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21st Century for 2nd Grade Learners

Team-Working. Students will work in small groups to develop a classroom rule. The lesson plan is broken down into three different sessions this allows the students to discuss the assignment expectations clearly.

Elementary Social Entrepreneurship: A Perfect STEAM Lesson | User Generated Education

Entrepreneurship. In this lesson students will start up a business. The students will create their products, and other aspects that is included in running a business.

Emotional Intelligence. Page 13-14. The students will hear a book called, "Coat of Many Colors." This book will help students in the 2nd grade develop responsibility for one's actions and teach them hoe to respect themselves and others, and be willing to try new things.

Communication. The Description Game. While the lesson is catered to third through sixth grade, it is also good for second graders. One student will leave out of the room, and the other students will describe an object in the room. Using communication skills the student who left the room will have to listen to the description and guess what the object is.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship. In this lesson students will learn what should and should not be posted online, and how they should and should not act online. The students will also use superheroes "to save the day" for actions that should not be performed online.

Choosing Reliable Sources | Teaching Tolerance

Digital Literacy. Students will learn how to research reliable sources on the internet. Students will learn this skill by referring by being asked a question of, "Who would you go to to have your bike fixed?" The students will be shown two webpages to observe and assess the if they are reliable sources or not.

What Rides Can You Go On? - Robert Kaplinsky

Problem Solving. In this lesson plan students will determine if their height is appropriate for the various rides at the "Knott's Berry Farm."

Leadership. Page 3. In this lesson students will describe what they know about leaders by describing some leaders in their community. Students will learn also that leaders can also be our heroes. The students will write the traits of the leader they selected.