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Mark E. Fried P.A.

Mark E. Fried, P.A. serves clients with immigration matters in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Florida. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what we can do for you. The U.S. immigration system offers two main pathways to people interested in spending a significant amount of time in the country: visas and permanent residence.

The South Florida Legal Guide has recognized Mark Fried for his Pro Bono work - Mark E. Fried, P.A

Attorney Mark Fried has followed a family tradition. His father Mortimer generously donated his professional time without charge to clients in need during his long career. Now, his son Matthew is following his footsteps as an associate at Miami Beach.

3 Crucial Steps to Prepare for Immigration Lawyer

Reasons why people choose to take help of an experienced attorney instead of going through the process on their own. 3 Crucial Steps to prepare for an immigration lawyer.

  1. Decide On The Type Of Representation You Need
  2. Thoroughly Investigate All of Your Options
  3. Prepare Any Relevant Information
Some Facts You Should Know About E2 Visa Renewal

Requirements for renewing or extending the E2 Visa
1. Come from a country that has an E2 treaty with the United States.
2. Not only must your funds be at-risk, but your investment funds must also be lawfully obtained.
3. You must direct and develop the E2 business but then intend to depart once the E2 status ends.

When Do I Need The Help Of An H1-B Visa or Green Card Attorney?

H1b Visa comes with a validity of 3 years but one can extend its validity for extra 3 years if the visa got expired and it has to consulate during the renewal process, you and your family needs to submit the additional documents for the approval of your visa application.

Miami Corporate Services Attorneys | Mark E. Fried, P.A.

An experienced corporate services attorney at Mark E. Fried P.A. will help you in protecting your interests and maximizing your profitability of the business on every step of the process in an expansion of your business.

How To Find The Best E-1 Visa Attorneys In Miami

An E-1 visa is a legal document that allows foreign investors to live in the country for a limited amount of time to invest, work for an organization, and to invest within the country. There is a great amount of flexibility over how much business you’re going to do or how much business you are going to be generated.

Is U.S. Permanent Residence Really Permanent? - Mark E. Fried, P.A

U.S. immigration law defines permanent residence by home, meaning where someone considers their ‘home’, rather than where they ‘live’. The government will judge an LPR who has settled outside of the U.S. for more than a year to no longer have U.S. residence, thus abandoning the permanent residence.

How To Find An E2 Visa Lawyer Online?

Most lawyers have specialization in many legal niches, and these lawyers may even assist in the application of an E2 visa as a side job. On the other hand, some lawyers focus only on E2 visa application procedures and have a great experience on this topic.

How Will A Family Immigration Lawyer Impact My Case?

Here are some of the most common questions you’ll be asked:

  • What is the status of asylum in the United States? Can you apply for asylum? If yes, what are the conditions?
  • What are my options if I am an illegal immigrant?
  • I was deported in the past but did not leave the country. What are my rights?
  • Do past criminal convictions affect my immigration rights?
  • Can I bring my spouse or family to the United States?
How Can An H1b Visa Attorney Help Me Convert My H1b into Green Card

Ideally, you should hire an H1b visa attorney that will help you in the entire process. In order to dodge legal issues and further dilemmas, you should start the application process before the H1b visa expires (that is before the 6 years have elapsed).

Miami Corporate Services Attorneys

As a business owner, you allow many important decisions. The experienced Miami corporate services attorneys at Mark E. Fried, P.A. can help you protect your interests and maximize the profitability of your business every step of the way, from the formation of the business to its expansion.

What Is The Back Draw Of Business Immigration Law?

The holder can also invest a large amount in an already enduring business, thus becoming the majority stockholder in the organization. The E2 visa is available for citizens from 75 different countries and there is specific requirements for each country are different.

The existing family immigration policy will be replaced partly by the points system. Every applicant will get a score based on several factors. Now, a similar system is in place and it gives advantages to applicants based on 5 different channels: persons of extraordinary ability, professionals of exceptional ability, skilled workers, immigrants who meet US interests and immigrants who invest at least $500,000.

