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After School Care in New York
A water lily is said to symbolize beauty, purity, creation, and enlightenment — all of which is evident in a child’s beautiful and pure youth. A lilypad, the water lily’s leaf, is what keeps it afloat. Akin to a lilypad, we want to be what helps your little ones stand out.

Summer Program Chess: The Benefits of Playing Chess

In this educational setting, your little ones can perform a number of activities that aid in their educational and overall development. One of these activities is playing chess. Chess is a sport and considered as a valuable activity that will help children learn important life lessons and skills.

How Tutoring Prepares Your Child for State Tests

State tests are essential in determining the learning performance of your child with respect to the educational standards of the state. These are specialized sets of tests created by professionals who are experts in specific aspects of the academe. When children pass these tests, they can be more confident with their learning capacity and can have a greater drive for success.

How Your Child Benefits from Our Summer Day Camp

Summer day camps are part of our yearly routine as a center for daycare in Brooklyn, New York. We arrange this program because we know that these can better empower children’s learning. It is our advocacy that children establish a good academic foundation - the earlier, the better.

How Do You Know If a Day Care Center Is the Right One?

Making decisions concerning child care can be stressful and overwhelming; for one, you always want the best for your child and, two, you have a ton of childcare options to choose from. One such option is day care, and it is great for mothers and fathers who are always busy with work and other obligations. While you want to be around your children all the time, you also need to handle other responsibilities that will help you provide them a home, education, and a happy life in general.

How Learning to Play the Piano Can Help Your Child at School

Anyone can easily find a daycare in Brooklyn, New York who offers piano lessons to children who wants to develop their love and interest in making music. However, some parents are reluctant whether sending their child to one would be beneficial.

Brain-Building Development Activities for Kids

Kids’ cognitive functions need constant stimulation to help them achieve a sharp mental response. Learning starts at home and gradually develops at a daycare in Brooklyn, New York as they are exposed to other children of their same age who can interact with them.

Simple Tips to Prevent Obesity in Kids

Obesity is a common indicator of health issues, as it is defined by a high percentage of body fat. Over the years, obesity has become a considerable health problem as it affects both kids and adults. However, there are numerous ways to prevent it. How?

Does One-On-One Tutoring Really Help?

While many parents rely on one-on-one tutoring to help their children with their studies, some are skeptical of whether it helps. After all, paying an extra fee for something that doesn’t work is hardly ideal.

Why Teach Young Children to Play Chess

It is natural for a parent to think about their children’s future. One of the most important parental mission is trying to figure out what is best for their kids. Here at Lilypad Gfdc, Inc. daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we understand your desire of giving the best for your offspring. That is why we offer a wide range of children's programs. These programs are good to help boost your children’s brain development. One example of the programs is teaching them how to play chess.

Fostering Children’s Creativity

Just as most people believe, especially parents, that children’s creativity is an inborn talent. However, this belief doesn't always apply to many people. Experts say that creativity is a skill that children can easily develop. Helping kids discover their creative skills can create a positive impact on their development process. Here at Lilypad Gfdc, Inc., a daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we can help your children discover their creativity through the help of our fun and entertaining arts and crafts activities. 

What It Means to Have Quality Daycare Services

Are you on the lookout for a quality daycare in Brooklyn, New York? Then you’re close to what you’re looking for. What do you mean about quality daycare services in the first place? How to know if a center is providing excellent care?

Primary Benefits of Music Lessons to Kids

Music lessons teach your kids more than rhythm, sound, and beat. It greatly helps in the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. They may be loaded with their schedule at daycare in Brooklyn, New York, but you might want to consider enrolling them in a music class.