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Headline for Factors to consider when buying an apartment in Sri Lanka - Make house hunting easier
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Factors to consider when buying an apartment in Sri Lanka - Make house hunting easier

If you're looking for the 'perfect' apartment, but haven't found it yet, you may have to think about the 'must haves'. Here are some tips to help narrow down your search for your dream home.


Needs vs. Wants

Is it absolutely essential to have more than one bathroom, or could you live with just one if the rest of the apartment fitted all your needs? Maybe you want an open kitchen, but the size is smaller than what you had in mind? Differentiating between what you need vs what you want will help you in your search for the perfect apartment as it sets aside unnecessary complications. Put down on paper all your essential amenities and keep that with you when you are looking at apartments. This will help you stay focused on what you really need, and help with the decision-making factors.


Prioritize your needs

Do you really need that wall mounted oven? Yes, it's the brand you want and it saves kitchen space, but would you turn away from a large apartment that with no oven for a much smaller one with an oven? How about a spa or business centre? Whilst there are luxury apartments for sale in Colombo that have specific amenities such as Ritzpace, not all of them do, and you need to evaluate and prioritise what are the most important amenities you are not willing to live without.


Figure out your design and stick to it

Are you searching for a sleek high-rise apartment with big airy rooms and ensuite bathrooms, or would you prefer a smaller and easier to maintain apartment? These are all things to think about as design plays a big role when it comes to choosing a home. If you know beforehand the kind of layout you would prefer, then you can cut out a number of locations and buildings from your list, thus saving you time.


Think about the living space

How many people are going to be living with you and do they all need their own rooms? Apartments usually come with three to four rooms, and not all of them are meant to be used as bedrooms, however, you can convert the rooms into office space and guest bedrooms depending on your need. You may want to have an extra room for a study or library, but realistically, how much use would you get out of it? If you aren't going to spend at least an hour or two daily in that particular room, then it is living space wasted, and its space that you paid extra for. Cut down on costs by thinking of the living space you need, then factor in the extra space later if the price is right.



Do you own pets or plan on adopting some soon? If you are, you need to keep a lookout for pet-friendly locations and nearby facilities for them - vets, park, etc. Once you've found appointments that are okay with your pooches, factor in the living space and if it is enough to accommodate a hyperactive pet.

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