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Digital Business

Digital transformation , industry 4.0, digital excellence, startups , business digitalization, e-procurement, electronic invoices and much more: after having permeated the consumer world of users, innovation is deeply rewriting the DNA of companies.


2019 will be tough for smartphone manufacturers, especially Apple

IDC expects a further decline in global smartphone shipments in 2019 to -1.9%. For some manufacturers, the fall will be even more brutal. Apple is expected to sell183.5 million iPhone, 12.1% less than in 2018.

Physicists caught and reversed the quantum leap

Physicists from the United States and New Zealand have learned to catch and reverse the quantum leap between the ground and excited states of a three-level artificial atom. For this, scientists followed the signal taken from the auxiliary energy level of the atom.

BitTorrent clients: the 17 best applications to download torrents

Some users value a functionality, others another and, finally, today we propose you 17 BitTorrent clients to get the most out of your downloads, despite of the existence of Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or Filmin.

At WWDC 2019, Apple introduces iPadOS, iOS 13 and new Mac Pro

Today, Apple introduced new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and a new iPadOS system designed for tablets operating systems at the WWDC 2019 conference

Tesla Pickup: this is all we know about Elon Musk's next electric car

Elon Musk has been acting like Elon Musk as he gradually released details of this new Tesla pickup to feed the hype. In theory, this truck will be announced during the summer and will begin production when the deliveries of Model Y begin.

Firefox is still betting on privacy with better tracking protection and the arrival of its password manager on the de...

After iOS and Android, Mozilla now also provides its new password management as an add-on for the desktop variant of the Firefox browser. Users should be able to manage their passwords in a truly cross-platform way.

macOS Catalina will use zsh instead of bash as the default shell

On June 3 during WWDC 2019, Apple announced the next version of its MacOS desktop operating system, one that will come with several new features such as the possibility of using the iPad as the second screen of your Mac, and the division into three apps of iTunes.

The sloth robot taught to climb a web of ropes

American engineers have developed a sloth robot capable of climbing cables and moving from one cable to another. Due to the relatively low energy consumption and the use of solar panels of such a robot, it is possible to use it almost unlimitedly for observing trees in the forest.

Machine learning predicted crystal growth twice as good as humans

Chinese physicists have applied machine learning methods to predict the success of experiments on single crystal growth based on selected conditions. The accuracy of the algorithm reached 81 percent, while the scientists themselves, on whose data the system was trained.

Tim Cook denies that Apple is a monopoly against the possible legal offensive of the United States

Apple continues to defend itself against the multiple accusations that the company carries out monopolistic practices through its App Store. Just after presenting WWDC19 news to the developer community and the press, Tim Cook

Guido blames social media in part for his decision to abandon the supervision of Python

Guido van Rosuum, creator and former "Benevolent Dictator for Life" of Python, decided to abandon the supervision of the development of Python alleging...

Support for Python 2 ends in 2019, and it's high time for developers to take action

The coexistence of the incompatible versions Python 2 and Python 3 existed for a good ten years. This unfortunate intermediate state is coming to an end: As announced in 2015, support for Python 2 ends on December 31, 2019.

“Google is like a parasite: it traces the best of the web, it orders it and then it keeps all the income”, Dmitry Ger...

Dmitry Gerasimenko founder of Ahrefs and one of the most important search engine positioning consultants, has spent 8 years understanding Google believes

Python 3.8 unifies configuration of initialization

Python 3.8: In addition to a new API for the configuration, the programming language Assignment gets expressions and position-dependent parameters.

Facial recognition technology is coming on Facebook | Revyuh

Facebook is preparing for the rollout of facial recognition, a technology previously blocked because it is considered a forcing for privacy.

Facebook disables facial recognition by default, instead of automatically scanning user faces

Until now, Facebook only allowed us to enable or disable its facial recognition software for tagging in photos. With this update, users will have the ability to activate or deactivate facial recognition.

This is what happens when Donald Trump is more active on Twitter | Revyuh

Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to use a social network like twitter to threaten some countries or even the entire planet . Obviously, these types of publications have large-scale consequences.

Find online databases with the phone numbers of almost 420 million Facebook users

Hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts have been exposed online, within several databases hosted on an unprotected server, which anyone could access.

After hacking the CEO of Twitter, the social network suspends the option to send tweets via SMS

On August 30, the account of Jack Dorsey the famous Twitter CEO, was hacked and began spreading a series of racist tweets mentioning a group that was supposedly behind the gap.

These 10 companies have invested the most money in innovations

The world's 500 largest companies invested 606 billion euros in innovations last year. The focus is on digitization. Today, we show you who spends the most money on research and development.

Google prohibits the advertising of medical treatments that do not have a scientific basis

Google changes the rules for advertising by setting new limits for advertising of treatments and medicines on the search engine: decide science.

The leaked Apple document that explains the neutral character of Siri

Siri was the first great virtual assistant that reached the masses. But how does Apple define the character of giving this artificial intelligence of Siri? A document leaked last week reveals some of the keys.

Jack Ma the founder of ecommerce giant Alibaba resigns | Revyuh

Jack Ma is one of the most influential Chinese people with fortunes worth billions. Like no other, he has shaped the new Chinese economy. Now he retires from active business.

A new investigation begins to examine the true power of Google on the Internet

Google faces an another "unprecedented" investigation that will examine its true power over the internet to the search results of its search engine to companies that pay to advertise.

Paypal remains cautious about the future of the Libra Project | Revyuh

PayPal, which is part of the governance and management entity of Libra project, remains cautious about the future of this virtual currency.