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PLOW EXPORTS & IMPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED is an International agricultural products exporter. We export Dry Red Chillies with stem/without stem, Turmeric, Maize and Eucalyptus. We provide samples free of cost to the customer but Postal/courier charges will be paid by the customer. We provide quality of products & customized packing as specified by the customer.

A Breakdown of India Rice Export, And the Best Rice Exporters in India

As the demand for Indian rice grows and export grows, there is also an increase in rice exporters in India. Today, there are a number of rice exporters in India doing business with importers across the world. So it should not be a matter of concern if you are looking to start a business of Indian rice import in other parts of the word.

Why Gunter Dry Red Chillies Exporters are Popular around the World

Guntur dry red chillies are the obvious hot favorites of culinary connoisseurs due to their contrasting red tinge and sizzling nature. No matter what part of the world you are talking about, Guntur dry red chillies exporters have gained a lot of appreciation and fame.

Why India is Counted as the Largest Exporter of Turmeric

With the growing awareness and demand of turmeric in medicinal products, ayurvedic products, cosmetic products, and not to mention the culinary art, this period seems to be more promising than ever for turmeric powder exporters in India.

Granite stone flooring, a good choice for home/office: Here are the benefits

According to one of the leading granite stone exporters in India, granites are a form of strong, durable natural stone and – when looked after properly – they look the best option for a practical and stylish floor covering.

Know about Indian Dry red chilies and its popularity around the world!!

In India, there are several varieties of red chili, however, the most popular ones that are grown by Dry red chili exporters in India are Teja, Byadgie, Sanam, mundu, tomato chilies, Indam 5, and Wonder Hot.

Know about capsaicin: what are capsaicin and its potential health benefits??

Known as one of the spice factors in peppers, Capsaicin gives those spicy vegetables their heat. It’s an ingredient found in different types of pepper including cayenne peppers which makes the peppers spicy hot. You can eat it in cooked peppers, raw or as dried powders that you can add to your food or drinks. Capsaicin exporters today, provide Capsaicin as a dietary supplement as well as in topical creams that can be applied to the skin.

Guntur Chillies: Varieties and Demand in Global Market

The market authorities do conduct a solitary auction in the morning to fix the first price. This makes it a bit difficult for local traders who supply to other states across the country. Renowned Guntur dry red chillies exporters directly work with producers so the chillies they supply are of high quality.

Are You Into Spices Business? Find the Best Manufacturer and Wholesale Suppliers in India

When it comes to Indian food and cuisines, we can’t put aside Indian spices from our list. Spices are an integral part of desi Indian food culture and every house, restaurant, and food business always looks for pure and fresh spices for their use. If you are into the business of selling spices then you should always look for a genuine manufacturer and wholesale supplier of spices in India for the best quality products.

Things to Keep In Mind When Purchasing Chilli Powder

When you are preparing a really spicy and tasty cuisine at your home, especially a pot of chili, there is a huge amount of versatility and flexibility in the ingredients that you use in the preparation. However, there is one ingredient that usually is must in a spicy cuisine and that is the chilli powder, preferably dry red chilli powder.

Granite is comprised of quartz and biotite or mica, and this blend assists with making the stone impenetrable to every single climate condition. There are numerous sorts of stone found far and wide. Just a couple of these granite stores are of the top-notch required for lasting, open-air headstones or commemorations. Like Granite, marble can be found all through the world and there are fluctuating degrees of value.

7 Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder

Many Indians can’t think abouttheir food without red chillies. Whether in the powder form or the whole spice, Indians will use it in some way or the other. Throughout the country, you will find many different kinds of red chillies, each with its unique taste and form.

Things to Consider When Connecting With Granite Stone Suppliers

If you are searching for the best granite stone suppliers, it is recommended that you keep certain things in your mind such as the size, thickness, colour, quality and finishing of the granite. Granite is known to be a natural stone, which has various quality parameters. Being quite tricky and confusing, it is necessary for you to choose the right granite material from the right granite stone supplier.

7 Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder

Many Indians can’t think about their food without red chillies. Whether in the powder form or the whole spice, Indians will use it in some way or the other. Throughout the country, you will find many different kinds of red chillies, each with its unique taste and form.

