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Updated by Mike Monroe on Nov 01, 2016
Headline for Creating A Sales Funnel for Your Business
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Creating A Sales Funnel for Your Business

If you don't have a step-by-step process to take your potential customers to paying customers? Then, Houston, we have a problem.

3 Crucial Steps to Help Stop Chasing Bad Prospects

Optimize your sales by understanding the total cost involved in selling a prospect or account.

South Park Profit Plan

This is a clip from South Park. Without a sales funnel, your profit plan will look like (and work like) theirs.

Sales Funnel 101

If you're someone who has never used a sales funnel and aren't quite sure what it is, this article is meant for you.

Treat Paying Customers Better Than Potential Customers

Why do so many companies treat potential customers better than current customers? We're so used to it, we expect it. Which means we may not even realize when it's happening... Don't let yourself be one of "those" people.

Turning Potential Customers Into Paying Customers

Sales Function: facilitating a potential customer to make the decision to purchase the goods or services they want from your business; in other words to become your customer.

Beware: Common Sales Funnel Problems

If you concentrate your activity on the wrong place in the funnel, you'll burn time and resources without delivering results. Here'a a few areas where clogs can occur in your sales funnel.

Google Search - Various Sales Funnels

The general pattern is the same: transitioning prospects into paying customers. The steps in between, however, can vary. Check out these different sales funnels.

Sell The Way Your Customers Want to Buy

The reality is that sellers are no longer in charge of the customer buying process. sellers no longer sell the way customers are buying. Here is a detailed roadmap to get you back on track with a “customer-centric” approach.