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Avail Best Yacht and Boat Services Near You at Skipper's Review

Do you want to spend your vacations on the water this summer season? Find a reliable boat rental place near you at Skippers Review. We are an online platform dedicated to the needs and queries of boating enthusiasts looking for guidance on boating.


Detailed Information On Boat Financing and Its Types

If you are new to boating then you might find boat financing a complex topic. But in reality, financing a boat is much easier and faster than other types of loans. It works almost like financing a car where you have to pay a specific amount every month along with its interest. You can easily get boat loan through banks, boat dealers, credit union, and marine finance companies.

Read 6 Solid Reasons To Charter A Luxury Yacht

Have you ever imagined or thought about chartering a superyacht? If not, then you must give this idea some deep thought. There is literally nothing better and blissful than enjoying the immersive world on a private and peaceful yacht.

10 Pieces of Equipment You Can’t Live Without In Water Sports

There are many types of water sports, each of them requiring different pieces of equipment. As you progress in your area of water sports, you will probably want to start adding on to your gear and equipment.

The Ultimate Guide To Maintain The Quality of Your Boat

Every boat needs good and regular maintenance to work like new for many years to come. Whether it is small or big, if you want your boat to run every time you get on board, will require a regular over haul. . Fortunately, the regular process of repairing and maintaining the quality of your boat is not a difficult task, if you have a reliable mechanic.

Read 5 Things to Make Your Yacht Charter and Sailing Vacations Memorable

Sailing is fun in many ways, but choosing the right yacht or sailboat charter is tricky. How do you find and book a charter can affect your experience of the ocean? Getting the best sailboat charter leads to a memorable trip while a poor one spoils the fun. From the requirements of your budget and types of charters, there are many things that you need to consider while booking a charter.

Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Charters – Skippersreview

Fishing and exploring the beauty of the sea when on vacation all while in the comfort and luxury of a charter is a beautiful experience. Apart from luxuries, a fishing charter gives you the freedom to sail to an exotic location and have some quality time with your loved ones while fishing. However, booking fishing…

5 Characteristics of Professional Scuba Diving Classes

If you would like to experience scuba diving and are looking for scuba diving gear and scuba diving classes, finding a trustworthy dive instructor can be a challenge. Make sure your instructor is a PADI or SSI certified instructor. Maybe ask how many dives he or she has been on and how long they have been a certified instructor.

Beginner's Guide to Picking the Best Jet Ski Rental Services

f you feel like having a thrill of a lifetime and you have had enough of the beach, maybe renting a jet ski would satisfy your sense of adventure. Jet skiing is one of the best water sports for excitement and exploring the local waters. You can easily find cheap one or two-person jet ski rentals in Florida to rent.

Marine Life Photography – Guide to Taking The Best Underwater Photos

If you love snorkeling as a marine life enthusiast or you are a deep sea diver as a professional scuba diver, spending time underwater is a magical experience. Apart from having fun in the water, you can capture those beautiful moments with your camera. However, marine life photography isn’t as simple as it seems.

5 Qualities of A Boat Mechanic You Should Look For – Mynewsfit

The lure of open waters has grabbed the human attention for centuries. From early explorers to modern-day sailors, people sail around the world to gratify their love for the sea. Unlike ancient explorers, today’s water lovers have watercraft equipped with more effective tools and advanced technology. However, you may require a boat mechanic at some point in time. 

5 Tips to Find the Right Scuba Diving Lessons Near You | The Edge Search

Non-divers have a limited insight when it comes to choosing scuba diving lessons. Going for the cheapest and quickest scuba diving class can be the biggest mistake. If you want to be a professional scuba diver or an instructor, proper training should be a top priority.

5 Tips To Buying The Best Snorkel Gear Online

As snorkeling is a popular activity in many warmer regions, you can easily locate a shop to buy snorkeling gear. However, choosing the best equipment online, isn’t as easy it seems. You need to consider several things to make sure you get pieces that fit your body.

How To Find The Best Private Yacht Charters Online

Sailing the seas can be a rewarding and fun experience, especially when you hire a private yacht charter offering both privacy and luxury. However, finding and booking luxurious superyacht charters can be a challenging task. It requires going the extra mile and do a little research before hiring the services of a company.

How to Find a Professional Boat Upholstery Service Provider?

When your boat is out at sea the upholstery is exposed to harsh ocean weather elements such as sun, wind, salt air and rain. Fading colors, cracks and signs of wear and tear become a common occurrence. It is time to consider boat upholstery replacement. We can help you to choose the right professional boat upholstery service provider.

Complete Guide To Windsurfing For A Beginner

When it comes to exhilarating water sports, windsurfing is always on the list Windsurfing has similar attributes to sailing but the difference being an individual stands on a board and holds a sail connected with the board.

Read 10 Must-Have Boat Supplies For Every Mariner

Selection of boat supplies depends on your purpose. Are you going for deep sea fishing? Is it a party cruise with snorkeling? Whether you are partying offshore or working offshore, you have to be prepared. When you are miles away from the shore, what you have with you can make a big difference. So, there are certain items every mariner must have. Most of the mariners agree that they cannot live without flashlight or headlamp. The next most important item they mention is a multi-tool and/or a knife.

Beginner’s Guide To Scuba Diving Courses & Certification

Scuba diving is widely popular among adventure lovers because it is different every time. Millions of people go diving each year. Still, there’s plenty of space to explore. All you need is a scuba diving certification, which teaches you how to enjoy the sea in the safest way.

How To Find The Right Marine Electronics Repair Service Provider

Making the decision to hire a boat mechanic or marine service provider rather than attempting to fix it yourself, can sometimes be the hardest part. As issues in marine electronics are common, you may come across many companies that claim to offer the best marine electronics repair services. However, not all of them are the right company to hire.

How to Choose The Right Superyacht Charter?

When everything goes right, days spent aboard a superyacht charter can create some of the best memories of your life. The best Yacht charter services offer you the opportunity to explore the extraordinary destinations, enjoy luxury comfort, first-class services, bespoke cuisine and many fun things to do on a yacht.

5 Qualities to Look for in Your Yacht Charter Services

Pampering yourself in this extensively competitive and stressful environment, sometimes it’s nice to add a little luxurious adventure. How about spending upcoming vacations on a yacht rather than hiking, camping or spending the whole weekend at the beach? Chartering a yacht and all that comes with it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy life from a new perspective.

Why Involve A Marine Boat Mechanic When Buying A Used Boat

When you are buying a used vessel, keep in mind that it should not only fit you and your family’s needs but that it is also investment-worthy. Involving a mobile boat mechanic when you are surveying the vessel or conducting sea trials, is an important aspect of purchasing a boat. A mechanic can thoroughly inspect and test the boat to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. So, Google ‘boat mechanic near me’ to hire the best marine boat mechanic.

A Complete Guide to Boat Bottom Paint

The bottom of your boat is exposed to a lot of damaging threats right after you deploy. Aquatic organisms, weed or parasites like barnacles are some major reasons to protect the bottom of your boat with boat bottom paint. If your boat is in salt water, the risk of damage will be much greater than fresh water because hard saltwater escalates corrosion. Protective bottom layer is known as antifouling paint.

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