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21st Century 1st Grade Learners

Each lesson plan teaches students a different 21st century skill.

Social Studies - Community Leaders - First Grade

Leadership This lesson plan requires students to think of community leaders. Students will analyze the roles of the community leaders and identify their responsibilities. Students will learn about different community leaders and school leaders through a powerpoint that discusses their roles and responsibilities.

Part of a Community Online | Teaching Tolerance

Global Citizenship Students will take what they know about being a respectful and responsible community member and translate those skills into the digital world. Students will look for bias and hate in a digital environment and learn when they need to get an adult for help.

Choosing Reliable Sources | Teaching Tolerance

Digital Literacy This lesson focus on the importance of telling if a source or website is reliable. Students will compare and contrast different sources on the same topic and determine which is more reliable.

Communication This lesson plan focuses on the importance of communication between people to build relationships, solve problems, work well in school, and prepare students for the workforce. Students will participate in activities that reduce verbal communication so that students understand there are many different forms of communication other than talking.

Class Activity: Emotional Intelligence Scenario | The Macmillan Community

Emotional Intelligence This lesson activity gives students a scenario where emotional intelligence is important. Students will discuss the scenario and prompting questions to further their emotional intelligence.

EconEdLink - I Can Be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Students will investigate what an entrepreneur is and how they can become one. Students will think of ways other people their age have earned money. Once they have determined how they want to make money, students will create a flyer or poster to advertise.

We’ve Got a Problem! | Lesson Plan | | Lesson plan |

Problem Solving Students will listen to a fictional story. In the story there is a problem that students will be asked to identify. Students will work together to develop a solution for the problem in the story.

Team Work Students will work in small groups to develop a set of classroom rules. Students will then listen to a story and then reflect on their feelings and thoughts. The reading experience will aid in a classroom discussion on the classroom rules that were created.