How to Avoid Buying Adulterated Dry Red Chilli Powder?

The red chilli powder changes the taste of the food, but sometimes, it spoils the taste if the quality is not good. At first glance, the different variety of chilli powder look great and even smells great. And, this is where buyers fall for the adulterated products and purchase something that they should have never done.

Top 3 Ways You Can Preserve Your Red Chilli Peppers

India is the global leader for spices, especially chillies, and its variety that is available in the country is unmatchable. No other country in the world has ever been able to match up the quality of Indian red chillies. For decades, India has been exporting the finest qualities of red chillies across the world. All thanks to the spice exporters and stemless red chilli manufacturers in India who produce quality red chillies and red chilli powder right from scratch and make them readily available to their consumers.

5 Major Health Benefits of Dry Red Chilli Powder

For Indians, flavours are very essential in every meal, especially hot and pungent flavour that comes from dry red chilli powder. People in India prefer eating a healthy diet but cannot compromise in the spices and different flavours. Even an individual who fears spiciness and unable to bear the after-effect sprinkles chilli powder in his/her meal just to give a bit of aroma and enjoy the delicacy.

Things to Consider When Buying Whole Red Chillies

We already said that there are several varieties of red chillies in India which means tastes and level of spiciness will be different for all. You should determine the purpose of purchase before heading to the manufacturers or suppliers. Other than tastes, you know the kind (stem or stemless) of chilli you need.

Driveways, Pavements, or patios: Granite Cobblestone is the best for all!!

If you are thinking of improving and enhancing the exterior areas of your home, try granite cobblestones. Amongst so many natural stone materials available in the market, granite cobblestone stands out. And the primary reason for the same is its versatility. You can use it for constructing driveways, pavements, patios, or any other varieties of outdoor applications. We guarantee you will be mesmerised with the final look.

You will find a vast variety of rice in the market but, when it comes to pleasant aroma and flavor, there is no comparison with long and slender grains of rice. The best quality long grain rice is also known as Basmati Rice in India that look, smell, and taste very good when cooked. Another quality of high-quality long-grained rice is that the gains don’t stick together after cooking.

What are the health benefits of turmeric? Where to buy the quality turmeric products?

Turmeric is a yellow-orange spice that is found in every Indian, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian kitchen and restaurants. It is an important ingredient in many cuisines and has also been used as medicine for centuries to treat different medical conditions. Turmeric is also termed as ‘superfood’ or ‘golden spice’ because of its nutrition values and health benefits.

Top Advantages of Using Granite Cobblestone Pavers

No matter what kinds of projects you have, granite cobblestone pavements are the best way to enhance the look of your property. Here’re some top advantages of using granite cobblestones to construct your driveways, pathways, patios, or any other outdoor flooring area:

Turmeric- The Indian herb that made the world go insane over its latte!!

In this crazy yet realistic world, without a doubt, all around the globe, the turmeric has made individuals go mad over its delicious latte but in India, if truth be told, we Indians have been sipping “the Haldi milk” for ages, which on an initial level comes out from the roots of the plant called as Curcuma Longa. Needless to say that this plant has also be used in Chinese as well as the Indian system medicine system as one of the most powerful tools to make anti-inflammatory medicines.

What are the Benefits of Granite Cobblestone Pavers?

When you are thinking of incorporating new pavements into a building project or your existing property, you would find that there is a wide range of natural stone materials to choose from. Out of all the options available in today’s market, there is a popular option which is considered to be suitable for all kinds of building projects and properties, that is, granite cobblestone pavement.

Some of the Essential Things You Need to Know About Red Chillies

The red chilies were brought to India by the Portuguese in the 15th Century. And since then, spice has found its place in the country, and hence there are many varieties of chilies in India. Today, the stemless red chili manufactures are increasing in India as the dried red chili stemless is very commonly used in the country.

Why ‘Swarna’ Short Grain Rice Is Considered a Healthier Choice?

Indian short-grain rice – Swarna is amongst the healthy varieties worldwide. It is a great fact for all people who consider rice as their key food staple and who have diabetes or are at risk of diabetes. Therefore, when you buy short grain rice online, you can rely on Indian Swarna rice than other short grain rice varieties.