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Learning Solutions Group

Learning Solutions Group aims at becoming your preferred partner on your Learning Journey. We work extensively with companies to help them tie up the training to evaluation of Return On Investment.

Popular Corporate Training Topics – Learning Solutions Group

Corporate Training not only prepare the new stafffor new working culturebut also harness the skills of existing employees for new challenges and new roles. In today’s corporate world apart from technical skills, employees must have excellent soft skills like communication, leadership, supervisory skills and many more.

Corporate Training Program: What & Why

Corporate training is the approach of providing skills and knowledge to the employees either internal or external by the management to upgrade them and make them more emotionally and behaviorally efficient. Corporate Trainings Programs can be executed for a variety of reasons like to improve performances or succession planning by providing technical skill training or for overall professional development by providing them soft skills training.

Behavioural Training in Noida

Learning Solutions Group have worked extensively in creating various behavioral skills in Noida like Leadership Development programs, Critical thinking, Conflict Management, Dealing with difficult people etc.

Customer Service Training in Delhi

Behavioral training in Gurgaon on Customer service is to improve customer relationship management skills. Customer service training in Delhi refers to facilitate employees with the required behavioral skills, and competencies to help them in customer management service.

Importance of calculating Corporate Training Days

Training improves employee productivity, acquaints them with new skills and hones the existing skills. The skills and knowledge need to be upgraded time to time. Companies mandate certain number of corporate training days in a month or in a year without effecting the actual working days of the employees to address these training needs effectively.

Corporate Training in Delhi

Learning Solutions Group gives high quality Corporate Training in Delhi. We have over 160 ready training modules on soft skill and tailor made soft skills training solutions that fulfill the learner’s specific needs.

Soft Skills at Organizations

Soft skills empower employees to display good code of conduct at workplace and collaborate to work together in order to achieve company goals and objectives. It leads to improve efficiency at work and increase productivity of the employees.

Customer service training in Gurgaon

Learning Solutions Group provides Customer service training in Gurgaon that take care the defects from the first level to the top management. We offer modules likes Relationship building and Body Language, Call Centers, Telemarketing and specific Customer service training in Gurgaon.

Stress Management in the Workplace

Are working in an organization or you own your business, stress somehow comes to your life. To overcome this stress, every person must have some sort of stress management skills.

Corporate training companies in Delhi

Corporate training encompasses development of soft and behavioral skills such as leadership, interpersonal, communication, etc.along with the technical skills that boost the professional growth of an individual.

Never forget to Incorporate Corporate Trainings while Creating a Business Plan!

Business plan is an important document for new startups to get organized, identify the best resources they have and how much and what they need for their new business.

Stress Management Training for Stress Management in the workplace

Everyone dreams of a healthy environment at workplace but due to dynamic work scenarios you must have face some issues that lead to stress at workplace which causes depression, insomnia and many other physical, psychological and emotional problems. Some employees can cope up with it but for some it’s a challenge. In this article, Learning Solutions Group will share some stress management techniques.

Instructor-led Corporate Training Programs

Instructor-led training allows learners and trainers or facilitators face to face interaction and discusses the training objectives and tool used during the session. Instructor-led can be performed either individually or in a group setting depending on the target audience and training needs.

Customer service training at Learning Solutions Group

Customer service training at Learning Solutions Group provides superior quality strategies for your organization based on the area of improvement and competencies you want to add to your customer service team.

Corporate Training Calendar: Learning Solutions Group

Planning is an essential part whether you want to hire staff for your organization (Recruitment) or you want to train your staff (Training) for upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Behavioral Training and Soft Skills Training in Delhi-- enroll now

Behavior at workplace is very much important for growth and success and creating the best image at workplace. Taking initiatives, constructive communication, conflict handling, and emotions management are some of proactive positive behavior that improves the difficult situations for the individual, group, or organization.

Adwords Training Courses and Stress Management Training

Companies now understand that the major source of business for their organization is digital marketing like SEO and adword campaign. It will help their brand to reach maximum number of people in lesser time. Google AdWord is a most popular digital marketing tool which means advertising pay per click ads.

Team Building and Corporation Training Program in Noida - join to become successful

Corporate training either internal or external provided by the management is the learning interventions for the employees to upgrade their existing skills and enhances their emotional and lateral thinking quotient.

Behavioral Training in Delhi

Establishing a culture that promotes a positive and appropriate behavior at workplace is very important. If your behavior is right you can have positive approach towards your work and excel at your workplace. But, what is the right behavior at workplace you need to showcase?

Developing Training Program

Learning Solutions Group develops training programs in Delhi give complete Learning Intervention services from Training Need Analysis to Measuring Training Results for the organizations.

Customer service training at Learning Solutions Group

The services availed by the customer before, during and after the purchase of any product or service should be qualitative to make the customer happy and satisfied. More are the happy customer more is the organization’s growth. The company’s brand image and its growth is in the hands of customer service personnel.

Sales and Customer Service training in Delhi

Customer service representative and sales personnel’s are the link between the organization and the customers who delivers the best to satisfy their customers’ needs. They influence and persuade the customers for the organizations products and services and build their trust for the brands. The brand experience by the customers enhances brand sale of the organization.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) is the skill of a person to understand how to organize thinking and feeling to display appropriate language and behavior in social circle to achieve the specific results.