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Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC

Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC offers legal defense to anyone who is charged with a DUI, drug crime, white collar crime or sentencing in Florida. Our attorney, Paul DeCailly has been practicing criminal defense for more than 18 years. We assure that every case is reviewed for over 50 defense issues.

Sentencing Guidelines in Florida

If you are looking for an experienced and dedicated defense attorney to handle your case in Florida sentencing guidelines, get in touch with Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC for a free consultation. The sentencing guidelines rely on a scheme that is basic and dictates the minimum sentence that a judge can impose for felony cases.

Find Out About Florida Drug Crimes

Drug offenses are taken very seriously and can be charged and prosecuted under either State law or Federal or sometimes even both depending upon the crime. State and Federal laws are increasingly providing for tough prosecution on drug possession, drug trafficking, and other drug related offenses and the criminal penalties can sometimes be pretty harsh.

Fight For Your Rights in Florida Crime

Usually it takes a high level of intelligence to commit white collar crime. These are basically illegal acts which is done through a wide variety of complex activities, such as money laundering, tax evasion, embezzlement, Medicare or health care fraud, telemarketing fraud, identity theft, computer hacking and much more.

Is hiring a white-collar crime lawyer necessary?

Looking for Florida white collar crime lawyers for representing you at federal court? These lawyers can save your career and your reputation from potential damage. Also, these lawyers have more experience and put a good argument against the prosecution. If you are looking for such attorneys, then approach them immediately.

Understanding The Complications Of Florida DUI

Reckless driving in Florida is described in the state as ''operating a motor vehicle with deliberate and willful disregard for the safety of others." Fleeing a law enforcement officer is termed as Felony. Reckless driving can involve a number of situations such as, vilely excessive speed, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic or failure to yield.

Seeking defense in drug crime?

Being accused in drug crime can have massive consequences on your social and professional reputation. If you or someone you love has been accused in a drug crime, then hiring an experienced Florida drug criminal defense lawyer can help you. Contact them now to know more.

Do you need a pro hac vice?

Florida pro hac vice means "temporary admission of an out-of-state lawyer to practice before a court in a specific case or a set of cases." The term is derived from the Latin term ‘Pro hac vice’, which translates to ‘for one particular occasion.’ Attorney Pro Hac Vice refers to an out-of-state attorney or a legal representative who does not have a license in the state in which a certain said case is being tried. But the attorney is granted permission by the court to participate in the case for a particular occasion (attorney's fees is also a genuine concern).

Florida’s Sentencing Guidelines – A Complete Overview

Federal government and Florida sentencing guidelines are mainly used to determine a sentence range. Guidelines are advisory in the Federal Criminal Court system and the federal courts are mandated to consider various factors before passing sentence on a defendant. Learn about the factors here.

Defend Your Loved One with Best Crime Attorney

If you are involved in a drug crime or have a loved one who is struggling to find a lawyer to represent them against Florida drug crime then start with this attorney. You will not be disappointed, because they handle the deliver aggressive defense for all criminal cases. Talk to them today!

Good Attorney for Florida Violent Crime Case

Being accused of violent crimes could be a difficult situation. For representing violent crimes, involving violence or force, you would need an experienced lawyer who has already handled cases similar to yours. You can approach them, to represent you in cases involving Florida violent crime.

Looking for defense attorney to represent your case?

It’s extremely difficult to find a dependable attorney to defend you over Florida violent crime. Have an open discussion with some of these lawyers to help you frame a successful winnable case. They are experienced and well-versed in state and federal laws to defend you multidirectional. Contact them today!

What does pro hac vice mean? And, how can it help you?

Are you searching for an experienced Florida pro hac vice lawyer? An experience out of state attorney can help you in your legal issues located in a jurisdiction outside the state. They can represent you in out of state legal matters, and you can always count on them. For more information, contact them now.

4 Activities that are regarded as Drug Crimes

The state and federal law categorize certain activities as drug-related crimes, and if the charges are proved, accused might be sentenced to possible prison time and stricter fines. The legislation states that possession and trafficking of the restricted substances fall under the category of a drug crime.

Which activities are regarded as white collar crimes in Florida?

The white collar crimes are those activities that are committed for personal financial gain. The actions include forgery, fraud, and money embezzlement.

Do you know the importance of departure hearing?

Being well-versed about the details that involve your criminal case will always serve in your benefit. The Florida sentencing guidelines dish up as a clear opportunity before the trial and it’s a must to make the most out of this pre-plea. To take complete advantage of this situation, connect with a skilled attorney. Dial today!

Want to hire an experienced criminal attorney?

It is challenging to find an experienced lawyer who understands the in-depth complexities of a federal court. However, if you are involved with a Florida white collar crime and looking for a lawyer, then connect with this firm to find justice for your case. Dial them today!

How To Pick The Right Lawyer To Represent You?

A Florida violent crime attorney can help you in fighting the DUI offense charges in the State of Florida. If you have been accused of such crimes, then always hire a local lawyer for fighting the case. Looking for someone reliable? You can always approach them.

Six Common Crimes That Fall Under Violent Crimes

The crimes that involve force and violence fall under the category of violent crimes. However, that is not an exhaustive definition. Mere threats of violence, instead of the act, are also regarded as a felony in some states of the United States including Florida.

Why hiring a pro hac vice attorney could be a good idea?

Your local attorney although good, but might not have the suitable experience in handling difficult cases involving multidistrict litigation for injury caused by a medical device. With pro hac vice motion, you can hire an experienced out of state lawyer for representing you in the court.

Penalties and charges for Drug Crimes in Florida

In the State of Florida, being convicted with drug crimes could mean possible prison time as well as hefty penalties. To fight these allegations, you will need the help of an experienced Florida drug crime lawyer. To get the required help, you can immediately contact the given legal firm.

Florida sees more DUI than the national average. Do you need a lawyer?

Driving under the influence or DUI refers to a situation where someone is operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other mind-altering intoxicants. Understandably, these products can significantly increase the likelihood of road accidents or some other sorts of injuries because one does not remain in complete control of the physical faculties once intoxicated.

Brief Understanding of Florida Sentencing Guidelines

In Florida, the sentencing for an offense can be quite complicated to understand by any layman. The sentence is chiefly understood by examining the Criminal Punishment Code (CPC). The sole purpose of CPC was to give uniformity throughout the state for any form of felony. Whether or not that goal was successful is subjected to great debate within Florida’s criminal justice system.

White collar crime and some FAQ's

Being charged in white-collar crime is a serious matter. In the current political scenarios, the accused are seldom given any leniency. That means if the charges are proved, it could mean possible prison time. Are you looking for a Florida white collar crime lawyer? Then you can always approach them. They can help in getting the best counsel and representation at the court.

Two Things That Differentiate Between Violent and Non-Violent Crimes

Being accused of violent or non-violent crimes might be a serious issue. Have you been charged with these crimes? Then you should talk to this Florida violent crime legal agency to know your legal options. Their experienced legal team could prove of immense help. Contact them now.

Four Penalties that can lead to DUI Offense in Florida

Florida has one of the strictest laws regarding drinking under influence (DUI) offenses in the United States. Have you been accused of these crimes? Are you looking for an experienced Florida DUI lawyer who can help you get out of the situation? Then, approach the given agency immediately.