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Updated by amelia-grantny on Jun 06, 2019
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Top-5 Unhealthiest Drinks in the World

We are not only what we eat, but also what we drink. These days you can hear about the importance of being hydrated all over the Internet. However, not all the liquids that you consume throughout the day actually work this way. When doctors mean “water”, they mean clean water.




The drinks we drink to tame our thirst, of course, contain water too. Why don’t they count? They contain numerous substances and components that influence different functions and processes in our body. So you can consider them more like food than water. Many of them contain things that bring significant harm to our health if we consume them in a long-term perspective.


Who’s the Unhealthiest of Them All?

These drinks are considered the most harmful among all the possible options. Don’t get too fond of them - some can cause real addiction like drugs. And watch your kids - their health is more vulnerable to the harm caused by unhealthy diet choices.


Sweet soda beverages

They are usually loaded with enormous amounts of sugar. It’s one of the main products that cause obesity in children. Pediatric dentists also name them as the most powerful factor that causes cavities in children’s vulnerable dental enamel. This is also relevant for adults. You can drink some sweet bubbly drink sometimes, but don’t make it a habit - you will regret it.


Energy drinks

Life is hard and sometimes people have to work at night. Many try to stay awake with the help of energy drinks and don’t even realize they’re slowly killing themselves. The energy rush that you feel exhausts your body and makes you feel far more tired after some time. They cause addiction and are also packed with sugar.


Packaged juices

The benefits of these juices are very questionable. Packaged juices go through a manufacturing process using extreme temperatures. This kills most of the vitamins and nutrients in them. Instead, they are loaded with chemicals and yes, sugar as well.



Milk used to have a reputation of the healthiest drink ever until the lactose intolerance was discovered. It’s a perfect product to feed calves but not people - it’s too heavy for their gastrointestinal tract. However, this doesn’t concern fermented dairy products - they contain already processed lactose and probiotics that are good for our health.



The fact that coffee causes addiction isn’t new to anyone. It’s energizing effect doesn’t last long and makes you crave for more. It also has dehydrating qualities - it causes dryness in the mouth which is bad for your oral health and a diuretic effect which drives the precious water out of your body.


What Are the Alternatives?

You can replace these drinks with healthier alternatives - clean water (put a piece of lemon, mint or ginger into it if plain water doesn’t taste good to you), green or herbal tea or fermented drinks (yogurt, kefir or kombucha). Animal milk can be replaced by healthier vegan alternatives available in every store. They are made of soy, almond, buckwheat, and other plants. Stay hydrated and keep yourself healthy!