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Benjamin & Melmer, LLC

Benjamin & Melmer, LLC prides itself on being readily available at all times for their clients and their families.

What You Need To Know When Hiring A Support Lawyer

Hiring a support lawyer knows the area in which the child resides and laws well. The judge notices some particular aspects before giving custody to the parent to make sure about child support.

Do I Need A Prenup Before Marriage?

It doesn't matter that other clauses are just and legally acceptable. The court will not ignore clauses that are mandatory illegal conduct. For example, if your agreement requires a spouse to open shell corporations, engage in money laundering and tax evasion will all end in an invalid agreement.


Signs that are told by the experienced and affordable divorce lawyers for you to know about your marriage is in deep trouble or not.

If you are confused and unable to decide whether you need a family divorce lawyer or not, many lawyers offer a free consultation to be able to describe out how complicated the process will be. In some cases, both partners are amiable and simply know what they want at the time of settlement - and in other cases, there are unreasonable demands or accusations being put on the each other which makes it a bit more complicated.

Restraining order applications can be filed by the individual, however seeking out a lawyer for a restraining order can assist you in giving advice. It is recommended to seek out a lawyer for your restraining order if the abuser or adverse party has a restraining order lawyer themselves.

Juvenile Crimes - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

If your child is in a schoolyard fight, chances are he won’t get detention, he’ll get arrested. A juvenile charge, even a minor one, can cause various problems later in life. It’s important to take the charge seriously and to hire an experienced attorney who knows the system. According to national research, juvenile crime, including violent offenses, peaks between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., right after school lets out.

Ways to look for a Paternity Lawyer and why I may need one

There are few ways to find a good paternity attorney. One way is to just search online in your area. Paternity attorneys are abundant in every state, so finding one will not be a problem. If you are located in California and reside in a major city, then a quick search will tell you the search results for top separation lawyers in Los Angeles and other locations nearby.

How Can A Good Paternity Lawyer Help You?

A good paternity lawyer is empathetic to these issues. Parents can be very emotional when they think that someone is trying to deny their parental rights or impose parenting responsibilities. A mother may feel insulted and cheated when a father refuses to accept the child as his own.

Top Tips To Find The Best Family Law Attorney In Miami

When it comes to choosing the right family law attorney in order to guide you through the twist and turns of the legal process, it’s important to make sure that you have someone who is worth the investment. So try utilizing the top tips outlined below for hiring a family law attorney.

Minimizing the Cost of Divorce

Divorce can be an expensive step, but there are several ways to reduce the cost you spend and still ensure a positive result. Let’s take a look at just a few things every client can do to keep their costs down.
1. Choose an Early Mediation
2. Don’t Treat Your Attorney as Your Therapist
3. Pay Attention to Details and Don’t Pay Your Attorney to Do Things You Can Do Yourself
4. Get A Prenuptial Agreement

National Domestic Violence Hotline Had Its Busiest Year Ever

The National Domestic Violence helpline service received more than half a million calls, texts and online chats in 2018 — indicating its busiest year ever. The 573,670 calls and other communications were a 36 percent increase from 2017, according to the helpline service, which has provided 24-hour, year-round support since 1996 for individuals affected by relationship abuse.

Benjamin & Melmer LLC : Child Support & Withholding Time Sharing

Visitation serves as an enforceable legal agreement if it is established in writing, and each parent is bound to it. Mark Melmer, attorney at Benjamin & Melmer LLC, Florida explains whether one can withhold time sharing/visitation if other parent breaches the agreement. For more queries and confidential consultation call 24/7 on 786-369-8930 or visit @

A prenup takes time to be reviewed and finalized by your attorney. This is a process that shouldn’t be rushed because if it is, you might regret it in the future if you do get divorced. The following are some facts about the timeliness of the prenuptial agreement and other areas you should be concerned with.
1. How Long Does A Prenup Take?
2. All In The Family
3. It’s Only Fair

Which Is Best For You A Protective Order Or A Restraining Order?

