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New Hope Health Services

Life’s challenges can take their toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Deep-rooted issues can disrupt your daily routines and affect your relationships. When it all becomes too much, don’t hesitate to rely on our professionals to provide a holistic brand of mental health service that empowers, transforms, and gives you hope for the better.

3 Reasons Why Counseling Is Important

Are you feeling lost and confused? Do you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances? Are you looking for someone who you can talk to about your innermost thoughts?

If you are looking for professional counseling and behavioral health services in DC, New Hope Health Services can help you.

3 Reasons Why Counseling Is Important

Are you feeling lost and confused? Do you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances? Are you looking for someone who you can talk to about your innermost thoughts?

If you are looking for professional counseling and behavioral health services in DC, New Hope Health Services can help you.

5 Ways You Can Overcome the Stigma about Mental Health

Mental health issues are considered as real medical illnesses that require real treatments. Still, there remains to be a negative stereotype about it. This article will teach you how you combat the stigma.

PTSD: How to Encourage Someone to Get Help

A traumatic event can be devastating to a person. So when our loved one goes through this situation, they can develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a mental condition that, when not treated, can result in disruption of normal functionality.

Anger Management: Keeping Your Anger at Bay

Anger is a healthy and normal emotion. However, if your anger seems out of control or is negatively affecting your relationships, you may have anger issues.

Different Approaches to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods provided by any mental health rehabilitation to help an individual overcome mental and emotional health problems. In therapy sessions, licensed psychologists decide what psychotherapy approach should be applied to guide client through the process of understanding and solving their problems.

Spotting Hidden Signs of Depression in Loved Ones

Most people suffering from depression are often uncomfortable reaching out to their loved ones about what they’re going through. So they keep it to themselves and refuse to seek help, denying themselves the comfort they could receive from their loved ones, as well as the chance of recovering through mental health rehabilitation. As a result of their self-imposed emotional isolation, healing becomes difficult and they become more depressed.

How Walking Helps Promote Mental Health

Going through mental health rehabilitation is more than just discussing your situation with your therapist or taking prescription meds. You also have to exert physical effort to be mentally healthy.

Why You Should Consider Checking into Rehab

Substance abuse can ultimately ruin your life. You can hide your addiction behind seemingly harmonious relationships and successful careers. However, addiction is a progressive illness. Your addiction will eventually catch up with your façade. As soon as possible, consider checking yourself into a rehabilitation center. Here’s how it can help you.

What Should I Do When My Loved One Refuses to Get Help?

Is your loved one refusing to get mental health rehabilitation? There are numerous reasons why they would do so. However, as a provider of mental health service in Washington, DC, we believe that getting professional help for your loved one’s condition would improve their well-being for the long term.

Art Therapy: How Creativity Contributes to Recovery

Currently, many studies that suggest art as a form of therapy for those who are undergoing mental health rehabilitation for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions.

What Is Somatic Symptom Disorder?

Major functional problems and emotional distress caused by fatigue or pain, among other physical symptoms, can be diagnosed as somatic symptom disorder. Patients with this disorder may not have other diagnosed medical conditions but may react differently to their symptoms. They may find it hard to function properly and think too negatively about their symptoms.

How Anger Management Helps You

Anger is a normal and usually healthy human emotion. It may be felt like a fleeting annoyance or a full-fledged rage. However, this may lead to problems if it gets out of control and turns destructive. It may start to affect your work, personal relationships, and overall quality of life. This is when you may want to seek anger management.

Dealing with Mental Health in the Workplace

In today’s global crisis, you must be grateful if you have a full-time job. To have a more secure life during the pandemic means a lot for many families. However, some employees are facing the fear of losing a job because of an unstable economy. For this reason, companies providing behavioral health services in DC intervene to help employers and employees in dealing with mental health issues.

Stress-Free Life: Building Strong Family Relations

Many individuals suffer from mental health issues due to stress caused by the work environment or conflict with relatives. With the help of behavioral health services in DC, you can build strong interpersonal relations with your family and alleviate the pressure or feeling of agitation.

Early Warning Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a normal response, especially to grueling life events, such as changing jobs, having financial problems, or moving to a new place. But, once the symptoms of anxiety begin to interfere with your life, then they could be a sign of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can be crippling, but with the help of behavioral health services in DC, they can be manageable. The key to understanding anxiety is by recognizing its symptoms below.

Anger Management: Tips to Help You Stay Calm

Anger is a normal emotion in response to a situation. However, if it leads to aggression, outbursts, and violence, then it might cause problems and conflicts, especially to family, friends, and loved ones. Controlling anger may be challenging, but it is vital to evade saying or doing things you may regret later on. New Hope Health Services narrowed down some strategies to help.