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Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions.

The New Chanel Boutique In New Delhi Is Luxury At Its Very Best

After opening beautiful boutiques in prime locations like Mayfair in London, Bal Harbour in Miami, and Avenue Montaigne in Paris, the iconic brand has opened one in New Delhi. And here's all you need to do.

18 Luxury Sneaker Brands That Will Take Your Sneaker Game To The Next Level

There’s never been a better time to invest in a pair of high-end luxury sneakers than right now. The last decade has witnessed a euphoric rise of sneaker culture, moving upward from the street to the runways when the biggest luxury fashion houses decided to embrace the sneaker and put their own spin on it.

Everything You Need To Know About Handbag Auctions

The right handbag can be seen as a great investment, and let’s be honest, most women today would rather invest their money in a handbag than in gold. They are looking past the glossy windows of luxury stores and the current season offerings to get their hands on those elusive, rare, and one-of-a-kind collectible pieces.

Ulysse Nardin’s Limited Edition Marine Mega Yacht Watch is a Nautical Wonder

The recently concluded International Boat Show, and Watches and Wonder exhibit, both of which were held in Miami last week, set the ideal background for the unveiling of Ulysse Nardin’s $310,000 limited edition timepiece. The Marine Mega Yacht Watch is an extension to the brand’s Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon that was launched in 2016 and celebrated luxury liners and sailboats.

Radhika Apte On Fashion, Inclusivity, And The Power Of Finding One’s Identity

Fresh off the success of a slew of hits, Radhika Apte gets candid about her own personal style and what fashion means to her. Read on to know all there is.

These Modern Luxe Accessories Promise To Be Tomorrow’s Classics

Nothing brings an outfit together like the right accessories. Go extra this summer with luxurious fashion accessories that promise to amp up your breezy look. And these 16 handpicked choices are a good place to start.

Primer, Foundation Or Protector? Everything You Need To Know About BB, CC & DD Creams

2019 Update - What makes BB, CC and DD cream so special? These creams have been there for a while now and honestly, makeup artists can’t remember the beauty world before these beauty babies came in the picture. Thanks to all new makeup trends.

Stretching Exercises For Beginners - Importance, Tips & Benefits Of Stretching | POPxo

2019 Update - If you have just started a new fitness routine and are wondering why those muscles feel so tight, then you need to read this article and know more about stretching exercises for beginners. Read on!

Here Are The Top Fashion Tips On How To Find Your Personal Style!

The quest to find your personal style, though a continuous process, can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, inspiration can be found in every nook and cranny - all that needs to be done is to be patient and let the scales of style weigh in your favour.

Argan Oil One of The BEST Kept Secret Ingredient For Gorgeous Hair

There was a point when mankind was too influenced by brand ads on television to concentrate on product ingredients. But fortunately, we’ve crossed that era and have transformed into a more aware and alive society.

The Adidas Originals X Alexander Wang Collaboration Is All Things ’90s

Just in time for spring, Adidas Originals' ongoing collaborative project with New York-based designer Alexander Wang has just dropped its fifth season collection.

Celebrity Stylist Mohit Rai

With the rise of Instagram, it’s easy to stay up to date about celebrity life. From what they wore to an award show to where they had lunch, nothing escapes the eyes of social media.

Literary Festivals In India You Need To Visit If You Love Books

Literature festivals – a gathering of writers, readers, and book lovers – are undoubtedly the highlights of my year. Attending literary festivals with panel discussions involving my favourite authors, book launches

Literary Festivals In India You Need To Visit If You Love Books

Literature festivals – a gathering of writers, readers, and book lovers – are undoubtedly the highlights of my year. Attending literary festivals with panel discussions involving my favourite authors, book launches

10 Amazing Ways To Use It For Glowing Skin!

That bright yellow powder that we see in almost every South East Asian home is fondly called turmeric, or haldi in Hindi. Turmeric is an essential spice in any Indian household.

Sisterhood Of The Skinny Pants: Here's Why You Should Swear By 'Em!

This was the skinniest trouser legs had ever been yet - dark wash jeans and pants were part of the uniform at that time.

Dear girls, have you graduated with a B.Com (Honors) degree but have no idea what to do next? Read on to find a wide host of career options available to you that you can pick and choose from, based on your aptitude and interests.

When we think of oiling our hair, we imagine it to be a messy affair. Even after an awesome champi, the aftermath is sticky oil on the head that spreads onto the face. Overall, a healthy treatment, but one that’s smelly, and so, we can’t wait to wash it off.

While makeup can lend your face a well-toned look, the chin is one stubborn little thing that refuses to listen to us. Be it genetics, a little bit of weight gain or the inevitable age - a double chin can sometimes be a woman’s worst enemy!

Indian weddings are supposed to be a grand mix of traditions and fun. And no wedding is complete without a Sangeet function. Sangeet means music and is a function to rejoice, which is held a day before the wedding.

Just found out you’re expecting? Congratulations dear mom-to-be! You’re probably feeling elated but we can bet you’re also feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

We all have that one friend who got too drunk that one night in Goa and woke up with a massive tattoo on her side-boob the next morning. And if you are that friend in your group, don't worry, what happens in Goa stays in Goa wink.

I grew up in a quaint boarding school situated in the foothills of the Himalayas where we weren’t allowed to keep phones, laptops or anything remotely recreational.

If you have greasy skin, we know that there is a constant fear of your makeup sliding off.

As much time as we take to perfect the winged liner, we’ve never met anyone who wants to go to sleep while wearing it!