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Updated by Virat Singh on Jun 12, 2019
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The latest advancements in technology are the main reason we are able to live a stress-free life in this digital age. By definition, ‘the application of scientific knowledge for practical use is known as technology’. People love using the products with the latest technologies, either to make their lifestyle easier or for their entertainment.

Five Trending Technologies To Enhance Your Daily Lifestyle

These are the trending technologies today and you need to experience them yourself because they are the present and future of mankind

From LetterBox To WhatsApp

Earlier, in case of a delay in an awaited letter, the benefit of doubt could easily be put on the Postal Service. There used to be an assortment of happenings (directed primarily by fate) that could have gone wrong, resulting in such delays- from the letter not reaching its actual destination and being delivered to a chanced one instead to the letter falling into the wrong hands, from being blown away from one’s doorstep to being stowed away in some forgotten shelf of the post office. With the possibility of the letter shuttling between the post office and the locked door, one had to imagine its coordinates! Even when it was confirmed to be delivered, there was always the probabilistic chance of the reply taking its time to reach you; one could take respite in the delay attributable to the erraticism that was once a prominent part and parcel of the postal system. Maybe grandfather failed to find his reading glasses, and maybe there was no one to read out the letter to grandma or worse, no one spared the time to write her reply and post it back to you. Maybe the letter got drenched in the rain making it impossible to decipher its contents from themselves! Maybe the pet dog peed on the letter, or the wind blew it away, maybe a careless servant swept it out of the porch…there were so many possible and impossible reasons for delays in receiving the letter. Long weekends, local festivals, the postman’s untimely ailments, a roadway strike in another state, so many socio-cultural-political reasons, to smoothen the waiting period.