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Updated by Coconut Magic on Sep 27, 2019
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Coconut Magic - Buy Organic Coconut Products Online

The main philosophy of Coconut Magic is to live healthy and be happy. The 2011 Australian company is a Maleny QLD based company dedicated to bringing you the finest quality coconut products. All products, carry the energy and healing vibrations of Mother Nature and the entire team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, health and happiness. Explore the collection:

Made from 100% pure coconut oil - Organic liquid coconut oil by Coconut Magic is a best pick for a healthy body and mind. It is known for improving brain power, immunity and digestion. Liquid coconut oil does not overpower any flavours when used for salad dressings. Buy organic liquid coconut oil now !!

Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast in Natural Coconut Shell Bowl

Hand made by the small coastal villages in the Solomon Islands, our coconut bowl shells are 100% natural and eco-friendly. Reclaimed after the coconut flesh is pressed to make extra virgin oil, these shells are re-usable and fair trade bowls that come with external finishes. These bowls are polished with coconut oil to hydrate, seal and make them shine. Buy now

10 Vegan Brain Foods to Supercharge your Focus, Memory and Good Mood

It’s hard to imagine that a few simple switches in your diet could offer so much, but it's true. Brain health is everything. With all of that being said, isn’t the simple benefit of feeling happier and more joyous each day good enough!

Remember if you feel happy, you are more likely to spread that joy onto others, and that in itself is a beautiful purpose and contribution to humanity.

Bring the goodness of coconut to your kitchen counter with our fabulous range organic coconut butter. Our premium quality coconut butter delivers all the wholesome coconut fibre, proteins and minerals without any artificial preservatives.

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If there one thing on your kitchen counter that deserves all the praise, it’s coconut oil. Skilfully extracted from mature coconuts, our wide range of best organic coconut oil contains rich nutrients and MCFA that gives you immense health benefits.

Get this natural wonder to make it a part of your daily diet, buy best organic coconut oil at Coconut Magic.

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It is true that our brain remains the most complex organ in our bodies, controlling our senses, movement, thoughts, emotions and other endless functions. It is like the CEO of our entire biology. We now have ways to help cope with these modern day influences and start focusing on our brain's fitness, and maximise our total health and wellbeing. Thousands of people around the world will agree that our coconut oil is the best they have ever tasted.

Start Your Day with the Healthy and Nourishing Bulletproof Coffee

Incredibly popular in the keto circles, bulletproof coffee is believed to vitalise your body and keeps you on your toes for the entire day.

Coconut Magic has a vast stock of magic bullet coffee and organic MCT oils which you can use to make healthy coffee to start the day!

Check out a perfect to make delicious and healthy bulletproof coffee here

Add the Goodness of Coconut in Your Daily Diet with MCT Oil

The incredible benefits of using coconut butter and MCT oil are well-known. At Coconut Magic, we have an array of organic MCT oil and coconut butter made from freshly extracted coconut pulp.

Our product contain zero preservatives or any artificial flavouring, which makes it an ultimate and healthy substitute for regular cooking oil and butter.

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - A Great Combination of Health and Taste

If you want to add wholesomeness of coconut and a dash of exotic flavours to your everyday diet, organic virgin coconut oil by Coconut Magic is an excellent choice.

Extracted naturally and skilfully from fresh and mature coconuts, our premium quality coconut oil retains its purity and nutrients.

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  • "Nature itself is the best physician" - Hippocrates. The 2011 Australian company believes that nature has provided everyone with healthy food and natural beauty and it needs to be appreciated. The best way of appreciating and loving nature is by spreading the magic.

    Founder, Jenni Madison made it her mission to educate others on the healing properties of coconut oil and coconut products, after experiencing the magical aid of coconut during her persisting digestive issues. The journey commenced in Thailand, in 2009.

    Coconut Magic, Maleny QLD based company, offers premium quality products and exceptional customer service. All the products carry the vibrant energy and healing power of Mother Nature for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    Today, Coconut Magic's coconut oil is light, creamy and beautiful. It does not have a strong taste or aroma and is made with quality raw materials. The unique extraction process makes its the purest coconut oil of therapeutic grade. Explore the collection:

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