People might get them confused with each other, but they both work fairly differently. Depending on your situation, either one of these can benefit you and the situation you find yourself in. The following will go into detail about these two legal procedures.
1. Protective Orders & Its Benefits
2. Restraining Orders & Its Benefits
3. Conclusion

Why You Need the Best Lawyers for Family Cases

Maybe your ex-spouse changed their mind about sharing custody or your job status has changed and the judge thinks you’re potentially unfit to raise a child. Whatever the situation a child custody law firm can assist you and your child.

Undercover Police Using Cars With Uber Identifications – Miami New Times - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

Nearby journalists from Miami New Times found an intriguing advancement with regards to police covert strategies: the utilization of Uber stuff to mask their vehicles while performing covert obligations. The utilization of autos made to look like Uber vehicles is unquestionably an exceptional thought intended to disguise police movement.

Avoiding Child Support Leads To Serious Legal Trouble - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

A Broward County man strangely vanished while paddle-boarding in the Atlantic Ocean. George Theoharis vanished on March 20, 2018, the very same day he was set to show up in Family Court to respond in due order regarding claims from his ex that he owed almost a large portion of a million dollars in back kid bolster installments. This vanishing might be not kidding. Or then again it might be a not really unpretentious endeavor at dodging a revolting measure of youngster bolster back payments.

Bill Allowing Breaking of Lease Without Penalty for Domestic Violence Victims a Step in the Right Direction - Benjami...

The Georgia House of Representatives as of late passed House Bill 834, which would wipe out early end punishments for casualties of aggressive behavior at home who break a rent. The proposed law would permit the end of a private rent 30 days in the wake of giving a proprietor composed notice of the issuance of a defensive directive for the insurance of aggressive behavior at home. Fears of budgetary hardships are regularly referred to by exploited people as the essential purpose behind remaining with an abuser.

Ex-NFL players speak at violence rally - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

An NFL legend expressed anxiety Saturday that public drives and gatherings must still need to hold for tamping down the instances of domestic violence that leave women pounded and damaged. Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach told a crowd of thousands in downtown that men should know better than to strike a woman.

Court says drug dog’s sniff at front door is unconstitutional search - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

The Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday that police cannot bring drug-sniffing police dogs with them onto a suspect’s property to look for evidence without first getting a warrant for a search, a decision which may restrict how investigators use dogs’ sensitive noses to search out drugs, explosives and other items hidden from human sight, sound and smell.

NFL's Amari Spievey arrested after fight over child support - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

City native and Detroit Lions football player Amari Spievey was arrested in Middletown Tuesday after a dispute with his girlfriend about child support, police said. Spievey, 24, was charged with a third-degree crime, risk of injury to a child, and disorderly conduct for the incident that happened shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday on Dove Lane, police said.

The most innovative things happening with divorce attorneys

An important thing to keep in mind when looking for the best divorce attorney is whether they can provide referrals to the experts necessary for your case. In some situations, you may need to defer to outside help for your case. That is why we are equipped with the tools to satisfy your every need, from experience to network, our law firm has the expertise to appropriately represent you in a court of law.

Miami Seal and Expunge Lawyers - Benjamin & Melmer LLC

Once a criminal history record is sealed or expunged, it no longer appears in criminal background searches and you are legally entitled to deny the incident on job and other applications. Record accesibility and required disclosure may still apply in certain situations, such as when applying for a job in law enforcement or social services.

If you or someone you know is interested in sealing or expunging their criminal record, contact the Offices of Benjamin & Melmer for a free consultation.

Miami Bond Hearings Attorney - Benjamin & Melmer LLC


A defendant that cannot afford to post even 10% of the bond issued can request a hearing to reduce the amount. At that hearing the judge will only consider “new information” that was not previously presented to the judge that originally issued the bond.

The Traits Of A Successful Family Law Firm

Becoming a successful family law firm is no easy task. However, neither is finding the right family law firm to represent your loved ones. For any legal battle, you want the best representation your money can buy. A driven and experienced law firm is what your family needs for success in the courtroom. Paying attention to the key traits that every good family law firm should possess will help you pick a firm that’s right for you.