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Destination Insights for Adventure Travellers!

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China - it offers adventure amidst Amazing Flora

I fell in love with China when backpacking there a few years back, a truly great place for people looking for soft independent travel and moderately strong culture shock. My personal experience was rich and diverse, mostly in Yunnan and Guangxi; one thing I particularly noticed was the variety of both flora and fauna. From deserts to lush tropical forests, one of China's richest treasures is its plant life. Join leading botanist and NG Research & Exploration chairman Peter Raven on a tour of China's regional flora.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a great place for independent travel, spectacular scenery, magnificent architecture, vibrant colours, exotic foods, full on culture shock. This recent article will help open your eyes to the possibilities it's about a couple of guys adventures in amongst other places Rajistan: Craig and John are soon to set off to Agra, but with the addition of a car and driver. Their road trip starts in New Delhi but it is not long before the journey develops a mind of its own, indeed with a mighty thud

Tulum, Mexico. Fantastic Mayan ruins and loads of tourists.

“Tulum, Mexico” If you dont mind the crowds a great place. But in Google Images I challenge you to find a photo of the ancient Mayan ruins crowded with people and yet the reality is that, when you visit the site, or any other world famous tourist attraction, it is almost impossible to look anywhere (unless out on the ocean horizon!) WITHOUT seeing hoards of people…everywhere!

Rasnov, Romania

The last bus to Rasnov perhaps it wasn't but as with many public transport hops in unfamiliar territory Sarah’s tale of her journey to Rasnov has that feel of destiny about it. There seems to be some inescapable questions that haunt you whilst on these journey’s; Are we on the right bus? Why are we in the middle of nowhere? We have obviously got on the wrong bus, is there one going back tonight? Why are we back where we started? Who knows where we are, but does it really matter? Sarah will perhaps open your eyes to a quiet Transylvanian town, that might be, perhaps, maybe, worth a visit one day!

Dominican Tourism Guide

Blog about tourism and ecology of the Dominican Republic




Adam Groffman visits and reacquaints himself with Israel before sucking you in through the photo sharing phenomenon that is Instagram. Over a 10 day spree he jaunts from Tel Aviv, Mitzpe Ramon, Nazareth before finding Snow in Jerusalem. Before you know it you will want the experience yourself, a great place for independent travel.

The Yucatan - Mexico

A fantastic playground where if you have the spirit you cannot fail to find adventure. The Cenotes of Yucatan are one particular draw, used by the ancient Mayan’s for freshwater and sacrifice they believed they were portals to the afterlife, as evidenced by the human remains and gold offerings.

For spewing, burping, the pox, and sacrifice visit the very traditional San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico

Traditions from around the world have infinite variety and are often likely to bring a smile or a frown to the faces of those from foreign shores. You read the title correctly traditions in San Juan Chamula do indeed include spewing, burping and sacrifice. The pox is a drink as I am sure you knew, but what might surprise you is to find that these traditions are played out inside a church!

Five Things You Didn't Know About Fiji - Fascinating Facts

Fiji Island is not only incredibly beautiful; it also has quite a few unique quirks that make it an interesting country. Though Fiji is a popular destination, the factual awareness of most tourists, with regard to Fiji, is quite limited. So, here are five things you didn't know about Fiji but, you will, most certainly, find it pretty fascinating.