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On Demand Apps

How Launching a Tutor App can be beneficial for Entrepreneurs?

Building an on-demand tutor app would be the best option to start a business in the education industry. Necessary customized features have to be integrated into the app to bridge the gap between students and tutors.

How Gojek revolutionized the transportation industry?

Running a multiple services business like Gojek is a difficult task. But it will be easy to handle and profitable, if appropriate app is developed for the multiple business. An app can be built using the readymade Gojek clone script available.

Make your business to go places with Gojek like app

A person who wants to start a multiservice business online has to develop Gojek like app to excel in their business. Gojek is a big hit among all the entrepreneurs who are involved in multiple businesses. Many customized features need to be integrated into the app to make it stand out from competitors.

What are the merits of students from Uber for Tutor?

Competition and advancement in technology have transformed the method of education throughout the world. Learning from home tutors in the comfort of their home have benefits of giving quality education to students. Students can find the right tutor for their students through Uber for tutor. There are various advantages of learning from the tutor that they have hired.

What are the Features That Make the Uber for Movers Convenient for Users?

The app has to be highly customized in order to fulfill the customers and service providers need. The success of any app solely depends on the convenience that it provides to its users. Uber for movers app helps entrepreneurs to streamline the moving process for their customers and save a lot of time and money for them.


Gojek Clone App Development

Gojek Clone App Development

Integrate multiple services from taxi rides to delivery services under single platform. Build the best Gojek clone app from the reliable app services provider, AppDupe.


All in one app: Gojek Clone Script

All in one app: Gojek Clone Script

Customize and integrate multiple features into an app for your multi-services business. AppDupe is the provider of accurate Gojek clone script to develop Gojek clone app.

Three important aspects to Follow before Developing an Uber for Dog App

In this busy world, people are ready to pay for anything when it comes to their pet care. Dog walking is a very interesting job that can be carried out as an interesting hobby and also a lucrative business. Uber for dog walking is an app that gained the attention of many customers globally. A successful app has to possess the below attributes.

Why many entrepreneurs think a Gojek clone app is the next big thing?

Building a Gojek clone app would be the best lucrative business idea to start. Through the app development, entrepreneurs can be able to generate revenues in large amounts.

In what ways does the online alcohol delivery be beneficial?

Since people do not have to leave the comfort of their home, online deliveries have become so popular over the years. If people don't like to stop at a liquor store or head to a bar, they can take advantage of alcohol delivery services through Uber for alcohol delivery app. This service is present in many cities around the world. Here are the benefits of online alcohol deliveries.


Uber For Alcohol Delivery Service App

Uber For Alcohol Delivery Service App

Delivery apps are on the rise and alcohol delivery is one of the most wanted on-demand services across the globe. By providing an app for alcohol delivery you can rake in money in no time. Launch an Uber for alcohol delivery service app with a range of features like geo-tracking, history, add to cart, multiple payments, etc. All these features and more are offered at an economical price by AppDupe. Know more!


What are the factors required for starting a laundry business?

What are the factors required for starting a laundry business?

Doing laundry is the most constant thing in people’s daily life. People often outsource their laundry for many reasons that they don’t have time for, don’t have the experience to do it properly, or simply don’t want to do it.

There’s many factors required for starting a professional laundry service, however, here are the top three requirements are discussed below:

Finding Target Customer’s Location

It is necessary to choose an area that is accessible to the target customers. Renting a space near apartment buildings will attract more number of customers who do not have laundry machines at home.

Purchasing Necessary Equipments

Washers, dryers, coin machines, laundry carts and detergent vending machines have to be bought. To lower the cost, online auction sites that deals on used equipment can be accessed.

Getting Permits and Licenses

Local government authorities have to be approached for acquiring a business license. Need to check with other departments like health, fire, or air and water pollution control whether to get a permit from them.

Apart from the above attributes to start a business, entrepreneurs can create a flawless Uber for Laundry app from which they can watch their business to run without any flaws.


Get the best Gojek clone solution

Get the best Gojek clone solution

Get multiple services from hiring taxis to deliveries under a single platform. AppDupe is the proficient player in providing Gojek clone solution to kickstart your business with ease.

Healthcare at Your Home with Convenience

AppDupe is the globally recognized app developer that can assist you in providing the highly customized Uber for Doctor app.

Stand Out From Your Competitors With An App Like Gojek

The availability of white label Gojek clone is a great advantage that aspiring entrepreneurs have. All you need to possess is the data that you will need to connect both the ends of demand and supply – technology will never be an issue to achieve the success that your business idea deserves.

Earning Money with an Uber for Tutoring Service App

Jumping into the online tutoring pool with an app is an easy way to reach a large number of audience. Are you someone who wishes to make a venture in this industry and looking for an app development company to help you with the same?

AppDupe, a pioneer in app development offers Uber for Tutoring service app with multiple features such as,

Get the Best Gojek Clone App Development

Searching for the right company to get an easily customizable Gojek clone for your multiservice business? Your search for the best Gojek clone app development ends with AppDupe, a leading app development company.

How to Create a Clean Gojek like App?

Any business is about delivering the right services or products to the right people at the right place and at the right time with the right value. In all its rights, pun intended, businesses can find their success when it caters to demand. This is one of the biggest reasons that on-demand services

Gojek clone: start drafting your success story

Concluding, an app like Gojek and the on-demand economy is a blessing to entrepreneurs who wish to own a successful business.

Get Your Business Listed By Building An App For Roadside Assistance

An Uber for Roadside Assistance app streamlines the issues that people encounter while traveling, especially in the urban areas. It brings more business opportunities for towing and roadside assistance service providers. Entrepreneurs can create an app like uber for tow trucks that acts as a one-stop solution for all roadside assistance problems.

Launch an Ideal Cuddling Business with an Uber App

Entrepreneurs can build an Uber for cuddling app for service providers in order to start the cuddling business. There can be many features integrated into the app so that it aids in generating higher revenues.

Why integrating app into moving business is an ultimate idea?

Packing and moving company can operate efficiently when it integrates an app for its operation, as the whole business model is dependent on delivering goods from one place to another within strict timelines. A recent study found that moving businesses that use apps tend to increase their service profitability by 12%.


Spread love with Uber for Cuddling App

Spread love with Uber for Cuddling App

We all deserve some cuddling. People around the world are looking for an easy way to find cuddlers and are willing to spend as well. If you wish to start a business then get the AppDupe’s Uber for cuddling app that is user-friendly and attractive. An advanced app is just a click away!

Get the Best On-Demand Beauty App in the Market

Are you an entrepreneur interested to enter the on-demand beauty service industry with an app? Your search for the best app ends with AppDupe.

Being a leading app development company, it offers the best on-demand beauty app in the market with advanced features

Determine the Best Business Model for Mechanical Services

However, if an entrepreneur is able to afford it, they get the advantages of marketing and the recognition of a national brand name. Adding to that the development of Uber for mechanic services app will make business to go places.