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Night Camping

If you're looking for Adventure Activities in Bangalore, you've come to the right place. PSR Enthrals is an ideal place for Night Camping, Weekend Outing, Team Outing and One Day outing in Bangalore for Family.

Weekend Outing near Bangalore

PSR Enthrals could be a one-stop-solution for people who wish to meet different outdoors people through Tribes, wish to learn from the Gurus, notice great Adventures or participate in Events and also team outing in Bangalore. PSR Enthrals addresses a long felt need to cater to the aspirations of journey and nature buffs and has, therefore, place along adventures and expeditions for adventure travelers of all inclinations and each budget.

We believe our expertise is in designing the experiences just so that you can enjoy your precious one day outing without any worries and hassles. We know that you are on a holiday and we double up our work to ensure you leave with a big smile and happy memories. Because, we want you to keep coming back to us.

Paintball arena bangalore

PSRenthrals battlefield expert Prince Kumar is known in Paintball circuit as a Samurai of sorts. He presides over championships. Senior player Prince Kumar has made champions out of many novice Paintballers.

Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore - PSR Enthrals

The mega-city Bangalore is not without a host of beautiful, serene natural getaways situated within a few hundred kilometers radius. While there are a thousands of options to choose from, the youthful and energetic Bangalorians prefer not to remain cooped up in the city during weekends.

Rekindle Team Bonding with One-Day Outing at Kanakapura Campsite - PSR Enthrals

The PSR Enthralls Kanakapura campsite is a god-sent for those looking to wake their sleepy workforce into roaring enthusiasm, once again. A Team Outing in Bangalore the backdrop of nature gives your Team a glimpse of the real purpose which drives organizations – to achieve excellence by coming together.

Vacation in Coorg – A love story of a Nature Lover - PSR Enthrals

We at PSRENTHRALLS believe in reconnecting city-dwellers to their roots and our homestay in Coorg is a expression of that desire. If you are looking to explore nature, we are your friend and guide in your journey. As avid nature lovers, it is our request that you hit the road and join us in a mesmerizing vacation in Coorg.

22 Little Explored Beauties for One Day Outing in Bangalore- PSR Enthrals

This place is perfect for a quick one-day outing near Bangalore. The campsite is nestled carefully between hills and a river. The serenity of the location makes it hard to believe that you have traveled only 60kms away from Bangalore. This campsite offers adventurers a hilly trek uphill complete with cave exploration. Water-lovers can enjoy a number of activities such as rappelling and snorkeling and boating.

Pick your next favorite Team Outing spot near Bangalore Now

There may be several reasons for you to venture out on a team outing near Bangalore. It may be for a celebration or it can simply be for rejuvenation. Whatever be your reason, this list brings you a combination of camps, resorts and homestays to suit any occasion you have on mind.

One Day outing in Bangalore for Family - PSR Enthrals

A perfect metropolitan city is incomplete without weekend getaways nearby to escape the madness of hectic metro life. Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is way too much of a perfect metro in this regard. There are hundreds of odd escapades near and around the city which make for perfect One Day outing in Bangalore for Family.

How to enjoy rock climbing, backyard camping in a camping zone? - PSR Enthrals

It is undoubtedly priceless fun to enjoy camping and hiking into the wilds of nature. However, hiking in a camping area or in a protected area has a different feeling altogether. By attaining the topography of the region, you limitation and even in addition to common sense, you can explore any place once you have the idea.

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Bringing up this opportunity will make your days better. Night camping near Bangalore is a good option for travel enthusiasts. A nice trip solo, in a group, or with your close people will drive you crazy.

Bangalore to The Bridge on the Indian Ocean- Rameshwaram Trip - PSR Enthrals

The Bangalore to Rameshwaram is a great trip to know the unknown and enjoy the boredom of life. It is an ideal weekend trip, so plan it based on your schedule. Have a smarter choice of place to see the hidden treasures of India.

Some Beautiful Spots For Camping In Close Vicinity Of Bangalore - PSR Enthrals

These are some of the spots close to Bangalore city that are ideal locations for a students camp or in general family camping. These locations offer the perfect escape from hectic city life. A trip to any of these spots will help you to rejuvenate and face the challenges for the week ahead.

Night Camping Destinations near Bangalore | edocr

Night camping near Bangalore comes with a lot of surprises and adventures. The Camping is a perfect escape from your regular mundane work routine. You will not be disappointed with this experience but rather be relieved of your stressed and boring life. Night camping is a must expedition in one’s life as it is a great chance to bond with nature and live under the bewildering wild sky.

Top 5 Places for Night Camping near Bangalore in 2022 - PSR Enthrals

To get the ideal essence of camping, search Tent camping near Bangalore on the internet, which will expose you to the tent camping facilities of your choice of destination.

Homestay for couples in Bangalore

Chikmagaluru Sirivasa is an adventure resort and Home stay near Bangalore ideal for a weekend getaway offering day out packages and luxury stay in the wilderness.

How do Resorts Welcome their Guests with Luxury and Gaiety? - PSR Enthrals

The resorts offer an escape from the busy city life. Yet it provides its visitors with good connectivity to major commercial places of the locality. Resort in Bangalore, Delhi and several other places are located in proximity to the airports.

Exploring Coorg through the lens of the Outdoor Survival nature exploration - PSR Enthrals

While exploring the Outdoor Survival Coorg, it's not only the Coorg you are going to explore but the outstanding primitive skills to build in you the desire to know nature nearby.

Jungle Survival Coorg- 4 Most Exciting Adventures to Experience When in Coorg - PSR Enthrals

Coorg is well-known for the hospitality of its uniquely cultured local clan called the Kodavas, who specialize in martial arts. Thus, it brings a catchy amalgamation of adventure, nature, culture, history, and good food, making it one of India’s most sought-after tourist spots.

Forest Survival Bangalore

The Forest Survival Bangalore is a great way to know the forest and learn the skills. The survival camps are a taste of living with the needs usually available for the resources that are away from the confines of the closed four walls.

What adventure activities are available in Coorg Class 10? - PSR Enthrals

These are just some of the Adventure activities available in Coorg. For more information on things to do in Coorg, be sure to check out PSR Enthrals, one of the premier Adventure tour operators in Coorg.

10 Best Camping Sites Near Bangalore

Looking for a camping site near Bangalore? Here are 10 of the best options: Camping at Nandi Hills, Camping at Ramanagara, Camping at Devanahalli Fort, Camping at Anthargange, Camping at Kunti Betta, Camping at Savandurga, Camping at Bannerghatta National Park, Camping at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Camping at Turahalli Forest.

Top 3 Homestay Near Bangalore For Rejuvenating In The Weekends

PSR Entrals brings the best of homestays customised to your needs. They offer exciting packages for families, friends and corporates, giving them the best possible tour near Bangalore for a weekend getaway. These homestays organised by PSR Enthrals provide excellent food, service and entertainment. Thus, these stays are perfect for a weekend getaway amidst nature and the wild.

Outdoor Survival Kanakapura

The ideal spot for Outdoor Survival Kanakapura, the Nature Adventure Camp with the training facilities help the tourists challenge themselves amid teaching useful survival skills. Nevertheless, the site’s top attraction lies in the fact that they will bring you all the customised requirements and offer efficient services making your weekend getaway trip memorable.

Outdoor Survival Karnataka | How Incorporating Survival Skills in Upbringing Kids make them Ready in Life? - PSR Enth...

The features of the outdoor skills are that they offer specific fundamental requirements. These bare essentials help maintain human existence, such as food, water, shelter, etc. Outdoor Survival Karnataka is practiced as a program in most schools.