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LinkedIn lead Extractor Software

Ahmad Software Technologies provides reliable, cheap and easy-to-use software products to its customers. Our major product is ASLogger. We are also providing marketing software like Cute Web Email Extractor, Cute Web Phone Number Extractor, LinkedIn Lead Extractor, SMSGadget(Bulk SMS Sender Software), Top Lead Extractor, Recruiter Extractor, Sales Navigator Extractor.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to How we can generate qualified B2B lead through LinkedIn? What are the best tools which we ...

Well, generating qualified leads is the lifeblood of any good B2B sales strategy, and establishing a strong pipeline will ensure you maintain a steady growth rate. With Lead generation, you can save time for your core activities like product advertising and marketing. You could tremendously benefit from new leads provided by lead generation firms. Getting new clients and keeping them happy is the ultimate goal to achieve business growth. This is why lead generation plays a powerful role in business expansion.

Asim Rafiq's answer to What are the best practices and tips for lead generation? - Quora

Lead generation is important for business purpose. It is always important when you do lead generation to choose the right tool for the channel that you’re working on. There are many ways to drive traffic in order to generate leads to any site by using a different method. Some are more effective than others. You need to check which lead generation practices and tips are the most suitable for your business and simply error-free.

Asim Rafiq's answer to How do you find and hire the best people? - Quora

Well, when starting a business, it is crucial to hire the right people. You should optimize your hiring process to select the top employees for your business. If you want to grow your business or reach excellent levels of performance in your business, it’s going to be a lot easier if you hire top performers to begin. You know your business is only as good as the people that you hire. It’s absolutely true; Hiring has a major impact on the success of your company.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to What is the best way to use LinkedIn to start a new business? - Quora

Well, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site which is primarily used for professional networking. If you want to generate leads, build product awareness, or create the business strategy, LinkedIn can connect your brand with more than 450 million professionals across the globe.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to What are the benefits of using bulk SMS services? - Quora

Well, marketing has never been so cheap. Most companies can easily promote their products or services to their target market instead of spending billions of Banner Ads, Newspaper Ads, Television Ads. etc. Mobile Messaging is the only way to reach anybody from an educated professional to basic literate person. In this mobile age, people like to make deals directly with the owner/customer as it is fast to clear apprehension and take decisions accordingly. Schools, colleges, retailers, wholesalers, political parties, designers, Lawyers, Barbers, Accountants, Consultants, Tax Experts, and Solicitors, etc.

Asim Rafiq's answer to How do I find potential customers and generate leads? - Quora

Well, as a small business, generating leads is a top priority. You know there are many ways to get more leads quickly and effectively. As you all know, business is not possible without leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Even the business is big or small; it needs leads to gain success. In order to generate leads, it is important to understand the needs of your users such as what they want, what are their business requirements? One of the best ways to generate leads is that Trusting on a good B2B lead generation company that is ready to offer you high-qualified leads with a reasonable price.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to What is the easy process to generate leads? - Quora

Well, Social media has become an important platform for marketing. It gives you the opportunity to connect to billions of users and get your brand in front of them. For this reason, there are lots of social media lead generation’s tactics are there. Try repurposing your old content and sharing it on social media or sharing links to your company page. Social media is rising and is probably the widest platform to promote your business. Through social media, it is easy to get quick popularity and also to know the potential leads which are very necessary for business.

Asim Rafiq's answer to Do recruiters use LinkedIn? - Quora

Yes, almost 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn for recruiting new candidates. Because Recruiting is very difficult for companies their company but even more difficult for startups to do so. For new startups, recruitment should be on a higher priority. Recruiting the right talent and the right approach makes or breaks your startup on the next level.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to How do I get quality leads in sales and convert them into clients? - Quora

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any business. You know a sale is not considered successful unless the deal is closed. Lead conversion is an important aspect of the sales process. There is no benefit of getting many leads as you can if none or only a few will not be converted into sales. You cannot boost your business successfully.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to What is the easiest way to find people on LinkdIn? - Quora

When you’re ready to find a specific group of audience, use the LinkedIn platform, you can find the millions of LinkedIn members. LinkedIn is a gold mine if you're finding the people on LinkedIn. You find more than 500 million business professionals in one place obviously displaying their job experience, skills, education, recommendations, and expertise. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking platform. That's a lot of potential contacts. Members use the site to keep in touch with business associates, clients, and co-workers. But it can do so much more boost your profile, build awareness of your brand, and help you to recruit the right people for your business.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to What is the best type of email campaign for B2B companies? - Quora

Email is rapidly becoming the favorite channel for B2B marketers. Not only does it allow for a direct, communication with your customers, but it also delivers a higher return on investment than any other channel. Even if your brand is new to email marketing, it helps you compose and send emails that have a better chance of convincing your subscribers to partner with you or purchase your products. If you can increase subscriber engagement with every email you send, then you will increase sales, revenue per customer.

