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List of Interesting Facts about Myanmar – an exquisitely beautiful country

Myanmar is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. The article below provides some interesting information about this remarkable destination.


You can eat tea in Myanmar

That's right! You can actually eat tea here! Tea lovers all across the world will be greatly interested in this fact. While tea is a refreshing beverage that is well loved all over the world, the locals in Myanmar prefer to have the nourishing tea leaves tossed in a salad. The tea leaf is called lahpet by the locals and is a favoured delicacy.


Driving can be very stressful

Driving in Myanmar can be quite stressful and chaotic! Here on the busy roads, you will find both left-hand drive cars as well as right-hand drive cars. The left-hand drive cars are remnants of the past, while the right-hand drive ones are modern inventions of Japan. You will certainly need quite a lot of time to get adjusted to this mix of cars in the country!


There is a diamond-encrusted pagoda to find here

Myanmar is a country that boasts of incredible culture and heritage. For many years the country shaped and nurtured by the peaceful teachings of Buddha. There are many beautiful monuments and pagodas in the country that attest to the power of Buddhism in the country. Among these, the famous Shwedagon Pagoda is quite prominent. It is a gorgeous pagoda which is covered in gold leaf. The top of the pagoda is adorned with more than 4,500 precious diamonds. The largest diamond in the pagoda is 72 carats!


The country has incredible diversity

You will be able to enjoy a rich, cultural experience here as the country nurtures a rich diversity. Over 135 ethnic groups call this place home! Myanmar is ranked 75th in the list of most culturally and ethnically diverse countries in the world. Over 60 languages are spoken in this beautiful country!


Interesting currencies

You will be able to engage in monetary transactions in Myanmar using two types of currencies. The local currency which is kyat is quite popular in the country but the US Dollar is also well accepted. Needless to say, this makes it quite easy to enjoy your travel experience in the country!


The country has incredible wildlife

Those who love wildlife will be enthralled by the beauty of Myanmar's flourishing flora and fauna. You can enjoy delightful safari rides in the many jungles that the country has. If you stay at a centrally located hotel in Yangon you will be able to visit these enchanting destinations with great ease. Places like Sedona Hotels Yangon are quite popular in Myanmar. Elephants, rhinos, leopards, and tigers roam free in the jungles of the land.


The finest rubies in the world are found here

The exquisite beauty of Myanmar's rubies can indeed take your very breath away! It is said that the best rubies in the world come from Myanmar. The incredible pigeon blood hue that is characteristic of the rubies in the country make them quite desirable for sure!

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