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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Best Reasons to Visit Maldives - Checklist for the water fanatic

While there is nothing stopping you from spending your Maldives vacation lounging on the pristine sand, it would mean you would not know the thrill of these five amazing adventures.


Snorkelling and diving

Snorkelling and diving are two activities offered by each and every Maldives hotel. These two activities attract many visitors from all over the world to the islands, which is very much known for its coral reefs, rays, and sharks. More often than not, you can simply don a pair of goggles and your snorkels, and simply wade in from the beach itself. However, if you are serious about exploring the world beneath the ocean surface to the maximum, it is best to take a boat to one of the designated diving/snorkelling spots.


Windsurfing and kite surfing

As the Maldives is an archipelago of islands, it has created many natural lagoons. These lagoons have the perfect conditions for a beginner to learn how to windsurf or kite surf. The winds are perfect, the waves are not too harsh, and the scenic view you would experience will have you going back for more. Some resorts like Niyama Maldives might offer windsurfing as a part of their Maldives resorts packages. Even if the resort you stay at does not facilitate these sports, they will direct you to a place where you can learn.


Night fishing

To truly see the beauty of the islands, try a night fishing tour. You will set out to a nearby reef with a glorious sunset before you, and spend the night catching fish with a rod and reel. The best part is that the fish you catch will be cooked as your dinner, so it will be all the more gratifying.



There are surfing spots here for beginners and the experienced. The surfing season begins in June, with the onset of the southwest wind, and lasts until September. The breaks created by these winds can easily rise up to eight feet, making it a dream come true for surfers. You can take lessons of you are new to the game, rent your equipment from the islands itself, and if you would rather not try your luck with the waves, can sit and appreciate the pluck of people who wrestle with the waves.


Island Hopping

Island hopping is when you get on a boat, and explore different islands through the course of a day – sometimes two. A typical tour will take you to two inhabited islands with resorts for meals, an uninhabited island usually with a lot of wilderness to explore, a reef to snorkel or dive from, and to Male where you can walk the streets and do a spot of shopping. Some opt for overnight island-hopping experiences. In such cases, they are usually left alone on an uninhabited island after a dinner of freshly caught fish. Island hopping is a great way for you to see many sides of the Maldives which you could have missed out otherwise.

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