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Club 24 Plus Media Release

Club 24 + Celebrates 13 Years of Philanthropy | Indo American News | May 12, 2019

SUGAR LAND: Over the years, the Club 24 Plus events has not been so much the program that will follow but the anticipation of the venue where it will be held. In the past few years, each of the social club’s signature philanthropy and Diwali events has been held, through a long rotation, at the homes of its members and each has been more superlative than the other, as if trying to outdo one another.

Kamna Sharma Remembered as a Jovial Spirit with a Smile | Indo American News | April 6, 2019

HOUSTON: Her younger son Mayoor, 35, remembered her as the adoring mom whose loving arms he could jump into from the school bus after a particularly traumatic incident in school. This Major in the US Army Reserve with two tours in Iraq fought to hold back the tears even though the dark swollen circles under his eyes told the story of many a sleepless night crying out his pain during the final days of his mom, Kamna Sharma.

Club 24+ Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Bollywood Skit | Indo American News | February 17, 2019

HOUSTON: Club 24+ members were able to get an early start to Valentine’s Day romantic festivities with their annual luncheon on Sunday, Feb. 9 at Magiano’s Italian restaurant in the Galleria.
Magiano’s second-floor party room was decorated in the festive Valentine’s balloons and party favors and even small teddy bears on each table.

C24 Plus Toy Drive is a Merry Holiday Affair | Indo American News | December 20, 2018

HOUSTON: What could be better on an overcast, cold day than a chance to while away the afternoon in the company of like-minded friends? And it is an especially warm coziness when they come together to make a difference in the community they live in.

Club 24 Plus Members Experience the Magic of Diwali in Rajasthan … in The Woodlands | Indo American News | November 1...

THE WOODLANDS: Diwali 2018 was an extraordinary Signature Event for Club 24 Plus members. Club members and their guests were able to experience the lakes and forests of The Woodlands while enjoying the cultural and culinary experience of Rajasthan at the home of Drs. Suresh and Sunita Moonat.

Club 24 Members Experience “Dining in the Dark” at the Lighthouse | Indo American News | September 13, 2018

HOUSTON: Those of us with full use of our limbs and organs often take these blessings for granted. Club 24 members had the unique opportunity to experience the disability that visually handicapped individuals have to endure on a permanent basis.

Club 24 Plus: Cool Waterfront Party, Cooler Philanthropy | Indo American News | April 26, 2018

HOUSTON: Saturday, April 14 was the date for Club 24 Plus annual Evening of Philanthropy. In the morning, the sky was alive with thunderstorms, lightning, and even hailstorms in some areas. Hosts Dr. Kuldip and Veena Kaul were not certain whether to hold the party inside or out on the front of their palatial home in Webster.

Club 24’S Evening Of Philanthropy | India Herald | April 25, 2018

Club 24 Plus held its annual Philanthropy event on Saturday, April 14, and members presented checks to 10 of their favorite charities. Veena and Kuldip Kaul hosted the event in their magnificent home in Seabrook.

Club 24 Plus Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Family, Fun and Philanthropy | Indo American News | February 22, 2018

HOUSTON: Sunday, February 11 was a cold, overcast day. Once Club 24 Plus members arrived at Magiano’s in the Galleria in their red and pink fineries, the atmosphere quickly changed to the warmth of a joyous Valentine’s Day celebration.

Club 24 Plus Celebrates the Holiday Season with Games, Gift Exchange | Indo American News | December 7, 2017

HOUSTON: The holiday season is an opportunity to dress up in your fineries and indulge in fine food, libations, and fun with friends. One of the best such occasions in Houston is Club 24 Plus Holiday Brunch. Club members gathered last Sunday afternoon, Dec. 3, at Ciao Bello Italian restaurant in the Galleria area.

Club 24 Plus Hosts Holiday Luncheon | India Herald | December 6, 2017

Club 24 Plus held its last event of the year, annual Holiday Brunch at Ciao Bello Restaurant in Houston on Dec. 3. Ashok Garg, left, found-member of the club, Manisha Mehta, president-elect, Pradeep Gupta, president, Savita Rao, social committee chair and Vandana Prakash, communications chair.

Club 24 Celebrates Holiday Season with Galveston Bay Dinner Cruise | Indo American News | November 21, 2017

KEMAH, TEXAS:  One of the star attractions on the Texas coast is a Galveston Bay dinner cruise. Club 24 Plus has now made the three-hour dinner cruise one of its annual events. Originally scheduled during the late fall, the event had to be postponed because of Hurricane Harvey.

Club 24 Celebrates Diwali as a Signature Event with Families and Guests | Indo American News | November 10, 2017

HOUSTON: Diwali is a joyous occasion to be celebrated in the company of family and friends with diyas, sweets, and ethnic fashions. This year’s Club 24 Plus Annual Signature Diwali Party in Houston was as splendid as any Diwali party in New Delhi or Mumbai.

