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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 10 Things You Must Eat in Bangkok Thailand - For a Sensational Food Journey

Bangkok is one of the best places in the world to enjoy delicious food! This article gives information about the 10 best dishes that you must try out while travelling here.


Som Tum

Som tum is a dish that is quite popular in many parts of Bangkok. You will be able to find this delicacy at the many street food stalls in the city. It is quite spicy too so beware! Som tum includes crunchy slices of papaya which are mixed with chilli, fish sauce, long beans, tomatoes, garlic and lime.


Kanom beuang

Kanom beuang is yet another type of street food that you should certainly try out. You will be able to enjoy the sweet version of it or the savoury version. In the sweet version, you get duck egg combined with fruit while the savoury version mixes shrimp with dried white pepper.


Mee grorp

Locals living in Bangkok love their noodles dishes: that's for sure! In the city, you will find a rich variety of noodles dishes. Among these, mee grorp is quite prominent. An old and traditional recipe is used to prepare this crispy noodles dish.


Pad Thai

Pat Thai is the most popular dish in Bangkok! You will find it in many restaurants across the city. The dish combines crispy, stir-fried noodles with dried or fresh seafood. Tofu, bean sprouts, eggs as well as seasonings are used lavishly in the dish. The end result is a delicious concoction that is bursting with flavour and spice!


Tom Yam

Tom yam is a dish that you really should not miss while travelling in Bangkok! It is packed with exquisite flavour and spice. Fresh chillies, chilli paste, lemongrass and lime juice are included in this spicy soup that is incredibly popular all over the world. You will find delectable renditions of this dish at places like Chatrium Hotels & Residences.



In Bamee you will find Chinese style egg and wheat noodles prepared to perfection along with roast pork and wontons. It is a dish that is served in many parts of the city so you will be able to enjoy its unique taste with great ease.


Or sooan

Lightly cooked oysters are generously coated with sticky batter with eggs in the iconic or sooan. You will be able to try out this delicacy at the many top restaurants in Thailand. It has the perfect balance of taste and you will love every bite of it for sure.


Kow mok

Kow mok is the local rendition of the ever-popular biryani! There are lots of great Muslim restaurants in the city that serve kow mok. The fragrant rice dish is served with a bowl of delicious chicken broth.


Sweet Potato Balls

Sweet potato balls are delicious delicacies that will give your taste buds a heavenly surprise! It's a little treat that combines sweet potato, sugar as well as tapioca.


Grilled Pork

Pork is very popular in Thailand. You will find pork cooked in a number of different ways in the city. The grilled pork is one of the most popular dishes in Bangkok. The juicy meat is marinated in soy sauce and then grilled on a skewer.

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