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Updated by Michael Britt on Oct 30, 2013
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Most Popular Psych Files Episodes To Date

Here they are: the most popular episode so far...


Memorize the Parts of the Brain

Don't spend hours memorizing the parts of the brain for a test - spend minutes instead! Use these wacky mnemonics to help you memorize the brain once and for all.

What is OCD?

Listen to this interview with Bobbi, a young woman who deals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder every day and you’ll get a much better understanding of what OCD is like. You have probably heard of the term OCD and perhaps you’ve seen shows like Monk or you’ve seen characters on TV and in the movies who show symptoms of obsessional thoughts or compulsive behaviors and perhaps you’ve wondered yourself about some of your own thoughts and behaviors. Learn more about OCD in this episode of The Psych Files.

Hypnosis – Myth and Reality

What do you think of hypnosis? Might you be surprised to hear that hypnosis has been accepted by the American Psychological Association? Hypnosis has a fascinating and controversial history but today it deserves some respect. Still, it’s not a cure-all. Take a trip with me through the history of this fascinating topic on The Psych Files.

What Causes False Memories?

We tend to believe our memories are accurate, but they are far from it. Find out why our memories are usually really bad.

Top 10 Psychology Apps

Here are some great psychology apps for the iphone/ipod/ipad

Memorize Erikson's Stages

Use this memory tool to memorize Erikson's eight stages once and for all!

How To Raise Self-Esteem

There is a LOT of information and talk out there about how self esteem can be improved. There is also a lot concern about kids feeling too good about themselves. Let's take a look at this issue and find out how to really raise self esteem.

Little Albert is Found!

Little Albert – one of the most famous subjects in the history of psychology – has finally been identified. Researchers spent 7 years tracking down every possible lead in order to discover who John Watson’s Albert B really was. In this video episode I take you through each step of the extensive detective work to uncover his identity. It’s a fascinating, creative, and in the end touching journey. Some never seen before pictures are included. Join me in this episode of The Psych Files.

Protect Yourself From Salesmen

In the market for a car? Believe me: they have seen you coming and they are ready to use some sophisticated techniques to persuade you to buy. Learn how persuasion techniques are used to change your attitudes and behavior to align with the goals of the salesman.

Create a Simple Psych Experiment

At a loss for an idea for a psychological study that is do-able? Here's a video in which I show you how to create an easy to do and fun psychological experiment.