How To Get An E2 Business Visa And What Would Be The Minimum Investment To Get An E2 Business Visa

There are foreign citizens who can stay for more than 15 or 20 years in the United States, as long as they meet the visa requirements. With an E2 visa, you don’t need to have a foreign residence.

In order to be eligible for an E2 visa, you’ll have to meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a national of the countries that have an E2 treaty with the United States
  2. You must be willing to leave the country once the visa expires
  3. You have to make an E2 Visa Minimum Investment
Hiring Family Immigration Attorneys in Miami

When you are fighting to bring your family together, no obstacle is too great. If you have one or more family members who want to join you in the United States, you need an immigration attorney you can trust.

H1b Visa Lawyer Miami | L-1 Visa Attorneys - Mark E. Fried, P.A.

The United States immigration Policy offers both immigrant and non-immigrant visas to somebody who wants to come to the United States for work purposes. Several different visas are available according to the goals of different types of applicants. Below you will find the types of immigrant visas.

E-1 / E-2 Treaty Trader and Investor Visas | EB 5 Investors - Mark E. Fried, P.A.

Each year the United States gives the limited number of investor immigration visas to applicants, and there can be intense competition for the permits. By hiring an investor immigration attorney, you can increase the chances of getting an investor immigration visa as they will help you to complete all your paperwork and other relevant rules or regulation.

Attorney Matthew Fried | Mark E. Fried, P.A.

Matthew Fried is a third-generation attorney, born and raised in Miami. He has done his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in finance in 2008 and then attended American University’s Washington College of Law, graduating in 2011. Matthew was an Assistant Public Defender in Collier County from 2013 to 2015.

Pro bono service is a family tradition for attorney Mark Fried. His father, Mortimer, also generously donated his professional time without taking fees from the clients in need during his long career as an attorney. Now, his son Matthew is following in his footsteps as an associate at his Miami Beach law firm.

The process of requesting a visa or temporary residence can be a very complicated and stressful time for all parties involved. Before embarking on the visa application process, it is imperative to conduct some background research and employ a team of skilled family immigration lawyers to guide you through the extensive procedure.

It is a huge responsibility that is constantly requiring attention and help to reach its full potential. So much goes into the daily intricacies of running a business that help is an absolute necessity, not only from your employees but from an outside source that can protect you. This is where a business law attorney comes into the picture. There are countless laws, regulations and rules a business owner needs to abide by. Sifting through the endless list of rules and regulations by yourself is not feasible and is not recommended at all.

The great aspect is that the H1b visa is the ultimate stepping stone to receiving a sponsored green card. Obtaining an H1b visa will allow the company to review your work over an extended period of time before committing you to full-time employment. So if you’re looking at America to be your new home, finding an H1b visa lawyer is the perfect place to start.

The Quickest Ways To Obtain An E2 Visa

While it is difficult to fulfill the E2 visa requirements, it is not impossible to speed up the process. You cannot change whether or not you are a legal citizen of a treaty country or the amount of money you invest into an enterprise within the United States, you can make it easier to provide documentation that showcases the amount you invested.

Immigration Experts Can Help Moving Easier

It also helps to have experts help you understand what the requirements are exactly for. These attorneys and immigrating experts will also help you get the right paperwork for whatever is needed to support your claims for your VISA – and one of the best firms to help you fix your EB-5 is the Miami Immigration Attorney.

How to Apply for An E2 Business Visa — It’s Easier Than You Might Think E2 Business Visa

An E2 investor visa allows a person to enter and work in the United States legally. The investor will control the investment and can have a visa for three to five years. There are two types of investor visas so before looking into E2 visa requirements for investors you want to make sure the E2 visa is the right fit for you as a foreign investor. If the E2 visa isn’t the correct fit for you, there is also the option of an EB-5 investor green card.