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21st Century 4th Grade Learners

21st Century Learning Lesson Plans

Digital Literacy: Introduction to podcasts
This lesson introduces the concept of podcasts to students, and helps students evaluate these different forms of learning. Using podcasts for learning, students are able to read, write, communicate, and evaluate information through technology.


Communication: Flipgrid
In this lesson, students read paired passages, and then use Flipgrid to share their comprehension question answers and cite text evidence. This lesson allows students to communicate with one another through an initial post and the opportunity to respond to peers.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving: Tynker Lesson that introduces programming to students
Students are given the opportunity to problem solve while coding to create games and programs.

Entrepreneurship: Biz Kids lesson that gives students a glimpse of an entrepreneur
Students are given the opportunity to learn about the key terms in entrepreneurship, as well as experience it action.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Introduction to identifying and sharing feelings.
This lesson introduces the different types of emotions, how to identify your own emotions, and how to communicate your emotions with others.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship: An interactive way of gaining a global perspective
This lesson gives students the opportunity to learn about a global social justice issue and an global environmental issue through interactive links, videos, and reflection pages.


Leadership: Introductory lesson to the traits of a leader
In this lesson, students will identify characteristics of leadership by conducting online research on the lives of great American leaders.


In this lesson, students will participate in a team-building activity followed by a debrief. Through this lesson, students learn qualities of a good teammate, as well as the importance of teamwork.