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The Most Interesting Facts about the Maldives – Go Swimming with Sharks!

An Archipelago of Islands made of 26 atolls, more than a thousand coral islands and known for its white sandy beaches and the bluest of the blue ocean that surrounds it, the Maldives is a land that is characterized by the sea that surrounds it, a holiday destination like no other!


It is the home of the Whale Shark!

Visitors to the Maldives live for its Snorkeling and Diving stations! Given that it is indeed a nation of islands, it is surrounded by coral reefs and the aquatic life that is teeming in Maldivian waters is nothing short of amazing. It so happens to be that Maldivian waters are also home to the largest fish on the planet – the Whale Shark! Technically a more sedate animal, this shark is actually more of a floor predator than an apex one. It is a filter feeder and is native to the Andaman Seas. If you ever had a fantasy of swimming with sharks, then the Maldives is the place to do it!


It is the lowest and flattest Nation in the whole world!

The Maldives has a Guinness World for being the lowest and flattest nation in the whole world where the highest elevation above sea level is a mere 2.4 meters. One of the biggest fantasies of the visitors the Maldives is to stay at cabanas built on columns in the ocean. The reason for that architectural feature is having to adapt to low sea levels. Live in one of them, and you can call the ocean your backyard! The Maldives is also the world's smallest Muslim country where all its citizens are followers of Islam.


The Weekends

The weekend for the Maldivians begins on Friday and ends on Saturday. Technically then, they begin work on Sundays. So you want to go for a Sunday stroll? All the shops will be open for your comfort.


The glow-in-the-dark beach!!!

The Maldives is an Island nation that depends on the seas around it for many things. One of their largest tourist attractions is the impossibly white sandy beaches around the isles. Some of them, are graced by bioluminescent plankton so that the waves on the beaches literally glow! It is a romantic destination for many couples.


Most affected by climate change!

Unfortunately, the Maldives is one of the countries in the world that is most affected by climate change and rising sea levels. The Maldives became even more famous by having the World's first Underwater Cabinet meeting – a gambit made to raise awareness about the severe impacts of climate change. Dying corals and increase in soil erosion, along with rising sea levels means that the islands in the Archipelago of Maldives are disappearing forever! In 30 years' time, the Maldives may not exist at all.



The Maldives has one of the world's largest tourist industries in the world, because who wouldn't be attracted to the aquatic beauty that surrounds these islands. It has also been named one of the safest destinations for tourists. Because it is made up of so many small islands, every resort is on its own island! So if you're looking for a destination for your next holiday, this might be the place to go. Accommodation is an easy fix too, because, in the Maldives, Resorts and hotels are plenty, like the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort.