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Updated by Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC on Feb 27, 2020
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Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC offers technically advanced blend of both synthetic and mineral-based oils and set new standards in performance around the world.

Marine Engine Lubrication System - Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC is a UAE based marine lubricating oil supplier. Their marine lubricating oil confirm to international standards of API (American Petroleum Institute) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity performance. Visit the website today!

2 Stroke Marine Diesel Engine Lubrication System & Specification

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC offers marine diesel oil for 2 stroke diesel engine. They also manufactures gear oils, hydraulic oils, outboard oils etc. Visit their website to know more.

4 Stroke Marine Engine Oil - Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC manufactures 4 stroke marine engine oil. They offer a wide range of high-quality automotive, industrial, marine and speciality products. Contact them at +971-6-7433099!

Marine Grade Gear Oil Supplier

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC is a UAE based marine grade gear oil supplier. They also manufacturer lubricant products for turbine, transformer, compressor and spindle. Visit their website today!

Marine Grade Oil - Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC manufactures and markets marine grade oil. They are UAE based Petroleum & Energy company who supplies premium quality lubricants. Call them at +971-6-7433099!

Marine Two Stroke Cylinder Oil

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC manufactures and supplies marine two stroke cylinder oil. They also manufactures marine four stroke engine oil. Visit their website today!


Oil for marine engines is formulated and manufactured differently than engine oils for regular vehicles. Reputable marine oil manufacturers ensure that their products have better lubrication, appropriate viscosity, and protective features that can protect the engine against contaminants, rust, and wear.

Know the Importance of Marine Lubricants

Proper lubrication is essential for engines and machinery for smoother operations. For marine applications, you will need a specially formulated marine lubricant that can perform in the toughest environments and saltwater conditions.

Things To Know Before Buying Marine Gear Lube

Lubrication will keep the machinery and engine gears moving smoothly, especially in critical applications. For marine use, gear lube must be formulated to help engines withstand the tough saltwater environment.

Things You Should Know About Marine Lube Oil System

Every machinery or engine aboard ships and other marine vessels require proper lubrication for trouble-free operation. It takes knowing about the marine lube oil system before you choose the proper products that will keep engine parts properly lubricated and running smoothly.

A Comprehensive Guide on Marine Lubricating Oil Suppliers

It makes sense to have a trustworthy supplier to provide your business with marine grade lubricating oils. With the right company, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort in ensuring that your business is well-stocked with lubricating oils suitable for your application. In searching for the right supplier, you are likely to come across top companies that are known for

An Insight into Marine Grade Grease

Certain applications require specially formulated oils that can withstand the harshest conditions. Marine grade grease oil, for instance, is designed for marine hydraulic systems operating in varying climate zones. It is a hydraulic oil, which is a multigrade hydraulic fluid with high VI (viscosity index) that enables the use of a single-grade of oil for the system. One of the

Complete Information on Marine Diesel Engine Oil

Diesel engines require a specific type of oil to keep itself properly lubricated and performing optimally. Engine oils for these engines can differ according to the application. Marine diesel engine oil, for instance, is designed specifically for modern low-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines that use high sulfur HFO (heavy fuel oil). It is formulated for engines running on

Features and Applications of Marine Grade Gear Oil

Lubrication is essential to keep certain components running smoothly. For transfer cases, differentials, and transmissions in machinery and automobiles, there is the need for high-quality gear oil of high viscosity to ensure trouble-free operations. Marine grade gear oil is formulated with a high viscosity index and solvent refined based oils with sulfur-phosphorous additives

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC manufactures and markets marine lubricants for 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine. They are UAE based Petroleum & Energy company. Subscribe to their RSS feed to get more information about their marine lubricant products.

Know the Importance of Gulf Marine Lubricants

The evil and the omnipresent problem of friction can only be overcome through the use of quality lubricants. The lubricants should also be applied regularly to ensure the safety of the parts, components, and machinery including Marine engines.

A Brief on Marine Diesel Engine Lubrication System

The quality lubricating oils used in the marine industry and in the marine engines primarily have two main objectives.

All Information That You Want to Know About Marine Oil

Marine oils are used for lubricating the various parts of machinery, crankcase, cylinders and other parts of engines and their components.


The new and exclusive range of four-stroke marine engine oils and lubricants that are provided by the leading lubricant manufacturers in gulf possess valuable features and characteristics.

Different Reasons to Use Marine Grade Grease

Unlike the Marine oils, the Marine grade greases do not require frequent application and replenishment.

Some Important Facts about Marine Gear Oil

The Marine gear oils protect the engine parts and components of ships including the drive units and the stern drives, marine transmission, gearboxes, V- drives, tunnel/bow thrusters, and the outboard cases where are other kinds of lubricants and greases cannot be used.

Things You Want to Know About Marine Grade Oil

Recent surveys found that damages to the main engine of a ship account for around 34 % of all the cost related to machinery. In most instances, defective lubrication was found to be the main culprit leading to engine damage, which also occurs quite frequently.

Tips for Selecting and Buying Marine Lube

The Marine grade oil is important towards reducing the incidences of untimely engine malfunctions and accidents and also improves safety. More than 34% of engine damage issues and cases may occur due to improper lubes.


Gulf Marine Lubricants

Gulf Marine Lubricants

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC is a UAE based marine lubricants manufacturer. They manufactures marine diesel oil, engine oil for 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine. Visit the website :-


Marine Grease

Marine Grease

Get premium quality marine grease at Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC. They manufacture and market a wide range of marine lubricants. Visit their website:-