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Lean Manufacturing Advice for Plant Professionals

Plant professionals can reduce waste and improve efficiency by implementing lean manufacturing. Here's a collection of content to help you learn how.

How to Adapt Lean Manufacturing for Seasonal Production Demands

In lean manufacturing, the goal is simple: eliminate waste and keep what adds value. However, standard lean thinking alone cannot address the specific pressures of manufacturing in a highly …

5 Top-Rated Lean Manufacturing Principles | Reliable Plant

Lean manufacturing or “going lean,” refers to a series of methods, philosophies and tools to minimize waste in your business and maximize production. Read about different ways your company can go lean.

When and How to Use Kaizen Events

Many organizations are reluctant to utilize kaizen events because such events take a team of employees away from their "real jobs" for three to five days at a time. Companies often choose to...

Adopting Lean Manufacturing

Amada Miyachi America (AMYA) believes in the lean principle of being committed to continual improvement. Learn how the company recently made a change for the better and put 6-S methods into …

Using Lean Principles to Make Your Plant Cleaner and More Efficient

The application of lean principles is spreading to nearly every type of business and industry. There is literally no place, function or operation that could not benefit from lean enterprise.…

7 Lean Manufacturing Principles That Improve Training

Corporate trainers and lean manufacturing experts often work in the same places. At some sites, they share thoughts and ideas, each advancing the other’s cause and making progress together on...

How to Reduce Manufacturing Waste

Recycling in manufacturing processes can be difficult to implement, but the benefits to your business and environment are undeniable.

Boost Continuous Improvement Efforts with the IIoT

Digital technologies and networking infrastructure supported by the industrial internet can provide valuable data for faster production processes, greater consistency and safer work environm…

Fun Introduction to 5S for Lean Manufacturing Training

Preview our hilarious Introduction to 5S video from our 5S Productivity training series! Find out what 5S is all about in this entertaining and simple video....

Eight easy steps to creating a Pareto chart

A Pareto chart provides facts needed for setting priorities. It organizes and displays information to show the relative importance of various problems or causes of problems. It is a form of a...

How to Adapt Lean Manufacturing for Seasonal Production Demands

In lean manufacturing, the goal is simple: eliminate waste and keep what adds value. However, standard lean thinking alone cannot address the specific pressures of manufacturing in a highly …

Kaizen: What It Is and How to Use It

Kaizen is a philosophy that when fully adopted, creates a culture of continuous improvement. Read about kaizen, what it is, how to use it and more.

The 5-S System: A “How to” Guide | Reliable Plant

The 5-S system is a Japanese-based set of principles designed to eliminate waste and foster a workplace culture of efficiency. Read about the 5-S system and how to implement it.

What Is Six Sigma: A Comprehensive Overview | Reliable Plant

Six Sigma is a set of methodologies, tools and techniques with the overall goal of process improvement and lesser defects. Read about Six Sigma methodology, implementation and more.

Navigating the Manufacturing Skills Gap | Reliable Plant

An aging workforce, insufficient educational systems and the lack of apprenticeships are culminating to create the perfect storm in the world of manufacturing.

Autonomous Maintenance: What It Is and Why It Matters

Autonomous maintenance increases efficiency by training operators to perform minor maintenance tasks. Read about implementing autonomous maintenance, sustaining it and more.

DMAIC: A Complete Guide | Reliable Plant

DMAIC is one of two methods used to implement Six Sigma. It stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Read about how to implement DMAIC and more.

Heijunka: An In-depth Look | Reliable Plant

Heijunka is defined as a technique for reducing unevenness in a production cycle, which in turn reduces waste. Read about how to implement heijunka, its benefits and more.

Value Stream Mapping| Details and Examples | Reliable Plant

Value stream mapping is used to analyze the current state and design a future state for the process that takes a product from start to finish with as little waste as possible.

SMED: What It Is and Why It Matters

Single-minute exchange of dies (SMED) is a process used to greatly reduce the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers. Read about how to implement SMED and more.

What Is Process Improvement? | Reliable Plant

Process improvement is the act of analyzing and improving existing processes. Read about process improvement methodologies and more.

Poka-Yoke Explained | Reliable Plant

Poka-yoke is the use of a mechanism or device that helps an equipment operator avoid mistakes. Check out how to implement poka-yoke, see poka-yoke examples and more.

The 5 Whys Method: Getting to the Root Cause Quickly

The 5 Whys tool is the straightforward process of asking “why?” in an interrogative fashion to get to the root cause of a specific problem. Read about when and how to use 5 Whys, see 5 Whys examples and more.

Operational Excellence: An Overview | Reliable Plant

Operational excellence is the process of executing a business strategy more consistently and more reliably than the competition. Read about operational excellence and more.