Club 24 Hosts Diwali Celebration | India Herald | November 8, 2017

Club 24 Plus hosted its annual signature event, Diwali party, on the occasion of the Festival of Lights on Oct. 28 in the gorgeous home of Ash and Leena Shah in Houston. The beautiful lighted home and multi-colored water jets and kaleidoscopic swimming pool enhanced the ambience and mood of the celebration.

Club 24 Plus Annual Philanthropy Event | India Herald | May 10, 2017

Representatives of recipient charity organizations who received funds from Club 24: Swatantra Jain, left, Ed Wilson, Dean Reynolds, Ash Shah, Pankaj Desai, Maria McGee, Veena Mathur, Runsi Sen, Sesh Bala, Club 24 board members Alpa Shah and Club 24 President Pradeep Gupta. The event was hosted by Vimal and Hansa Kothari at their Sugar Land home - Photo by BIJAY DIXIT

C24+ Donors Meet their Charities at a Villa by the Lake | Indo American News | May 5, 2017

SUGAR LAND: It has gotten to the point that the most suspenseful moment for Club 24 Plus events has not been so much the program that will follow but the anticipation of the venue where it will be held. In the past few years, each of the social club’s signature philanthropy and Diwali events has been held, through a long rotation, at the homes of its members and each has been more superlative than the other, as if trying to outdo one another.

Red Attire, Red Roses and Bingo for a C24+ Valentine | Indo American News | February 24, 2017

HOUSTON: “Kehte hein khuda ne iss jahan mein, sabhi ke liye, kisi na kisi ko hai banaya, har kisi ke liye” This melody set the mood for Club 24’s first 2017 event – the Valentine’ Day lunch on Saturday, February 11 for which the Maggiano’s Little Italy Party Room on Post Oak had been transformed elegantly and subtly by the social committee to celebrate this festival of love and friendship.

C24+ Closes Out Year with Lively Family Event | Indo American News | January 19, 2017

HOUSTON: Club 24 Plus ended the 2016 event calendar with a celebration for the holidays with a luncheon for its members and their children, held on last December 11 at the upscale Tony Vallone’s eatery Ciao Bello on Sage and San Felipe. The event was held in the restaurant’s spacious indoor patio. The natural lighting and interesting mosaics on the wall lend a lovely charm to the overall ambience.

Crisp Weather, Music and Conversations at Club 24’s Diwali Celebration | Indo American News | November 3, 2016

Sugar Land: It was an exceptionally cool Fall evening on Saturday, October 22. The luxurious backyard of Savita and Sanjay Rao’s palatial home on Palm Royale was decorated with lights and colorful Indian silks. It was an ideal setting for one of Club 24’s signature events—celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Club 24 – 2nd Annual Yacht Cruise | Indo American News | September 23, 2016

HOUSTON: Club 24 arranged a fantastic celebration for its’ members with a 4-hour private cruise around the bustling Keemah boardwalk on Sunday September 11.  Fifty-five members of Club 24 attended this special celebration. All the members met at the Star Fleet Terminal and were on board by 4 pm.

Club 24 Philanthropy Event Enthralls Houstonians | LCAHouston | July 6, 2015

Club 24 Plus' annual philanthropy event turned out to be an amazing mix of compassion and fun. Bharti and Madhusudan Desai most graciously offered their beautiful home to make it an evening to remember.

C24+ Philanthropy Under the Arc of a Rainbow | Indo American News | June 23, 2016

KATY: The stage was set for an evening of socializing and handing out donations to deserving organizations, with black tablecloths and white linen draped chairs, all centered around the pool and a small stage set up for the occasion.

Vegas Comes to Club 24+ and Makes Diwali an Extravaganza | Indo American News | November 13, 2015

SUGAR LAND, TX: You could hear the Elvis impersonator crooning in the backyard from the street side of the house where the valet parking attendants took the car. He certainly sounded like the real thing but you couldn’t tell if it was a CD rolling out or a person.

C24+ is Fulfilled as it Spreads the Fruits of its Labor Among 11 Charities | Indo American News | May 7, 2015

SUGAR LAND: For as far back as I can remember going to the Club 24 Plus events, they have been held at the tres chic and enormous houses (well, mostly in the equally manicured and large backyards) of members of the group.

Club 24 Visits Turning Point Center | Indo American News | April 23, 2015

HOUSTON: A dedicated team of Club 24 Plus members visited the Turning Point Center on Sunday, April 19, as part of the outreach program of the club. They bought the groceries and cooked a hot meal for 90 residents for lunch.