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Yachts Services

Galvez Yachts Repair: One Of The Best In Miami

If you want to keep your yachts looking like new, nothing is more important than keeping up with basic yachts repair & maintenance services. Here we have one of the best yachts repair shope in miami will help to keep up your yachts in water surface.

Galvez Yachts: Best Yachts Repair Service In South Florida

Galvez Yachts is one of the best yacht repair and service company in South Florida. We serve world class yacht painting, yacht cleaning, Arneson drives, Yachts motor repair and bottom job services.

History of the Galvez Yachts for serving The Best Yachts & Boat Repair Services

Galvez Yachts offers the best Yachts Repair & Boat Repair services since 2000 in South Florida. Juan Galvez helped to build over 100 boats during the duration of his tenure. He is one of best yacht repair man in the yachting industry.

Buying a Boat or Yacht: Everything You Need To know About Yachting Cost

If are looking and would like tips and tricks on a boat repair or yacht purchase, this post will help you. Here's everything you need to know before buying a yacht.

How to take care of an Yacht? The Ultimate Maintenance Guide

Regular Yacht repair and maintenance will keep your yacht in best condition. If you don't know about the basic of Yacht care and yachts repair services then you don't have to hire someone or spend money. In this guide we are going to explain how to take care of your yacht.

Who We are ? and What We Do at the Galvez Yachts Florida ?

Juan moved to south florida to start his yacht repair service before that Juan Galvez Started his first Yacht Manufacturing company in 1969. Galvez Yachts With over 50 Years of expertise in Yachts repair service in Dania Beach, FL 33004 provides all kind of yachts repair service.

Top 5 best locations for sailing and date in South Florida

If you are interested in sailing or thinking to go on a date then south florida has the best sailing locations. We came up with the top 5 best sailing location in south florida. We will explain where to go? What season of the year ? How to prepare for a sailing?

Professional Yacht Repair Service Dania Beach, Florida

Galvez Yachts is one of the trusted Yachts and Boat Repair Service in Dania Beach, Florida. With over 50 Years of experience in Yachts industry service we provide Arneson Drive, Bottom Job, Epoxy Barrier, Primer, Prop Speed, Service Generator, Caulking, yacht maintenance, boat cleaning and more.

10 Reasons Why your Yacht Needs Maintenance ?

If you own a yacht it is not easy to keep it in good shape all the time but how do you know when your yacht needs a maintenance ? In this article we are going to explain ten signs and reason that your yacht needs maintenance .

How much does it cost to own a yacht? 5 Things that Yacht can be expensive.

Yacht is one of the luxurious assets among the billionaires. It's no secret that owning a luxurious yacht can be very expensive when it comes to repair and maintenance. If you are thinking to buy a luxurious yacht or you are a first time buyer then we have this article to explain how much does it cost to maintain a luxurious yacht.

Remember this 5 things before start sailing in south Florida

If you are thinking to explore south Florida sailing then we have 5 things to share before you start sailing in south Florida. In this article we are going to explain basic knowledge and tips to start your sailing journey in south Florida.

Where to Dock Yachts in Florida?

Yacht is one of the luxurious assets among the billionaires. Yacht owners are constantly struggling to find good places to dock their beloved yachts but their search ends here. We came up with the 6 best places to dock your yacht in Florida.

How to maintain your marine generator?

if you are wondering how to Keep your marine generator in best running condition then keep reading this we are going to explain how to maintain your marine generator in 6 easy way. Cooling system, monitor heat exchanger and few other important components are part of this maintenance.

Top 5 Fastest Yachts in the World

Speed cars are not the only asset that people like to buy When it comes to speed yacht people seems to find it more thrilling. We have selected top 5 fastest yachts out there that are not just the fastest but also luxurious.

8 Handy Tips For Boat Cleaning

If you are a boat owner then you must know the struggle of cleaning the boat but don't worry we came up with the article that will explain 8 easy ways to cleaning your boat.

Choose Professional Bottom Paint For Your Yacht

Do you need professionals for your yacht bottom paint? It is one of the questions that every yacht owner has. Hiring professionals is what experts suggest. This would save you from damaging the hull, increasing antifouling paint life and for further benefits read the blog.

How to Choose The Best Yacht For Sailing?

If you're planning to whisk your family away on the yacht charter holiday of a lifetime, and you are finding it tricky to pick the perfect yacht. You come to the right place. Here's a quick guide for choosing the best yachts for you.

5 Most Popular Superyachts on the Market

Did you know which one is the best superyachts in the market today? Here is a list of the top five superyachts on the market. Project Odin is one of the most advanced and unique superyachts in existence today. For More details, keep reading this blog

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