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UrvanX is a diversified, full-service architecture firm with vast experience handling. We are well-equipped to tackle any type of project, always championing innovation and sustainability.

5 Smart Tips To Find More Business For Your New Architect Firm

There are so many architecture firms are active in the world and its a quite difficult job to manage a firm. Here we are sharing 5 tips that can help you to get ahead of the ongoing competition and win more projects and clients.

What to look for when remodeling your home

First of all, you need to discuss all your needs and desires to your designer. Effective communication will facilitate a productive working relationship between you and the designer which will then ensure an efficient project free from errors.

About Us — UrvanX

UrvanX is a diversified, full-service architecture firm with vast experience handling. We are well-equipped to tackle any type of project, always championing innovation and sustainability.


The interior of a place should be a reflection of the uniqueness of its exterior. UrvanX works with interior designers to execute projects that aim to provide a unique experience inside and out.

How To Find An Architect In A Big Market Like South Florida

Understanding what you can bring into the project from your end will ultimately benefit both the architect and you - there is no such thing as being too demanding; a good architect will understand this as well.

ARCHITECTURE - Our Work - UrvanX

From Single and Multi-Family Residences to Mixed-Use and Commercial, Hospitality and Restaurant projects, UrvanX has made its mark in the architectural industry. Watch Our Proudest architectural achievements.

UrvanX (urvanx) - The Top Link

UrvanX is a diversified, full-service architecture firm with vast experience handling. We are well-equipped to tackle any type of project, always championing innovation and sustainability.

How to Choose the best Architectural Firm in Miami - Jennifer Roberts

All architectural firms in Miami have a specialization in a certain type of architecture. Some might specialize in Spanish inspired architecture, some may specialize in modern architecture and other firms may specialize in other styles.

Are There Profitable Ways To Introduce An Interior Design Company Online?

If you have just started an interior decoration company, or perhaps still thinking to do in the long run. If there is any challenge that must come your way, then marketing it up to the aspired public should be the first and leading. There are three ways to make it profitable:-

  1. Start By Securing a Website
  2. Curate Contents
  3. Take up an ad

Design & trends change regularly as you already may have identified; the style in the design this year may never be the demanded in the upcoming year and vice versa. Update to current Interior design ideal, even so, it preaches the message innovation and serious to onlookers, customers and as well as your competitors.

How To Find The Best Interior Designer For Your Home

The decorating work that you complete in your home will transform the way that the whole home is inspected. You will find that an interior designer will help you make your home into all that you want it to be. When you locate the right interior designer, you can change up your home into something that is great.

8 Miami Interior Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

No bright contrasts and bold colors. Just by understanding some simple steps, you will make your own tasteless bedroom into the main attraction of your home. And all without having to work with the best interior designer in Miami. Let’s see some of the best ideas that can quickly turn your bedroom into an amazing room:
1. Colors are your world
2. Playing with the light
3. Playing with textures

Delicious Raw Aventura - Grand Opening — UrvanX

Delicious Raw Aventura has Grand Opening. Delicious Raw is continuously expanding in the South Florida market. Basically originated in Naples, FL, the Aventura location is their 3rd store opening on the east coast, and this is the 2nd store which UrvanX Architects has designed.

The area is home to dozens of award-winning architectural firms in Miami, and their creations are re-defining the architectural scene in the county. Let's see some of the best architectural firms in Miami and some of their creations:
1. Joaquin Fernandez Architecture
2. Zbigniew W. Jarosz
3. Acoustic Architects
4. Robert Swedroe

Construction Underway - Terminal Island Garage and Ferry Terminal for Fisher Island — UrvanX

Widely expected Parking Garage and Commercial Ferry Terminal for Fisher Island is in under construction. The garage will house the parking for much of the commercial traffic that would normally go onto the island, effectively decreasing the vehicular traffic on the island.

Things To Know About Interior Designers & How To Choose One

Interior designers shouldn’t be confused with interior decorators either; you should know the difference and understand what you need for your project before hiring one. Interior decorators are the one who comes once at your house or building when it has been completed and help you decorate its interior.

3 Reasons To Why You Should Hire A Residential Architect

A residential architect is someone who is certified to do the job and knows it better than you do. Moreover, you will only be able to build your home, whereas they will create a paradise for you within the same budget. It’s always considered wise to learn from the mistakes of others rather than proactively acting it yourself and then realizing it.

UrvanX nominated for Architectural Design Firm of the Year by the Latin Builders Association — UrvanX

UrvanX is very excited to have been nominated by the Latin Builders Association for Architectural Design Firm of the Year. It was an honor to be nominated and listed among huge and reputable firms.

Thing To Look When Searching A Luxury Home Interior Designer

A luxury designer is a specialist who has a passion for interior decoration and remodeling. He is someone who knows the meaning of designs, who dream ideas, think plans, and has it as part of his/her daily living. To get the fact right! An expert designer is not just a person who took up a design career two years back before meeting your project.

Important Questions You Should be Asking Your Architect Before Starting a Project

Once you decide that you want to hire a residential architect in Miami, it’s time to start asking the hard questions. Asking your questions before you sign a contract or begin any work is the best way to go. This way, if you don’t like their answers, you can find someone better fit before you waste more time or money with the wrong company. In this blog, we have mentioned some most common questions people ask from residential architects.

ARC+ Urvanx = Sustainable Education — UrvanX

ARC+ would like to proudly declare that Urvanx and it’s founder Carlos Bravo are now founding sponsors of the Architectural Research Collaborative. Mr. Bravo and his firm are the first Architectural firm to give their support and expertise in the creation of the ARC+ Buildgreen. Also, Mr. Bravo will be presenting his considerable knowledge and experience to create enhanced educational opportunities for students.

Make Your House Your Home

How do you feel when you enter a place that is completely messy? The biggest task of interior designing is to make space. You can leave this task to architects or an interior designer, but why do you want to do it? Once you make space, find the products that fit into the spaces and also make sure they don’t give your place a clumsy look.

3 Trends That Have Influenced Residential Architecture In The Modern Times | KukaFM

Our modernisation have impacted the housing designs and induced more innovations in the work of architects and we have enlisted three trendsetting innovation in the world of design and residential architecture.

  1. Open Plan Space Goes Mainstream
  2. Multiple Master Suite
  3. Freestanding Baths
4 Tips To Manage A Construction Site

Construction management is a big responsibility with a lot of schedules and jobs to be planned at the same time. It is recommended that you build a team that is dedicated towards their work and makes sure that the assigned job gets completed within the deadline in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Is it the time of the year? Are you planning to build your own home or office? Yes? Oh, that’s cool. But have you hired a residential architect to help you with the home designing and the architectural work? Is it a NO? Believe me, this is the biggest mistake that you’re committing.