Asim Rafiq's answer to How do you promote your small business? - Quora

Business promotion is one of the most critical parts of any business plan. You know there are a lot of ways to promote business. But promoting your brand or business depends on what you sell and how you plan to sell. You will need to find a fit strategy for your business that should be low budget, time and resources. In business promotion, we need quality business leads.

Mohammad Adnan's answer to What's the best way to increase my sales potential? - Quora

Increasing sales is often the core objective of business owners or managers. To maximize sales, you need to start with a great product or service, and then continuously refine it to increase demand and stay ahead of your competition. To reach the highest numbers of potential customers, you need to develop your marketing strategies and promote a successful sales band.


Cute Web Phone number Extractor

Well, *Cute Web Phone number Extractor *is a very powerful and reliable tool that can automatically search all of the valid phone numbers from the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and specified web URL. Cute Web Phone number Extractor reduces extra efforts and difficulties easy to use and user-friendly interface. It automatically pauses and resumes on internet failure /resume during processing. This software Process is very fast it extracts hundreds of Phone Numbers just on one click. This software Remove duplicate numbers while extracting numbers, and save the numbers with different file formats.


LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Extract leads from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Lead Extractor
LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the best software for extracting lead from LinkedIn. This tool gives you quality leads which will improve your business. This tool helps you turn your leads into sales. Using this tool you can extract the data includes names, email ids, designation, city, phone numbers, website, companies, etc. well, you can easily search for the targeted companies in precise locations and industries with the help of keywords. You can target your leads according to your business needs. This software is very fast and easy you use. This software is the right choice for saving your valuable time and money.


LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

I suggest you LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor tool which help you to boost b2b business by extracting leads from LinkedIn for you. If you are looking to grow your sales and improve your profits then you should choose LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor tool. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor helps to boost sales for a b2b business. With this tool, you can target the lead and you can extract the contact information such as first name, last name, email, website, country, and skill, profile link from LinkedIn and sale navigator. It can Search by Keyword-based Search. This tool is very fast, cost-effective and affordable.


LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

Important of Hiring the Right candidates
You should attract those candidates who will maintain your business values. With the right hiring, you can increase your business ROI (Return of Investment). Hiring the right candidate makes startup on the next level. Fortunately, now you no need to worry about it I suggest you software which makes your hiring process very easy and simple without wasting time and resources that is LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor.
Extract the right candidate data from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor
LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor can help you to extract the best candidates detail from LinkedIn. This tool gives you lead recommendations related to your business interests and needs. Using this tool you can increase your business sales by extracting the right candidate's date from LinkedIn. This tool can extract targeted customers' data from LinkedIn based on your search keywords. Using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool you can automatically extract Email, Phone Address, Yahoo messenger id, Skype Id,


LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Extractor

The best ways to target a b2b customer is with** LinkedIn Company Extractor **tool. This tool helps you to search and extract high-qualified leads from LInkedIn and sales navigator. With this tool, you can extract the targeted customer data according to your business needs. You can find the targeted leads without wasting time and resources, LinkedIn Company Extractor tool is a perfect tool for any kind of business, with the help of this software you can make accurate sales leads with your advanced keyword search. Using this software you can extract contact information such as name, email, business name, address, phone number, etc. Using this tool you can export your data in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.


Bulk SMS Sender - SMSGadget

Bulk SMS Sender - SMSGadget

Promote your business with SMSGadget

It is one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective business marketing tools that help you to get connected to thousands of customers at a time. SMS marketing helps you to boost your business and reach out the maximum sales.

*SMSGadget *is Bulk SMS text messaging software for business to send marketing & advertising SMS messages to customers with mobile phone or GSM Modem from PC. This is the best way to advertise the business all over the world. With this tool, you can reach billions of users at one time just on single click.