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ENT montreal

The ENT Specialty Group was established in Westmount, Quebec in 2004. The clinic treats disorders of the ears, nose, and throat in both children and adults. This includes specialists for thyroid cancer, voice disorders, sinus surgery, hearing disorders, botox injections, snoring, and sleep apnea.

ENT Specialty Group

The clinic treats disorders of the ears, nose, and throat in both children and adults. This includes expertise in sleep apnea, thyroid cancer, voice disorders, botox injection, hearing and balance disorders, and screening for cancer of the throat. Our mission is for patients to be seen promptlyusing state of the art equipment. Moreover, the most up to date treatment techniques are used to help ensure that patients get cared for properly

Sinusitis Treatment | Sinus Infection Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

Nose & sinus disorders are quite common and we offer many different treatments for chronic sinusitis disorders including nasal blockage,runny noses, post-nasal drips, sinus pains etc...

Head & Neck Cancer Treatment | Cancer Specialists Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

The ENT Specialty Group Specializes in many facets of Head and Neck Surgery. It includes amongst its specialists, several Surgeons who have Fellowship (sub-specialty) training in all aspects of Head and Neck Cancer care.

Thyroid Nodules & Thyroid Cancer Treatment | Montreal, Canada | ENT Specialty Group

Our team of experienced thyroid cancer specialists, surgeons and endocrinologists have expertise in treatments of thyroid tumors & thyroid nodules.

Voice Problems & Treatment | Laryngologists Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

At the ENT specialty group, we have a dedicated group of highly trained and experienced voice experts (laryngologists) who recognize the apprehension and worry that comes with a hoarse speaking voice or singing voice. We have the knowledge and skills to comprehensively investigate and treat singers and patients with a hoarse, or disordered voice.

Sleep Apnea Problems & Treatment | Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

Our sleep apnea specialists are experienced in treating snoring and managing patients with obstructive sleep apnea. The treatment involves a thorough endoscopic exam and physical tests.

Our Doctors | ENT Doctors Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

Browse through our list of 20+ ENT doctors and specialists, anadditional 10+ staff members to assist, as well as an audiologist and avestibular therapist.

What happens if thyroid cancer is left untreated?

Any malignant cancer tumor, if left untreated, is bound to spread across different parts of the body and will eventually lead to cancer in multiple organs. Multiple organ failure is a very common cause of death due to cancer, and so, the person will likely die.

Dr. Richard Payne | Thyroid Cancer Surgeon in Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

Dr. Payne is an associate professor at McGill University in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. His surgical subspecialty is in Head and Neck Oncology with a strong emphasis on thyroid cancer.

What are the symptoms of head and neck cancer?

Head and Neck Cancer is a term used to define cancer that develops in mouth, throat, nose, salivary glands or other areas of head and neck. Regular smoking has been linked to significantly increase the risk of head and neck cancer, and just like any other forms of cancer, the cure for it very limited. If you catch it during the early stages, it can be treated through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

What is the best possible treatment for sinus problem?

Only a good ENT specialist will be able to provide you the ‘best’ possible sinusitis treatment, and not some sham remedy that claims to cure it at home. Let us discuss why…

Dr. Sarah Bouhabel | Pediatric Otolaryngology Surgeon | ENT Specialty Group

Dr. Sarah Specializes in Pediatric Otolaryngology & General Otolaryngology (adult and pediatric) including Rhinology (adult and pediatric) and Laryngology (adult and pediatric voice).

Dr. Saul Frenkiel - Otolaryngologist – Head and Neck Specialist

Dr. Saul Frenkiel is a Professor and former Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology at McGill University. He Specializes in Nasal and Sinus Disease, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, and Sleep Apnea.

What is an Endocrinologist & What does an Endocrinologist do?

An endocrinologist is a type of doctor who specializes in the glands and hormones. In other words, they deal with your endocrine system, its diseases, and the number of hormones that each gland secretes in your body.

Dr. Veronique-Isabelle Forest - Endocrinologist Montreal

Dr. Forest specializes in Head and Neck Oncology, with an emphasis on thyroid cancer and microvascular reconstruction. She has a strong interest in surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, as well as the salivary glands and lymph nodes.

Is head and neck cancer curable?

Probably the one good thing about having a head and neck cancer is that it can be cured, so long as you see an experienced head and neck cancer specialist.

Private ENT Clinic Montreal - ENT Specialty Group

The ENT Specialty Group consists of some of Canada’s leading otolaryngologists offering patients quick access to the most up to datediagnostic tests, treatments and technology.

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Dr. Jasmine Kouz | Endocrinologist in Montreal | ENT Specialty Group

Dr. Kouz is an Endocrinologist Specializing in The Management of Thyroid Cancer and Ultrasound Guided Biopsy of Thyroid Nodules.

How can we cure sinusitis through ENT treatment?

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Clinique ORL | Docteurs ORL & Spécialistes Montréal | ENT Specialty Group

Située à Westmount, notre clinique ORL possède les médecins ORL les plus réputés qui se spécialisent dans le traitement de divers troubles ORL chez les enfants et les adultes.

Facts About Thyroid Cancer - ENT Specialty Group

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What are the possible causes of head and neck cancer?

The development of malignant tumors in the head and neck area can be due to various factors.
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Nodules thyroïdiens et traitement du cancer de la thyroïde | Montréal, Canada| ENT Specialty Group

Notre équipe de spécialistes expérimentés du cancer de la thyroïde, de chirurgiens et d'endocrinologues possède une expertise dans le traitement des tumeurs et des nodules thyroïdiens.

Sinusitis is inflammation of the lining of the sinuses. Sinusitis occurs when mucus builds up, and the sinuses become irritated and inflamed.
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