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Updated by Maggie D Allen on Jun 10, 2019
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21st Century Third Grade Learners

Bosses vs. Leaders Lesson + Freebies | 3rd Grade Thoughts

In this lesson, students will learn to differentiate between the characteristics of being a boss vs a leader. In the 21st Century classroom, students need to learn how to lead one another in a productive and helpful way instead of just bossing other students away. By using this lesson plan, students can begin to understand what a leader sounds like and looks like in the classroom.

Is Seeing Believing? | Common Sense Education

In this lesson, students will learn to use a critical eye to determine if a photo or video is real. Students will learn how and why things on the internet may not always be what they seem. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and create their own altered image to explain why someone may do this in real life.

Teaching Talk it Out: I-Message Lesson Plans

In this lesson, students will be equipped with sentence starters to help them become better communicators in the classroom. Often times conflicts arise and become bigger because students do not know how to properly discuss and communicate their feelings to one another. Through this lesson, students will be able to practice communicating in more effective ways to their peers.

I AM HUMAN Empathy Lesson

In this lesson, students will gain a better understanding of other people's feelings, as well as their own. Students will read the book I Am Human, which is a perfect way to introduce emotional intelligence. Students will have the opportunity to discuss with their classmates about their reaction and experiences with various emotions.

Entrepreneurship for Kids: Lemonade Stand with Free Printables

This lesson on becoming a lemonade entrepreneur is so much fun! Students will be engaged while going through all the steps an entrepreneur would take to create a lemonade stand. Students will learn all of the correct terminology and gather knowledge about the process of starting their own business through this lesson.

What Does It Mean to Be Global? | The Techie TeacherĀ®

This lesson begins with a read aloud of the book What Does It Mean To Be Global? This book incorporates key terms students will learn about being a global citizen. The lesson planned walks students through defining and understanding these new vocabulary words, as well as gives them the opportunity to make their own digital book to show what they learned about being a global citizen.

Back to School STEM with Fred the Worm Extension Activities | All About 3rd Grade

STEM projects are a great way to help students gain problem solving skills. In this lesson, students work together to save Fred (a gummy worm) from various situations he has gotten himself into. Through this lesson, students will learn how to communicate with one another and learn how to problem solve through trial and error, as well as critically think about how to save Fred. This lesson will keep your kids engaged and build community within your classroom.

Mrs. Willyerd's Virtual Classroom: Marshmallow Challenge

STEM lessons are also a great way to build teamwork into your classroom. This lesson teaches students to work together to accomplish the task of building the biggest tower using a marshmallow and spaghetti noodles. Students will be challenged by having to communicate, work together, share ideas, listen to one-another, and make compromises to achieve their end goal. This activity will allow for discussions after of how/why some teams succeed, while others did not. By allowing students to have more than one trial, they can learn from their mistakes and become better teammates.