homeowners can save money when remodeling their bathroom shower enclosures.
1. Do It Yourself
2. Recycled Appliances
3. Prioritize and Set Goals

Frameless Shower Doors That You’d Love To Have

The difference between a framed glass door and a frameless one, besides having and not having a frame. Frameless glass doors are made from a more solid and stronger glass which is tempered and glossy. Framed shower glass doors are lighter and more fragile, that’s why the framed border is necessary for the door’s endurance.

How To Choose the Perfect Backsplash Designs For Your Bathroom

A more visually pleasing bathroom caters to many visuall aesthetics, and you can go about this in any manner. The convenience of this is that it’s adapted from your own personal style and taste. No one else has a say in how you go about the design process unless you are actively seeking opinions from multiple outlets.

Some choices:
1. A tumbled stone layout
2. An Aztec design
3. Porcelain tile extension

How To Buy A Decorative Wall Mirrors That Suits Your Home’s Interior

Like any other piece of furniture, it has to complement the room; one must follow the rules of interior decor and design so that the mirror doesn’t stand awkwardly in the room. The following list will highlight some techniques and methods homeowners have used when purchasing decorative mirrors.

  1. Sizing
  2. Try A Variety Of Shapes
  3. What The Homeowner Likes
What Are Neo Angle Shower Doors & Why You Should Consider Buying Them?

These experts also state that these shower doors can be fitted into large or small bathrooms that have a shower installed into them. But enough of the basics, the following list will highlight some of these benefits that your bathroom immediately gets when you install angled shower doors into them.

  1. The Shape
  2. It’s A Space-Saver
  3. It’s A Versatile Appliance
Upgrade Your Bathroom with Frameless Shower Doors - Shower Enclosures Direct

For homeowners mulling over a home rebuild or building another home, Frameless Shower Doors is a fundamental washroom accessorize. One of the top washroom patterns, Frameless Shower Doors, are all the more tastefully satisfying, increment the visible evaluation of your home, and are a lot simpler to clean than encircled shower entryways.

VistaGlass Direct Supplies Mirrors for Future Stars! - Shower Enclosures Direct

VistaGlass Direct is gratified to work together with Next Level Performing Arts in Parkland, Florida, to facilitate their rising stars to consummate their craft with these beautiful floors to roof mirrors for their studios! All our #glass items are hand created in our 15,000 square foot, South Florida-based, Glass Fabricating, and Waterjet.

Spring Sale at Vistaglass Direct: Add a Touch of Glass to Your Project - Shower Enclosures Direct

Because of mainstream requests, we are offering special spring discounts for our back painted and laminated services. Get these incredible discounts until March 31: • Back painted services for $10 per square foot - ordinarily $12 per square foot. We will coordinate any shading palette to meet your plan.

Things Everyone Dislikes when it comes to Shower Window Glass Replacement

Window glass replacement can be a costly investment, but it’s something that will need to be done if your shower windows have sustained significant damage in any way, or if you are just looking to give a cosmetic enhancement to your bathroom. Keep reading to better understand why window glass replacement can be a difficult process. As we know, nothing is ever executed in a precise and collected manner.

Design the Way You Reflect & Refresh Your Home - Shower Enclosures Direct

Thick frames or a one size fits all feel shower are traditional shower, and there is no need to go with them. There are custom, Frameless, and sleek shower designs that add a fabulous modern impact to your home. They can make what once looked like a small bathroom into a spacious one. Shower Enclosures Direct helps you create your unique way to refresh your home. Every project is unique. SED provides multiple options and handy functions.

Interior Glass Opens Offices to Light and Collaboration - Shower Enclosures Direct

The new trend in workplace design has been opening up the space and splitting down the walls to collaboration and modification. A recent column in Building Design & Construction entitled: “The see-through office: Why interior glass is all the rage in workplace design,” discusses that, over the past ten years, the average size of offices has narrowed by 30%. That trend agrees with the growing popularity of interior glass for office building and remodeling.