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New Age Islam

A Jamaat-e-Islami Hind resource person giving a talk inside a temple in Kamblewadi in Bidar district as part of its outreach programme in the holy month of Ramzan.   | Photo Credit: Gopichand T.

Kabul's Women Find Power and Liberation in the City's Vibrant Cafes

In an Islamic culture that still dictates how they should dress and interact with men, women can express themselves freely in the Afghan capital’s coffee shops, find David Zucchino and Fatima Faizi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that the new National Democratic Alliance government should win the trust of minorities and puncture the ‘myth of fear’ has been received in two different ways.

Ramzan Is To Train the Self to Rise above Base Instincts, Look Inwards and Build Bridges

As things stand across the world today, religion cannot be a private experience for Muslims — even if they want it to be. Burdened, demoralised and anguished with terror attacks in the name of Islam, Muslims find themselves — and their faith — implicated in global events almost every day.

Can Islamism Coexist Peacefully With, Or Within, A Post-Christian Secular West

"I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to Muslims here … and … around the world, that there is a ‚clash of civilizations.'”

The Arab Streets Will Not Accept the 'Deal of the Century' and Any Attempts to Impose It Will End In Disaster

As the announcement of the deal of the century approaches, the Arab world is growing increasingly tense. Widespread rumours about the contents of the proposal have fuelled public outrage across the region.

The So Called ‘Peace Talks’ Look Increasingly Akin To a Slow Surrender by Afghanistan and U.S

The latest round of talks held in the second week of May 2019 between the United States (US) and Taliban left US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalizad expressing frustration about the “slow progress” of the peace talks, even as dead bodies continued to pile up high.

Hindutva Nationalism Threatens To Unmake India and Replace It with a Different Nation

As I start writing as a new government begins its term, I find myself overwhelmed. I’m not a news reporter or political analyst. I am only a citizen of India, gazing at my nation from half a world away.

Islam as A Charter of Life: Gratitude Is One Of The Highest Values In Islam, Ingratitude Is Considered Akin To Kufr

IT is He who has given you sense of hearing, sight and understanding but little SHUKR you render’ [23:78] Every morning at the ring of the alarm we huddle in our beds, struggling to get out of bed, all grouchy and grumbling.

Islam as A Charter of Life: True Patience Is A Moral Characteristic Displayed In The Face Of Difficulty

PATIENCE is that trait of character, which only gets invoked in adversity. Since true character emerges only in contradiction, therefore, it is of essence, that only those can claim to possession of this virtue, who when faced with difficulties or opposing point of view, are able to contain negativism and absorb pain, without complaints.