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10 Activities that will Entertain Your Kids in Bangkok – Unleashed in Bangkok!

Travelling with kids can be a stressful experience that you're praying to avoid when you pack up for a well-deserved vacation from your busy life. Keeping your kids entertained while you're on vacation, especially in a destination like Bangkok is not a hardship anymore. But the best part is that you can enjoy yourself right along with them!


Lazer Game

Are you as obsessed as Barney is with Lazer Tag? Want to play out those Call of Duty fantasies? Lazgam Bangkok now offers you that chance to fulfil those dreams with your family! Built on the fifth floor of the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit, this two-floor arena is full of mazes and strategic pods where you can flex your tactical warfare skills in real life. Confirm a hit, get a point, Get shot, and be resuscitated in three seconds! If normal Lazer Tag isn't your speed, you can always team up with your family and survive an Alien invasion!


Ice Skating

Bangkok is known for many things, but not for a cool climate. They compensate for that hand that nature has dealt them, with artificial skating rinks across the city.
i. The Rink – Located in the now converted space of CentralWorld's former exhibition area, the Rink is surrounded by retail shops and other stores.

ii. Imperial World Ice Skating – Offering amateur skaters lessons from pros, the Imperial World Ice Skating rink is located on the top floor of the Imperial World Samrong and is an Olympic-size rink skating rink!

iii. Ice Planet – Located on the 7th floor of the Siam Discovery Center, this ice rink is famous for being the arena to hold any of Thailand's skating competitions, a sport you did not expect a tropical country to compete in!

iv. Sub Zero Ice Skating Club – One of the most interesting locations to pen up, the Sub Zero Skate Club, is the combination of an ice rink, a night club and a karaoke bar. While the ice rink is open during the day, after sundown it becomes the coolest night club in all of Bangkok!



Open all days of the week on the fifth floor of the Siam Paragon, Kidzania is a complete mini-town that is meant to educate as much as entertain. The "town" underneath its painted skies is packed full of real houses and "shops" that your kids can choose to indulge in. if their dream is to be a firefighter, then the town of Kidzania is hiring. If it is to fly a commercial aeroplane, then, they're still hiring. The difference here is that while they are supervised and you can watch, you cannot interfere with the kids' time. Thus, kids get a real learning experience of what real-life people do for a living and how much effort goes into every profession – be it fighting fires or flipping burgers.


Children's Discovery Museum

Located near the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, north of Bangkok, this newly renovated facility features a whole range of 'edutainment' activities to keep the whole family occupied. Unlike other museums where you are a passive participant, this museums allows your child to engage in the activities as all the exhibits are designed to be interactive sessions where they can satisfy those curiosities. Learning about things in this museum don't have to be constantly interrupted with "look, but don't touch".


Snow Town

A complete movie set like atmosphere, created inside the fifth floor of Gateway Ekkamai, with fresh snow pumped into the arena, the Snow Town captures the essence of the mountains of Hokkaido. With Japanese restaurants lining the sides serving you the Japanese classics, and a snowfall of 30-40 cm maintained in the arena, this will make you forget you're in Thailand for a moment!


Bounce Bangkok

Ever watched an episode of Ultimate Didge Ball and wanted to have a crack at discovering your inner child along with your children at a trampoline park? Or wanted to try some parkour but been afraid to give it a shot outside? Bounce Bangkok offers that experience now on the fifth floor of The Street Ratchada. There are several types of spaces available at Bounce Bangkok to play in including a section with padded walls to cushion you, and a section with nets set up to play ultimate dodgeball or get that perfect dunk shot. But if bouncing around gets tedious, there is always the Clip N Climb section where you can test out your climbing skills. It's an amazing experience that is sure to wear you out in the most delicious way!



A converted warehouse space of indoor entertainment, the Funarium is exactly what its name suggests! Fun Place! Across 2000 sq. of space, the Funarium is a mass of climbing structures, ball pits, sandboxes and slides. As a fully enclosed area, you don't have to worry about the weather impeding your activity here. If climbing and ball pits aren't your child's thing, then there is a crafts centre and a baking centre for the whole family to indulge in as well as a cafeteria to refuel at.


Zanooke Wake Park

One of Thailand's best watersports centres, The Zanooke Wake Park has amazing activities that the whole family can easily enjoy. With an open floating playground in the middle of the lake, with the wakeboard routes around it, this place is for both amateurs and experienced wakeboarders alike. With a simple route for beginners and a route with ramps and obstacles for pros, the park also has a slippery obstacle course on the inflatable playground mimicking shows like Takeshi's Castle and Wipeout.


Dinosaur Planet

Did you just recently watch Chris Pratt ride with his raptors on a quad bike and wonder what it would be like if it were real? Dinosaur Planet Bangkok now gives you the chance to experience this fantasy. As a theme park dedicated to the prehistoric beats that have captured man's fantasy for years, it gives each dinosaur its own habitat. For your kids, it will be a fun ride, learning as much as having fun. Located next to Benjasiri Park, this will be one ride you will enjoy with your kids!


Flight Simulator

Does your tot dream of becoming a pilot in the future? Want to give them that life-like experience of flying a plane? Want to call the shots and tell everyone what to do on a flight? Flight Experience Bangkok, located on the 2nd floor of the Gateway Ekamia Mall, offers you the life-like simulations that all pilots have to undergo during training. For your comfort, you will always be accompanied by a real pilot as you navigate the skies of Thailand in a Boeing 737.


Where to stay?

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