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Updated by Preeti Patil on Jun 06, 2019
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10 ways of using infulencer marketing

""Influencer Marketing"" is the 4th most important trend that B2B marketers are looking to opt for in 2019 & almost 48% of them plan to make it an integral part of their marketing strategy (Source:
Influencer Marketing is important for B2B companies as it saves the huge expense on paid advertising and the referrals & positive word-of-mouth interactions are imperative to the success of B2B marketers. Read on to know more..."


Using ABM & Influencer Marketing

Using ABM in conjunction with Influencer Marketing fetches optimized revenue for B2B brands from their marketing endeavors.


2) Exploring the Influencer Personas With Proven Affinity

Influencer persona is an important pre-requisite when it comes to implementing influencer marketing as these are the people who will be in-charge of effectively delivering marketing messages to buying prospects


3) Use Demographic, Psychographic, Technographic & Firmographic data

Analyzing psychographic, demographic, technographic & firmographic data of the prospects gives precognitive insights about their buying behavior. Prospects To Analyze what they are listening to, reading & watching


4) Look beyond Social Media

Exploring beyond social footprints & getting in touch with influencers outside social media on promotional events & other social gatherings


5) Mapping the Influencer Databases

Preparing a record of potential influencers helps in altering content strategy to best engage with them & employing the best ones as brand advocates


6) Knowing & Respecting Boundaries

The marketers should respect the decision of influencers & build a flexible & symbiotic relationship.


7) Engage With An Array Of Potential Influencers On A Brand-Led Podcast

Podcasting is a way to engage with influencers & prospects at the same time.


8) Educating Influencers

Influencers & marketers can together create more conversion oriented campaigns before influencers start promoting them across omnichannel.


9) Leverage Creativity & Humor

Engage with influencers in a humorous way while podcasting & create influential pieces of content that are interesting to read.


10) Allow influencers to solely advocate business ideas

Influencers should be given some autonomy for promotions as well.